The Holistic Nature of Spiritual Sciences – Bridging Spirit and Science

Many people see the idea of ‘spirit’ and ‘science’ as being contradictory terms, where one acts to counteract, and therefore somehow disprove or invalidate the other, yet these terms can be seen as synonymous when looked at with a holistic mindset. To lay the groundwork for attaining a fundamental understanding of what the term “Spiritual Sciences” is referring to, I’ll start with a basic description. The term ‘spiritual’ as it’s being used in this context is not referring to classical forms of ‘religion’, especially in terms of how they perceive the idea of ‘God’, and it’s not referring to the spirituality of the new age movement, both of which rely almost exclusively on a “belief system”, which nearly always lacks any form of empirical evidence, and is clearly being produced by the person “through their belief”, rather than by way of universal laws that operate consistently throughout the natural world.

In a like manner, the term science, as we now know it, deals almost exclusively with the material world, and usually leaves out the ‘mind and soul’ altogether, with the small exception of Quantum Physics, which places the mind back in its ‘leading role’ in being what determines how “reality” takes shape, and why it ‘appears’ different to each one of us. But science, like religion, is also based primarily on a set of beliefs that are generally accepted by whatever branch of science they specialize in. The biggest difference is in science they work out of a “scientific paradigm”, which serves to form hypothesis that are largely theoretical in nature, whereas in religion it’s usually called “faith”, which is considered miraculous in nature and therefore doesn’t require an explanation. While they both tend to work out of the same basic premise, differing only by the terms being used, they usually position themselves at opposite ends of the same equation, where one takes an attitude of somehow having authority over the other.

Divine masculine

Spiritual Science is a field of knowledge that recognizes and takes into account both aspects of the “invisible and visible world” as being complementary to each other. Where one sets the premise for the other to naturally emerge out of it, while being sustained by it. The invisible aspect of reality, commonly referred to generically as ‘energy’, might be more accurately thought of as “consciousness and the mind”, while the “soul” can be thought of as the “individual mind that cultivates its own consciousness through a process of evolutionary growth”, that it also acts to facilitate. What science now calls dark energy, dark matter, anti-particles, natural forces, and so on, refers to the invisible aspect that always underlies and acts as the counterpart of the visible world. Every single material object throughout the natural world, organic or inorganic, is accompanied by an invisible energy field that serves to organize, inform, sustain, and sometimes animate it with ‘life’. Subtle energy, for example, which is also referred to as the ether, akasa, or dark energy, is not only invisible, but lacks any form of physical properties, and therefore can’t be ‘measured’ with any form of material device. However, this is also the energy of what we commonly call the mind, and in spiritual sciences is called “astral (star) light”, which can be not only detected by the mind through a form of “insight” or inner vision formed on the inner planes of the mind, but can also be ‘conceived’ by the mind, which acts as an energetic transducer that translates vibration into a visual image formed out of essence (astral substance).

What we tend to refer to as the “soul”, which, strangely enough seems to have become a controversial term, is formed and resides independently on the higher planes of ‘pure mind’ as ‘essence’, which is a vivified form of astral light (plasma) that forms what we call the “astral body”, or “etheric-double”, which is formed out of the soul’s “memory of itself”. One of the best ways to understand this in practical terms is by simply observing the nature of your own self-created memories. Just stop what you’re doing for a moment and imagine walking into your house through your front door. Notice that you can picture it perfectly in your mind, but the picture is transparent, and seems to be superimposed on or intermeshed with the outer world, and although its invisible, you can see it clearly by simply focusing your attention on different aspects of it. You can tune into it by simply adjusting your focus where you blur out the background while moving your attention to the foreground. It has no physical substance in terms of being tangible or opaque, yet you can see it clearly in your mind’s eye, and if you choose to, you can focus on something in particular and see a fairly detailed image of it. This image formed out of transparent smoky light as a memory or mental image, “is” formed out of what’s called subtle energy, which is the same thing as astral (star) light, and resembles what nebula’s are made out of in space, and greyish clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Nebula - creation

While we tend to think of light as being an illumination, the illuminating affect only results from some parts of the light spectrum (which is starlight) being absorbed into a material substance of some kind while other parts are reflected off it. When the atmosphere is illuminated (it’s light outside), it’s completely invisible, which is what allows us to see the material objects that appear to be contained within it. Illumination occurs when light from the sun (astral) enters the atmosphere (aura of the Earth), which is comprised primarily of moisture and dust particles, and some of the ray’s as interlaced frequencies are absorbed and assimilated, while others are reflected and cast off. Whatever part of the spectrum is being reflected determines its outer color and how we perceive it through our physical senses, while the aspects that are absorbed and metabolized make up its internal nature, which remains invisible to us.

The frequencies of the spectrum that are absorbed are always complementary to the ones being reflected. You can witness this by taking a red object that has a distinct shape, stare at it for a few minutes, and then close your eyes, and you’ll see the same shape internally in a greenish color. Likewise, if you’re outside in the sunlight, and you simply close your eyes, you’ll see a reddish-orange color. This is because orange is the complementary color of blue. A reddish-orange color is complementary to a blueish-green color. So, while some people tend to take an attitude that you can’t prove anything in regard to the spiritual world, because it isn’t “real” in the material sense, this isn’t true. The difference lies in what you’re using to perceive, detect, and therefore prove it. Each aspect of interlaced parallel planes that unite in forming a whole or greater plane, operate according to the laws that govern and are native to that plane.

Material, technological devices of any kind can only register and therefore measure the material aspect of reality, whereas your mind, which is an organized field of subtle energy, is the only means for perceiving and registering the invisible aspect that underlies and permeates the material world. Proof as knowledge of something only comes through “experience”, and you can come to know the spiritual world through a direct and immediate experience of it. The only difference is you’re acquiring the experience directly through your ability to perceive it on the inner planes of your mind, rather than by collecting and then interpreting data of some kind obtained from the outer material world. This process is further complicated by the fact that science operates according to what’s called the “scientific method”, which basically states that the same method or procedure conducted by different people needs to produce the same result in order to be considered true. Whereas each person perceiving the “same phenomenon” will perceive it in a different way that’s unique to them, because what we call “reality“ is formed and maintained through our ability to perceive it. The spiritual plane is always creative, individual, and causal in nature because it’s based on the “mind”, whereas the material world, formed as a projection of the mind, is “effectual” in nature, and appears in a slightly different way to each person perceiving it.

Vinturian man

How do we Define Spiritual Sciences?

The basis of spiritual science is the practical understanding of universal laws and archetypal principles, especially in terms of how they pertain to your own mind and soul in forming and maintaining what appears to be an outer world. What allot of people have trouble wrapping their head around is the very basic fact that the outer world can only be known through our ability to perceive it, and everybody perceives in a way that’s unique to them, because it’s being formed by, held in place, and interpreted by their own mental paradigm. We can only see outside of us what first exists inside of us. This is why “beliefs” are so powerful. Whatever we believe to be true, we make true through our ability to perceive it as a natural part of our outer world, which we imagine to be separate and independent of us. We don’t realize that we’re “shaping” how the outer world appears to us as a reflection of our own thoughts, expectations, and beliefs about it.

This doesn’t mean that we literally manifest the material world as a fixed or stationary construct, it means that what we call reality is formed out of a field of polarized starlight that contains an infinite amount of universal information that exists fundamentally in a state of probability (infinite potentiality), and only takes on the form of one possibility based on how it’s influenced and enters into relationship with the individual mind observing it. Observation is an interaction that’s based on sympathetic resonance (polarity) as a form of stimulus-response, action-reaction, or cause and effect. Our mental model is comprised of a dynamic system of “mental filters” that form our signature vibration, which is constantly reshaping the outer world of light into a corresponding construct, based on what we notice and abstract in any situation, and then reshape in a way that conforms to our beliefs and expectations. We’re not changing reality itself in terms of manifesting material objects, but in terms of what aspects of the collective whole we notice, draw forth in our awareness, and use as the means for forming how we experience it.

galaxies interacting

Unlike material sciences, spiritual science doesn’t divide the phenomenal world into visible and invisible aspects, and then only consider one side or the other, it keeps the phenomenal world fully intact as a single field of coherent light, formed out of universal consciousness and electromagnetic energy. It works on the premise that the imaginary reality we form out of our thoughts on the inner planes of our mind is archetypal and metaphorical in nature, and serves to establish the “vibratory frequency” as a thematic pattern that acts to shape the outer world of astral light into constant variations of the same overall theme. The spiritual world is purely mental in nature, and like our thoughts, remains fluidic and adaptable, where its constantly changing form based on whatever it’s combining with energetically. All change comes from making new combinations that change the formula of active and passive components.

While we tend to view the outer world of Nature as already being created and therefore predetermined and fixed, which of course is true in the basic sense (Schumann Resonance vibrates at a fundamental rate of 7.83 Hz), we often fail to recognize that we’re constantly shaping it into personal variations of an overall theme based on what we see and pull forward, and what we ignore or leave out, in forming a somewhat new idea that reflects back to us our own mood and story about things. As our mood changes, what we focus on also changes, along with what we tell ourselves about what we’re focused on, that mentally creates an entirely different experience of the exact same material situation. The material circumstances don’t change at all, it’s only how we experience them that changes.

This can be easily understood by simply observing your own moods and emotional states. If you wake up feeling sad, for example, kind of down in the dumps, you’ll tend to only think about things that express feeling sad. You focus on equally sad memories while running them through your mind over and over as a kind of mental theme, and only see in everything around what matches and can be used to express the same feeling. Likewise, if you wake up feeling happy and elated, you tend to think about happy things, focus on good memories where you felt the same way, and you only notice in everything around you what can be perceived in a way that amplifies feeling happy. Nothing outside of us changes, it’s only what’s inside of us that changes. As we change inside, what we see outside changes as a direct correspondence that reflects back to us our own mental state and attitude, and we combine the inner with the outer to form how we experience life.

twin flame of higher self

The Difference between a Divided Mind and Whole Mind   

Probably one of the most difficult things to understand about Spiritual Sciences, which is based on Universal Law as a higher form of knowledge, is that it can only be apprehended using the higher capacities of the rational, discriminating, reasoning aspect of the mind, which is “creative” in nature. This requires a fundamental understanding of the mind itself, which is what forms the very basis for universal laws, because they provide us with a basic understanding along with explicit instruction on how to use our mind to self-create in a fully responsible and deliberate manner. All ideas embraced (focused on) and penetrated through single-minded “concentration” cause us to mentally “enter into and become one with an idea”, where we access it from its root or primordial origin as a form of “seed” that grows and expands into fruition within our mind, making things apparent to us through a direct experience that weren’t known to us before. Instead of embracing the idea in a fully formed state, already developed by someone else and then given or taught to us, we access it at the root level, where it unfolds within us, forming in a new way that’s outside of our paradigm. In other words, it doesn’t come as the result of our own thinking or attempt at problem solving. It comes in a way that shows us brand new aspects that we didn’t know before, where we truly “learn new things” as if being taught by a higher intelligence.

This aspect of the mind – the true higher conscious mind – is the “medium” between the superconscious plane of archetypes and ideas in their raw, seed form, and the subconscious plane of the group mind that lacks intelligence and works out of whatever its been taught and retained as memory, is the aspect of the mind that has “access” to the higher world, where it can be impregnated with (draw down and into) ideas in their potential state. This is the aspect of the mind that gives form to ideas in an original manner, birthing them in the imagination, where they’re brought down the planes and into the sensory world as the basis for a new manifestation. Ideas formed in this aspect of the mind while disconnected from the emotional, automated mind, are formed through “will” as the organizing mechanism that causes it to emerge out of nowhere and self-assemble, rather than being formed through emotional conditioning. When an idea is allowed to take shape through this aspect of the mind, it acts as a representation that internally generates an equivalent emotion in response to it. Ideas formed in their divine state, void of animal instinct and emotion, are “pure and pristine”, and act to invoke feelings of wonder, awe, and beauty. They serve to generate very positive emotions through a fundamental process of resonance, and the emotions coupled with the idea as a thoughtform become the motive force that determines how it expresses to produce an experience of reality.

Higher consciousness

Due to this dynamic, which is the only true means for attaining higher knowledge, all ideas attained in their original form are shaped in a unique way based on the fertile nature of the mind they’re planted in and begin growing into a mature state. As an archetypal idea is drawn into the individual mind, it merges energetically (consciously) with the frequency of the mind (mental model), where it begins vibrating in harmony with it, and it grows into a correlated internal idea. We can only comprehend, and thereby become one with what’s of the same nature (vibratory frequency) as we are (our mind, which is what does the apprehending). This means every individual approaching the same idea will comprehend it in a way that’s unique to them and comes as their mental offspring. Each idea is gestated within the individual mind to form a unique variation or possibility of a universal idea (archetype). Acquiring higher knowledge always comes as a process of self-creation, because the information is attained by the mind through a process of adaptation and modification that reshapes it as a harmonious correlation.

All astral forms take shape and are transformed through “combining and coupling”. This principle is represented in Sacred Geometry by the Dyad, also called the Vesica Piscis or “womb of the universe”. In modern physics this same process is called an interference pattern. All ideas exist in a latent state of pure potential and only begin growing and taking shape when interacted with and stimulated mentally. All new forms come through a “relationship” formed between passive and active forces (polarities), which “act on each other” to stimulate each other into an active state of expression (existence). How something takes shape is based on how it’s stimulated energetically by the active (masculine) component of the conscious mind, which is the aspect of the mind that exists in the “middle plane” as a “medium” that acts to “conceive” ideas from the higher archetypal plane in their potential (seed) state.


As it conceives seeded ideas it shapes them into a possible experience in the faculty of the imagination (image as a nation) by molding it into (adaptive resonance) the existing memory-base of the etheric template (mental paradigm), where it gives rise to a corresponding emotion on the lower plane of the subconscious, which serves as the “self-assembling mechanism” that turns a pattern into a corresponding physical form. The subconscious, which is the feminine aspect of the mind, gestates and builds it into our perceptual lens where it can be perceived as a natural part of the outer world, forming the basis for experiencing it. Once it’s built into our mental model it continues to proliferate in forming a variety of new experiences as possibilities based on what mood we’re in, and how we perceive a wide variety of situations and different circumstances. Each time we experience it we form a novel variation of the same feeling and overall idea. This is because ideas attained in their original state of probability from the higher mind are “alive” and remain fluid and always morphing and fluctuating based on a continual interaction between polarized forces as an inner and outer, self and another, and higher and lower.     

Due to this mental process, the only way we can attain higher knowledge in it’s original, living form as a root idea or seeded potential, is by moving into our higher mind and true self, disconnecting from our lower, physical mind of emotions and habitually driven thoughts born out of our formative conditioning and the dogma of what we’ve been taught. Where we can cultivate the mental ability to vibrate at a high enough frequency that we can act to conceive archetypal ideas from the superconscious cosmic mind as the basis for forming an original creation. It’s only by cleansing the mind of the habitual impulses born out of our conditioning and instinctual tendencies that we can attain a state of mind necessary to partake in the higher worlds of original self-creation. We have to bring our lower nature under control of our higher will so we’re no longer triggered into reactive states where we act out unconscious (karmic) patterns in an automated fashion.

This level of consciousness only comes through an inner fire and all-pervading love and desire for our divine nature and an insatiable hunger for higher wisdom. What we experience as “will”, which is the sole creative force that acts as the “assembling mechanism” for building ideas into realities, comes as “desire” for something, which is translated into passions on the lower plane of the instinctual mind. On the plane of the conscious mind, which is void of emotion and instinctual impulses that render us unconscious, the motive or active force is desire, which is an attractive force that acts to penetrate the object (idea) of its desire, constructing it into a subtle body of light as an outer reflection. Desire is the mental force that compels us to become one with whatever we love and revere. Whatever we love we naturally desire to unite with and become as one. We use it as the means of “making ourselves” based on the type of experience we have when united with it, which is translated into a memory of ourselves. Reverence is the magnetic force that guides us throughout our lifetime and determines our destiny in terms of the type of experiences we consistently create and accumulate throughout our lifetime. It forms the basis for our life’s purpose, the decisions we make on a moment by moment basis, and is what ultimately drives all our actions. It’s the determining force of our life and forms the basis for how we create ourselves based on what we “merge with”, take on, and become like in nature.

reverence and beauty

For this reason, there are no fast and dry rules for attaining spiritual wisdom, and no dogma or “true interpretation”. You can’t do it by accepting someone else’s ideas as your own, and no one can tell you what it is or figure things out for you. It’s something that requires you to have such a strong, burning desire for it, that you undertake it as your primary, and sometimes only purpose in life. It requires you to cleanse your mind of the conditioning and emotional residue formed through your lower nature when you were a child, where your thoughts are no longer determined by your emotional states, sexual drive, primal instincts, or constant reactions, and no longer run unattended in a habitual manner. You have to let go of all your attachments to your physical situation, relationships, and circumstances as a means of shaping and determining who you are and how you’re being, where you reside predominantly above and outside of your lower mind, and are able to watch it in a detached, nonpersonal, and neutral way. Where you’re no longer affected by it or triggered into emotional reactions based on what others are doing, saying, how they’re treating you, or what’s going on around you.

You can begin residing primarily in what’s called the “witnessing position” of your own life, where you watch what’s going on all around you without being pulled into it emotionally, where you start internalizing it and partaking in the dramas that ensue from it. Where you’re no longer drawn into emotional dramas being played out by everyone around you, and you subside in a calm, relaxed, peaceful state, observing what’s happening in a detached manner. This is why there’s a great deal of emphasis placed on healing psychologically and purifying your mind as the basis required for true spiritual development. The process of purification, so often talked about in spiritual texts, isn’t necessarily referring to your body, as many people think it is, but more importantly to your mind, emotions, and instinctual nature that keeps you unconscious and always caught up in emotional reactions. The minute you’re triggered into an emotional reaction, you go unconscious in the most basic sense of the idea, and you create in your life without a direct awareness of what you’re doing or the consequences you’re drawing on yourself.

We all have what’s called our “shadow”, which is a psychological term used to describe the hidden part of our nature formed out of intense emotions that we’ve repressed that are associated with memories that keep us locked into automated patterns that we consistently repeat, forming what becomes our “life theme”. Reactions are initiated and set in motion through emotional triggers that cause us to personalize everything, and the automatic behaviors that form the basis of the reaction is the reenactment of the memory associated with the emotion. You get stimulated by an emotion, and your mind instantly references a memory formed out of the same emotion, and you say to yourself “this means the same thing as that”, and you react in the same way. The minute you’re triggered emotionally, you go into an unconscious state, and create karma, so to speak, from the actions that ensue from it.


Each person is meant to draw their own conclusions, because the higher mind is always novel and inventive, and never generic, redundant, or based on forming ideas we were taught or given by others, which always exist as a form of “belief” rather than a logical, well-thought out conclusion. Higher knowledge is referred to as “wisdom” because universal laws and archetypal principles are living forms of knowledge that’s birthed within us as a direct and intimate experience. Knowledge that’s acquired through experience, forms new realizations that make us wise. You attain the actual knowledge an idea holds by observing it as it unfolds within you from a neutral state of “witnessing it”. This process of growth and unfoldment within your mind comes through “coupling with it”, where you penetrate it through a desire for it, and as you merge with it mentally, it’s systematically adapted to your mental paradigm and state, forming into a variation as a novel possibility that’s unique to you. And through the energetic (conscious) interaction that takes place as a relationship you form with it, it’s grown into fruition within, and is birthed by you as your mental offspring. It literally becomes a part of you as the means necessary for manifesting in material form. Everything that manifests in your life from the higher spiritual plane comes “through you” and by way of your own actions. There’s no such thing as a higher power intervening in your life and doing something on your behalf. The higher power has to have a material vessel to work through, and can only work in your life by working through you.

As an idea takes shape within you and you begin comprehending it, new insights and realizations form as a heightened form of awareness, and it remains alive as a living force that continues to morph and move through a vast range of possibilities, forming a chain of correlated ideas that are all of the same law or archetypal principle. It never freezes or fixates into a stagnate form or single version of an idea, but remains in a constant state of fluxing fluid movement that resembles a shimmering luster. It takes on a particle form of sensation, holds it momentarily, and then continues moving through a kind of evolutionary process of becoming by taking on and incorporating new attributes and characteristics inherent in the environment around us. It always behaves and moves like a “stream of consciousness” that dynamically flows through currents inherent in the atmosphere. We tune into these dynamic living currents of consciousness through our own mental state, which is always exchanging energy with everything around us, causing our state to flux and shimmer in the same way. Our mind is a dynamic living matrix of consciousness where our “frequency” is determined by our mental paradigm and only interacts with and takes in and metabolizes what’s within the same mental frequency in everything else.

Pillars of the temple

The Mental Law of Polarity and the Regenerative Principle

This esoteric knowledge, or what some refer to as “information”, which seems to render it as “data” of some kind, inherent in the atmosphere around you is archetypal in nature and only becomes “known” by being gestated and formed within you as a reflection and evolution of your own archetypal makeup. You can only access in the atmosphere around you and serve as a transducer for what’s of the same nature as you are, which means that its “correlated with your mental model”, because this process works through resonance as sympathetic induction. You can only penetrate, act to “absorb” or draw into your mind, what’s of the same or similar nature (vibratory frequency) as you are. What this tells you is that your mental model has to be cultivated in such a way that it can resonate with a higher level of consciousness. Where it can act as a gestalt or medium for gestating it to give life to a new idea that acts to grow and develop your existing ideas about things. This is only formed through a constant form of study, where you consistently expand and evolve your knowledgebase to be able to intuitively comprehend more complex ideas. As you grow and develop your own mental paradigm, you increase your ability to comprehend higher and more complex forms of knowledge.

When we hold preconceived ideas and beliefs about something, where we strip it of the life it has and imprison it into a distinct and personalized idea, calling it a “fact” instead of recognizing it as a personal creation, we are only capable of comprehending what matches, supports, or validates our belief. We cut off the flow of possibilities and begin carefully fashioning a dam instead. In order to attain true higher knowledge in its root form, we have to recognize the difference between our lower mind and our higher creative mind, because it’s only while residing fully within our higher mind that we’re polarize to an even higher plane, and therefore become a “passive receptor” for universal ideas to merge with us, and become gestated within us. Through this mental process, knowledge is born within us as our own realization, rather than taught to us by someone else. This is the level of the mind called “genius”, where we act to conceive ideas in an original and more innovative form, and then become the means through which they’re born.

Complementary opposites

To “know”, means to have “knowledge of something”, which implies intimacy. It implies blending into and becoming one with something, and coming to know it from within, “as it”. Being it in form, so to speak. This method of birthing new ideas is what we can think of as the “sexual principle” of polarities, where two complementary ideas reconcile to form a third element as their offspring. This can also be thought of as the “generative principle”, which can be understood by using the model of DNA, where two strands, one from each parent, contains complementary attributes, qualities, and traits, which combine to create a new formula of attributes by changing the active properties to form a “new whole” as their offspring. The offspring isn’t formed out of the characteristics of just one parent, but as a new combination of characteristics taken from both parents. When you concentrate on an idea with a desire to understand it, you become an active force for first tuning into the mental current of the idea, while also penetrating it and becoming one with it as a mental state, causing it to begin actively unfolding and taking shape within your mind. You become magnetic in relation to it through your desire for it, and then once you merge with it, a relationship is formed between the interaction of active and passive forces of the same state, causing a thoughtform to emerge out of what appears as black, invisible, or empty space, as the offspring birthed “through” you.

All mental forms or concepts, like the ideas they represent, take shape through the interaction and relationship formed between complementary aspects of intertwined electromagnetic fields. A triad, for example, which is a symbol that provides a working concept for understanding how invisible forces and processes work, demonstrates that the interaction between polar aspects of active and passive, projective and receptive, masculine and feminine, electric and magnetic, which push apart while also pulling together, act “on each other” to stimulate each other into an active state of expression, reconciling in forming a “third element” as a unified, spatial field (sphere) which appears to be stable and somewhat stationary. This third element is a form produced on the inner planes of the mind, which, when concentrated on and imbued with sensation, forms the subtle body as a vibratory frequency used to order and organize the visible light of the outer world into an equivalent idea as a mirror (reversed) image. This same law, called a universal law, which means it forms the very basis for “all creation” by performing a similar process on all planes that combine to make up a single whole, is the same method used for being able to utilize your own ability to create your reality by learning how to utilize the higher capacities of your rational mind.

This method forms the basis for meditation and contemplative practices, which are undertaken by neutralizing the lower mind of habitual, random, and ongoing, usually meaningless thoughts, in order to enter into a calm, placid, single-minded state that’s not being driven or governed by emotions, impulses, or beliefs of some kind. It’s only when we let go completely of the part of us that thinks it already “knows everything” based on what we’ve has been conditioned to believe, that we can become a passive receptor for conceiving universal ideas in their seed form and gestating them internally to form unique ideas that are our own mental offspring. We use this same process within our daily life as intuition, where we use both the active and passive aspects of our mind to see through the outer form of things, connecting with its internal being or soul’s essence, and in doing so, immediately come to know it as it exists as part of a greater whole. Higher forms of intuition always keep the part (individual) connected to the whole (greater reality) that birthed and sustains it as a dynamic interdependent part of an even larger ecosystem. All of what we call “reality”, in the most general sense, is being projected “by us” and “through us” as a reflection of our own mental state. This can be thought of as “smaller fields” interacting and propagating through even larger fields of the same universal frequency as archetypal themes that are all correlated and therefore harmonious.

Interefering waves

Whenever we’re speaking about higher states of consciousness that are not preformed and confined to a particular outline or material image, we must speak metaphorically using analogies and similes, which compare ideas that are similar in nature (of the same frequency) and act to form a spontaneous “chain of association” as correlated ideas that systematically emerge out of each other. Pure consciousness exists as an infinite number of possibilities for the expression of the same idea because it’s not confined to a particular physical form or perspective. This is what you might think of as the waveform (universal mind) that contains infinite possibilities for expressing the same idea before the wave is “collapsed” around a single possibility through the mental interaction of an individual, which forms an interference pattern. When we energetically combine with and take on the characteristics of a distinct physical form, we’re committed to growing and evolving it as a differentiated possibility of a universal concept or archetypal matrix. A dynamic set of limitations are placed on us requiring us to evolve ourselves through a select set of physical limitations, environmental conditions, set of circumstances, and family, racial, cultural, or community dynamics. All forms of self-expression require a dynamic set of limitations.

The only way an idea can be expressed within and as a part of a greater reality, is by having an inherent set of limitations imposed on it that causes it to take on the shape of its outer environment. All ideas originate as an archetype, comprised of a formula of attributes, qualities, and traits, that form a prototype for a variety of possibilities as a class or category. A general prototype forms into a unique variation based on how it combines with and is adapted to a number of variables – body, personality, environment, conditions, circumstances, situations, relationships, etc. – where it’s modified into a new configuration that causes it to express in a new way, producing new types of experiences as a result. We can think of this idea as the mind being comprised of an energetic formula or “tincture” of different properties, developed to different degrees and means, with a range of intensity and moderation, all of which interact with everything around it based on how it enters into relationship with the same qualities in everything else. Where some properties are activated and developed to different degrees through the dynamic that ensues from it, creating an emphasis that’s directly associated with a life drama, while others are only mildly stimulated and remain somewhat complacent, and others remain completely latent and inactive. This process, which occurs naturally through sympathetic resonance, changes the active components of our mind to reflect the consciousness inherent and actively expressing in everything around us. Energetically speaking, we’re chameleons and unknowingly become a product of our environment and relationships.

Interference pattern

We’re always energetically (consciously) morphing to be a dynamic part of the world around us, where we automatically shift into the same mental and emotional state as a fundamental means of instinct and survival. Emotions are the energy of the material world that flow spontaneously through the atmosphere creating impulses that prompt automatic behaviors. When we exist in a primarily unconscious state, unaware of our ability to create by directing our own thoughts and making calculated decisions, we’re driven almost exclusively by our emotions and live in a constant state of reacting. We allow our imagination to be governed by our emotions, forming illusions where we’re in a constant state of reacting to our own thoughts about things. We keep ourselves consumed in an emotional drama of our own making, usually without realizing that’s what we’re doing. We become so attached to our own beliefs and creations that we defend them vigorously whenever we’re challenged with a new idea that might reveal them as being a delusion. Part of the problem scientists have, like artists, is they fall in love with their own creations, and will argue against anything that contradicts them, stunting their own growth as a result. They begin passionately constructing the walls of their own mental prison, joyfully confining themselves to the reality of their own delusions, rendering what was once alive, mysterious, and eternally evolving into a dead corpse, void of all beauty and possibilities it once had.

The energetic, conscious exchange that’s always taking place between us and our environment is commonly represented as a form of respiration, where we absorb, metabolize, assimilate, and discharge whatever energy we’re submerged in and a natural part of. We’re always steeped in a sea of vibratory frequencies that constantly interact with each other and act naturally to evolve each other by forming new combinations. Life is not stagnate or fixed, it’s always fluxing, flowing, and evolving into new aspects of itself. Knowledge, like life itself, is alive and in a constant state of becoming. There’s no such thing as a “fact”. A fact is simply an understanding we form at a particular point in our growth and evolution, and in the next moment is morphing into a new version of itself that reveals new possibilities. As we grow in our understanding, the world around us, being perceived and shaped by us, changes accordingly. This is Nature’s way of keeping us a part of the same mental state as everything around us that we interact with and survive within. We’re always in tune with whatever is actively expressing in the atmosphere around and in near proximity to us. We simply have to quiet our habitual thoughts, become still emotionally, and be fully present in the moment, while sensing everything from a detached perspective. As we become present, we also tune into the greater mind of the Earth’s planetary consciousness and can pick up on the subtle frequencies constantly being transmitted and received, where we become the vessel and means for higher consciousness to know itself. 

Dr. Linda Gadbois          

Transpersonal Psychologist, Metaphysician, and Spiritual Teacher

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The Cosmic Fire of the Mind – Piezoelectric Energy of the Brain and Third-Eye

I’m going to discuss this idea from the perspective of experience rather than hypothesis or following a common belief, so it may go outside of conventional thought and what many have been taught to believe. Many people have never experienced what I’m going to talk about because it typically only occurs after years of consistent meditation and a well-developed ability to concentrate for extended periods of time, which has the power to “grow ideas” through a process of penetration that stimulates an energetic unfolding as a form of evolutionary process. While many focus on the idea and belief that when our pineal gland “calcifies”, our subtle body can’t function through it or operate it to produce biological affects, what I have come to realize intuitively is that it correlates with how the mind becomes crystallized and cast into a fixed-model where all our thoughts and creations become repetitious and habitual, and as a result we stop growing in the most basic sense.

The subtle organ of the third-eye is directly associated with the our “higher mind” (soul), which exists as a “mental state” that vibrates at the frequency of our mental model, referred to in esoteric texts as our soul’s “signature frequency”, represented by the Egyptian Ankh as the “vibratory key” to higher dimensions. The frequency of our individual consciousness determines what we naturally tune into within the greater field of the cosmic mind, and act as a receiver and transducer for archetypal ideas that correlate with our mental model. Though I’m going to convey my experience through my personal model, where the frequency and ideas that proliferate from it are relative to my own knowledge base and level of development, it’s not the ideas themselves you want to focus on, it’s the “process” being illustrated as an operation that conceives cosmic ideas in their “archetypal form” (frequencies), which, once “drawn into” our mental sphere appear as piezoelectricity that acts to stimulate and birth a whole series of correlated ideas that spontaneously evolve out of it as correspondences.

the Hexad of the unified mind forming the merkabah

Piezoelectricity makes up what is also referred to as “brain flares”, which form in what appears as a flame-like, electromagnetic pulsation of prismatic colors that shimmer with a dynamic luster, dimming and intensifying, moving in a spiraling, pulsating motion as a graceful flow of dynamic energy. Every impulse or vibration (of air) causes a collision of material particles which produce a flash of light in a particular color. In the hidden realm of invisible forces, an audible sound exists as a subjective color, and a perceptible color exists simultaneously as an inaudible sound, both of which proceed from the same potential substance called the aether, which can be thought of as the plastic substance of astral light. Internal sounds that are not audible to our physical ears are conceived by our “inner organ of sight” through the medium of the mind, in the form of colored chromatic impressions called piezoluminescence, which appears as a phosphorescent glow of electrified air that’s similar to the phenomena known as the aurora borealis. An idea initially comes into the mind as an invisible impulse that then begins clothing itself in a garment of light that makes it perceivable to our physical senses.  

Each person will act to conceive and birth ideas significant to them based on their own individual model and level of development which will be ideal for them in promoting a greater level of understanding. In the cosmic sense there’s no such thing as a fixed idea or form that appears the same way to everyone because it’s our mind as our mental paradigm that shapes everything into a unique form by adapting it to our model, and through a process of “combining”, forms it into a unique variation. An archetype represents as a fundamental idea as a kind of universal concept that acts as a prototype out of which endless variations can be formed while holding true to the same general idea.

The cosmic electricity of the astral light

Every thought comes as a personal creation spawned by our own mental model and stage in our evolutionary development, where knowledge itself grows within our mind as a new awareness of deeper truths. Our brain (and body) is a “passive receptor” for cosmic intelligence that comes as electrical impulses that propagate naturally throughout the cosmic mind of the aether, which can be understood as the invisible space around us within which we live and have our being. Cosmic impulses are conceived by the subtle organ of the third-eye where, like all electrical impulses that spark in the brain, activate and set in motion a whole chronological process as a chain of associated thoughts. While many take the approach of separating into individual parts what exists and functions as a whole system, our pineal and pituitary body are the only point in our physical body where the mind is translated into biological processes that function as a circuit or current of free-flowing conscious energy that operates our body through our nervous system.

This process has nothing to do with the popular concept of “drawing up” the kundalini energy from the base of the spine, but rather is performed by removing all awareness from the body, while focusing instead on tuning into the cosmic energy in the atmosphere around you, which comes into the body through the top of the head and sets a whole operation in motion within the sphere of the mind itself. All of what we call universal knowledge exists as archetypal memory that’s impressed in the Akasha (Astral Light of vital energy) of the cosmic mind, which we “tune into” by making an inquiry or wondering about something, asking for more information around an idea, setting an intention as a desire to know, praying, and becoming “one in mind” with our Higher Self, which can be understood as our Reasoning mind of higher consciousness.

Our mental model is comprised of all our experiences molded into a single idea (archetype) that vibrates at a frequency that’s unique to us as our signature frequency, much like our fingerprints are used to identify us as an individual. Our signature frequency not only acts as the tuning device we use for tuning into and conceiving ideas that are correlated to our model, but also acts as a transducer that processes and interprets what’s conceived. This comes as a translation formed by how new ideas are adapted to our model and modified into a congruent expression where they can become a natural part of our outer world, which is formed through our ability to perceive it. Everybody translates the same idea in a way that’s unique to them and can be utilized to facilitate their growth through a fundamental “understanding” of universal principles, which only comes as a direct experience that forms the mental concept necessary to apply it at the practical level. We can only utilize what we can first conceptualize as a mental model.

the electrical charge generated from the pineal

I’m not going to hypothesize about the idea of calcification of our pineal as hindering our ability to conceive higher knowledge, because I don’t know this to be fact, and have come to view it in a different way based on direct experience that neither proves nor disproves it, but rather sidesteps it altogether. There are many ancient spiritual texts that describe the process of pineal calcification taking place around the age of six or seven, when our pineal begins forming a “gold colored sand” as calculi directly associated with the conscious mind of our true higher soul. At around the same age the soft spot of the cranium where the different sections of the skull come together, located directly above the pineal gland also closes and the bones become permanently fused, encasing the higher mind in the tomb of the body. This marks the point in our development when we begin thinking as a means of figuring things out for ourselves and begin making calculated decisions based on our ability to reason, where we start becoming “responsible” for our own mental creations. As our higher mind of thought becomes situated within the third-eye of our pineal, we acquire the ability to turn our thoughts into imaginary realities that allow us to play them out as possibilities providing us with a form of mental rehearsal necessary for making decisions and turning selected ones into actual experiences.

With all that being said, I do however have to say that I also live a very healthy lifestyle and consume natural, whole foods while avoiding fluoridated water as much as possible. What I’ve come to realize about this process is it comes primarily through regular meditation that enhances your ability to subdue and pacify habitual random thoughts to create an “open space” (I call it an arena or stage) for living ideas to enter in their seed-form and begin expressing fluently without outside interference. You have to maintain a single-minded focus for long periods of time, while also developing yourself morally to as pure a state as possible. You can train your mind by regularly engaging in deep states of concentration born out of devoted study of higher, spiritual knowledge and ideals, where you visualize the concepts being presented metaphorically. As we contemplate ideas while in a meditative state, where we clear our mind to form an open space and then focus on an idea that has been formed into an “ideal”, we infuse it with mental energy that brings it alive with sensation, causing it to begin vibrating in harmony with us, and it begins systematically unfolding and growing within us as a part of us.

The information conceived comes in what I call “seed form” that’s symbolic in nature and proliferates by “unfolding and enfolding” through subconscious processes. In my experiences, the form that takes shape out of a pulsating light is nearly always “faces” of some kind, centered around the “eyes”, formed using a variety of elements associated with the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms. For anyone who has studied occult sciences, particularly in regard to what’s called the highest aspect of the mind, called the supernal, superconscious, or cosmic mind of archetypes, the 3 aspects which form “one idea” are represented symbolically as a head or face, because it represents the countenance (inner nature) of the entity. It reveals the “essence” or hidden, invisible nature of the entity ensouling the form. The “eyes” have always been considered “the window of the soul”, and we direct our vital energy into whatever it is we look at and give our attention to. Our “attention”, which is an aspect of our higher, conscious mind, is a “stimulating force” that penetrates material forms and stimulates them into activity through a process of sympathetic resonance.

The astral plane

While many people believe that light itself is the information or knowledge of the spiritual plane, it’s actually the means through which true knowledge as invisible archetypes “form themselves” and take on an outer appearance in order to be “perceived and known”. What we call the spiritual plane exists as archetypal ideas (cosmic memory) that are impressed within and populate the atmosphere (Astral Light) around us as invisible electromagnetic fields that vibrate at a particular frequency and act to “organize light” into an outer form as a reflection where it can be perceived in its symbolic form. How it’s shaped into a metaphorical idea is based on the individual mind that conceives it and forms it into a mirror image as a reflection within their own mind. All universal ideas and concepts appear differently to everyone who perceives them because they’re formed by their own mind in relation to it.

An idea is conceived in its symbolic form where its then shaped into a personalized version by being adapted to the person’s existing model where a whole inner unfolding is prompted as a “chain of associated ideas” that are all correlated with each other. This chain of association comes as a thought process that proliferates spontaneously, one out of another, as a form of growth process that brings new realizations that provide us with deeper insights into the nature of the idea born out of a direct inner experience. We literally “acquire knowledge” of a universal nature that shows us things we didn’t know before. We “grow knowledge” from within that comes as a direct experience born out of a universal concept in symbolic form. This is because we only “know” something by becoming one with it in mind and spirit, where we acquire knowledge of it through an intimate “inner experience”, and through the experience new realizations about its true nature propagate naturally and expand our awareness.

When we look to others to explain what we can only know through direct experience, we become like a dumb beast that can’t reason or think for ourselves, and therefore need to be told. The only way we receive knowledge from higher planes of the conscious mind is by tuning into the cosmic mind of the luminiferous ether through a form of meditation as a single-minded form of concentration. We subdue the habitual activity of our lower conscious mind, where we become a “passive receptor” able to be impregnated by the active force of our higher mind. We become “one with an idea” in its universal, archetypal seed-form, and we allow it to unfold in our awareness while simply “observing it” without trying to change it or take control of how it unfolds. We acquire higher knowledge by “asking for it” (ask and you shall receive), which tunes our mind to conceive it, and then “watching it” as it begins gestating within us in a free-flowing, pulsating motion of constantly “becoming”. We all have what’s called “mirror neurons” in our brain that allows us to “learn” by watching an idea as it expresses through a process of some kind. By being a passive container for a living idea to unfold and express as a dynamic body of light, we become mentally impressed with that idea as an actual memory, and we acquire the means for applying it as a result. We only “acquire” and maintain what we understand in its working form. All wisdom only comes through direct experience which forms an understanding of it.

Entering the astral world

My Experience

I can only describe how this process works for me, which, though your process may differ, the basic idea will resonate as being the same, because its all based on and operates through universal principles as “processes” that are creative in nature. It always clothes an invisible idea in vitalized light where it can be observed as a “dance” and evolutionary unfolding within the individual mind. While we may perceive it through different forms and by using different elements and models, its intrinsic nature is always the same and never changing. All higher cosmic knowledge is a living system that expresses in infinite ways based on the model it “combines with” and is modified to be like. Its never dogmatic or fixed according to one person’s interpretation or conventional concept used to represent it. All universal wisdom is archetypal in nature and forms itself in a new way based on the mind perceiving it. Our perception always comes by shaping light into the outer form of our mind as a matrix (larger version of the same pattern in a coherent state), where we “experience ourselves” as our outer environment and reality. Archetypes never form the same way twice, even in the same individual, and are in a constant state of evolving into new forms of itself based on combinations that reformulate it.

Meditation and Concentration

When meditating, I form an idea in my mind that I want more information around. I then go through a full relaxation process where I release all tension being held in various parts of my body, clearing my mind of chatter and habitual thoughts that propagate as impulses, then focus exclusively on an idea in its symbolic or metaphorical form (I use Sacred Geometry, archetypes of the Tarot, symbols, metaphorical concepts of the Kabbalah, or sequence of numbers and letters). This is what many refer to as “setting an intention”, which is a primary method used for “accessing memory” within the aetheric-astral field around us. The memory inherent in this field is neutral and in a passive state of potential and is activated (vibrated) by being drawn into our mind. As I focus on an idea, I tune myself to the frequency of that idea while infusing it with the “desire” to know, which is the magnetic force that draws into my mind any correlated information that exists in the atmosphere around me.

This usually starts off as light that either appears unorganized and random, that then begins forming, or as a swirling motion of light that starts on one side, rising up, forming momentarily, then fades off to the other side in a pulsating, rhythmic manner, giving rise to another one in its place. Occasionally it starts as what appears to be a gas-like misty field of light that pulsates as a respiration that expands and contracts, becoming vivid and crystal-like, and then fading back into an impression. I focus all my attention on the light-form while starting the process by thinking about what I already know about the idea (much like priming a well), the light starts forming into a holographic shape or impression that usually resembles a face or upper torso, and takes on a distinct pattern that continues to develop into a form as a pulsating flow of light that becomes fluid-like and more intense in color.

The gateway to the astral world

The light, which I perceive as more of a “vivified essence” usually starts off grayish and as more of a neutral tone, then as its concentrated it intensifies into colors of various intensity and hues. The primary color that starts the process is usually a yellowish-green color, and then becomes iridescent, shimmering with other colors as a form of luster. Sometimes there’s no distinct form but more of a pulsating color pattern that seems to prompt a whole series of thoughts as insights that bring new realizations. Other times a face of some kind will start to form, and as I focus intently on it, concentrating my awareness while maintaining a passive mindset, it forms into a holographic face and image that’s constructed out of a combination of features as natural elements, that becomes vibrant with prismatic colors while continuing to evolve through taking on unique features that steadily change its appearance as a form of growth and fluent development.

Once it hits a certain point in an evolving formation, it then begins dissolves back into flowing essence momentarily, and another image of a similar nature starts taking shape. The same type of facial image forms in a somewhat different way and continues through an evolutionary flow that transforms it by taking on new attributes and qualities that changes how it appears. As this cyclical rhythm continues, I concentrate on the eyes and feel drawn into it where I become one with it in essence and mind, and while in a state of being “one with it”, it “reveals” itself to me. I move past the outer appearance it takes on and presents itself through, and come into direct contact with its inner nature, where a whole process unfolds as an eloquent flow that resembles the dance of a flickering flame. Its as if it communicates knowledge by how it expresses as a dance that stimulates me with a sensuous feeling of inner connection. It infuses me with a deep sense of connection that comes from watching it, and a whole idea as a thought process systematically arises and starts playing out in my mind.

Through my own thoughts I realize new things about it that I didn’t know before. Sometimes new images form as symbols that show me the significance of the idea-symbols used in ancient texts and monuments that give me new insights into their true meaning and the processes they represent in communicating higher, spiritual wisdom. For example, one time I was concentrating on how wisdom comes from higher dimensions and an image of a Dyad formed. As I started thinking of the center being similar to a vagina or birth canal of the womb, focusing on the oval part of the overlapping spheres, it suddenly formed into the open mouth of a snake, and the face of a man came through it. I saw it as the mouth of a dragon that formed a wormhole through space, which acted as a portal for moving between dimensions, and then it suddenly shifted slightly, giving me a side view, where it looked just like the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl. From that point on I realized what that symbol represented.

Cosmic fire of the astral plane

Another time, a cloud formed and in center of the cloud a face formed that then seemed to perch on top of it, where the cloud became its body or foundation. As I watched it, it began pulsating with vivid colors similar to the glowing embers of a fire, and the face was communicating with me telepathically as a form of guidance. The face then separated from the glowing, fiery cloud, rising above it and then a pillar of light formed between it and the flaming cloud, and it went through the pillar and disappeared into the cloud-like mist, and the cloud then opened up and a bright light shown through it with intense rays, much like the sun breaking through the clouds, and it transformed into an eye. The whole time this was happening it was communicating with me subliminally. After this experience, I realized what the symbol often depicted in esoteric sciences as a face residing on top of a cloud that was guiding someone meant, and how the universal laws were communicated through what was described as a burning bush, and how we communicate with higher powers using our third-eye, represented as a “single eye”, formed by becoming one with our higher mind and perceiving the world through a higher form of consciousness. The interesting thing about this type of communication, which works primarily through symbols, is that as I watched them flowing and unfolding I felt as if I was being given, or made aware of a vast amount of knowledge through a process of intuition, which connects us to the inner nature of things where we perceive everything as being an intricate part of a greater whole.

By concentrating on an idea in its symbolic form while thinking about it as more of a concept, it takes on a life of its own and starts shapeshifting into other ideas in their symbolic form, which are all correspondences of each other. Different cultural symbols and glyphs are used to communicate the same universal processes. The cosmic mind speaks the language of symbols, and when we tune into the cosmic mind of the luminiferous ether, ideas unfold within our mind as correlating symbols that are often related to many different cultures. This is for several different reasons, one being that while words of a different language may be unintelligible for anyone who doesn’t know that language, symbols and images can be understood by anyone as representing the same idea, and secondly, because symbols require interpretation, in which everyone interprets the same symbol using their own mental model and cultural conditioning, which is necessary for understanding it and being able to utilize it in the practical sense.

While we tend to think that all ideas within our material world should mean the same thing to everyone, at the universal level, every thought is an individual creation. In the higher sense of true intelligence, its all about borrowing universal concepts as the means of forming personal ones, where the principle involved remains the same, but the model as a concept used for understanding it in the practical sense is different for everyone, making it ideal for them. On the higher planes of cosmic knowledge, every thought is creative, and every creation is an expression of our individuality. Dogma as ideas that are rigid, fixed, and dead, no longer alive and evolving into new variations based on combinations, is only prevalent to unconscious, animal-like beings who haven’t been bestowed with a conscious mind and the ability to think, and create the reality of their thoughts, as a way of “knowing themselves” through the experience of their own creation.

Traversing parallel planes of the mind

As I concentrate on an idea in its symbolic form, it prompts a synchronistic unfolding of ideas that are all of the same type and class. It connects a single idea as a concept to all other ideas of a similar nature, expanding our awareness around all of them in terms of how they’re connected. Each new idea unfolds out of a preceding idea, showing you new aspects of it that broaden your knowledge and understanding, not only of the idea itself as a formation, but also of its hidden nature being disguised by its outer appearance. The colors it takes on also communicate information about the part of it you can’t know through its shape alone.

Once you engage in this type of meditation which reveals and deals with ideas as they exist in the astral plane of light-forms, you’ll come to understand what has been referred to throughout history and the occult sciences as nature spirits. These are often portrayed as fairies, trolls, undines, salamanders, knolls, green men, and so forth. Its very common for the faces formed to have a unique combination of features that range from crystalline and prismatic, to plant, animal, and human features, that imbue it with the attributes and qualities that make-up its nature. This demonstrates the mind’s ability to order and organize the 4 Elements of the material plane into living entities that represent cosmic principles, archetypes, and natural forces on the spiritual plane. An image contains within it a significantly higher amount of information than words do, while lending themselves to an endless number of interpretations formed not only by every individual, but also by the same individual while in a different mood or state of mind, or at a different stage of their development.

Dr. Linda Gadbois   

Transpersonal Psychologist, Integrative Mind-Body Medicine Consultant, and Spiritual Teacher

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How Our Mind Forms Reality out of Our Thoughts

As we think, we simultaneously tune ourselves to the frequency of our thoughts as they exist in the atmosphere around us. In the general sense, thoughts formed as pictures are symbolic in nature and vibrate at a particular frequency that sets up and establishes a form of “gravitational field” between us and all other ideas of a similar and complementary nature. Our thoughts turned into images, pictures, or scenarios on the inner planes of our mind act to form an invisible field of electromagnetic stresses as a kind of “thematic pattern” that’s used to organize light in the greater field that surrounds us into the same type of pattern. This vibrating field of organized information is a “thought-form” that’s constructed out of “essence” (electrified plasma) that we vitalize with our own life-force, creating a kind of ‘astral-shell’ or ‘etheric template’ that serves as a vehicle for invisible, electromagnetic energy (spirit) to inhabit and propagate through space as a form of self-expression.

As we create thought-forms in our mind, correlating energies from the atmosphere around us that are of the “same nature” (frequency) are stimulated and called forth in an active state, forming the basis for shaping them into the reality of our thoughts. As we think, we shape an image of our thoughts in our mind using what appears internally as a kind of neutral essence. This grayish, neutral toned essence that the mind uses to construct thoughts into images is what’s referred to in Esoteric Sciences as “Astral Light”. This light is the primordial root substance of “matter” that exists in a passive and latent state until it’s stimulated by the activity of the mind. The mind interacts with this essence and uses it to form a visual image of its own thoughts, which is then used for producing an outer reality of the same kind.  As we create a thought-form in our imagination, we magnetize it with our own energy by imbuing it with sensation, which acts to bring it to life and animate it on the inner planes. These energies are intelligent forces that are all around us in the Earth’s atmosphere and we experience them as sensations that move within our energy field forming emotions. Emotions are the instinctual forces that cause all the “activity” we associate with the natural world. As we vibrate a pattern on the inner planes, it becomes a “metaphor” as a frequency that acts to organize the outer plane by vibrating and calling forth the same type of image on a greater and more inclusive scale as a correspondence. 

Our mind functions as an electromagnetic field (EMF) that pulsates as a form of respiration producing a toroidal (donut shaped) field of energy, that operates as a continuous “circuit” of self-generating and self-sustaining consciousness. The center or nucleus of this toroidal field (mind-field) is shaped over time into a “coherent model” of concentrated thought that forms an “electrical charge” that’s projected outward, activating, and awakening correlating energies all around us that are of the same frequency as our thoughts. Once this electrical charge hits the outer boundary of its impulse, it then reverses polarity, becoming magnetic, and is drawn back into the very construct (paradigm) that acted to produce it as a mirror image of itself (its own thoughts). As we perceive the outer world of our thoughts, we process them internally forming them into an “experience” of ourselves. The experiences we form, which were produced by memory to begin with, are then molded back into the same memory that produced it, where it acts to “evolve” it.

Our imagination is the faculty of our mind that we use for producing our experiences as thoughts brought to life by instinctual forces. All things only “exist” when they’re being stimulated into an active state of expression. Whatever we’re stimulated by outside of us, spontaneously gives rise to correlating feelings and ideas within us. This is also the faculty of our mind that we use for shaping our memories, and for recollecting and replaying them. As we think, we perceive and simultaneously construct the outer reality of our thoughts. People who have a vivid imagination yet haven’t learned how to direct or use it properly, often form internal realities that keep them consumed with constant forms of emotional dramas, usually without realizing they’re the one whose creating it. They’re their own judge and persecutor and are the one keeping themselves locked into constant delusions of their own making.

We don’t realize how it is that we’re doing this using our mind because it comes in a completely natural way. This isn’t a “literal process” where we’re actually changing reality itself in the object sense of rearranging things, it’s the process we all use in turning what exists fundamentally as an objective reality into a subjective one. Whenever we walk into any situation some things stand out and become immediately apparent, while others go unnoticed, and fade into the background. The parts we notice, we give our attention to, think about, and we use to form how we experience of that situation. When we set an expectation of some kind, which acts as a kind of prediction or prophecy, we see in every situation what we expect to see because we literally pre-programmed ourselves to only notice and call forth what matches our expectation and can be used to form the experience we expected to have. Memory works in the same way. Whatever memory we live out of in the general sense of constantly thinking about and running through our mind, forming endless dialogue around, becomes a program for only seeing in any situation what matches our memory and can be used to create more of the same type of experiences.   



The Creative Power of Fear

Fear is both an imaginary adversary and a magnet for the energies all around us that are of the same nature as our fears and can be used to construct the reality that will give us more of the same feeling. Images of any kind formed in the imagination and imbued with strong emotions act as a symbol (representation) for the qualities associated with them as a certain “type” of experience and put us in direct contact with those same forces in the atmosphere around us. Focusing on a lion, while imagining it as aggressive and terrifying, tunes us into those same “qualities” in everything around us, drawing them into our sphere of awareness, where they act as the life-giving force that animates our thoughts, determining how they express in forming our perception of reality. This is how we summons elementary forces of Nature and use them as a means of creating. This same creative process is the basis for “Magic” performed as a ceremony, where the magus stands in the center of a circle, and is designed to walk the magician through the process of creating reality by summoning and eliciting the cooperation of natural intelligence’s (spirits) that are inherent within the space around us. Our subconscious, which is the aspect of our mind we share with all of Nature and is what acts to build our outer world, is “programmed” to create by providing it with a symbolic representation as a request for a certain type of experience. 

As we form fearful thoughts, we generate the emotion of fear internally by how we “act on ourselves” using our mind to stimulate our own nervous and endocrine system with the electrical impulses of our thoughts. We literally tune our energy field using the image associated with feeling afraid, saturating it with the energetic quality that will multiply and intensify the sensation of fear. Whatever feeling we generate on the inside we experience on the outside. We literally gestate the thoughts associated with fear, building them up on the inner planes as sensory forms, drawing to us and concentrating more and more of the same type of fear. We then birth it as a “whole reality” of correlated activity that unites the inner and outer as an extension and continuation of the same feeling. This is how we create a ‘seed’ within an ‘ovum’, that gestates and grows into a living being that then becomes a part of our outer world. We ‘look through’ our energy field as our perceptual lens, saturated with the propagation of fearful thoughts, and ‘only see’ (energetically interact) in everything else what’s of the same nature and quality as a possibility for creating more of the same type of experiences. We literally tune into, choose, separate out, draw together, and compose the reality that we then use to form our experiences. We have a hard time realizing this because the greater part of the process is being conducted in a completely unconscious and automatic way.

The Monad as the Model for the Mind

We can influence and learn to direct our reality by managing and consciously regulating our own thoughts. Energy flows as a continuous circuit from a positive to negative pole, which are separate and set apart from each other, yet connected as a waveform. All material substances are both an object (dot) and a wave (sphere) at the same time, which is demonstrated in the symbol used in Sacred Geometry to represent the Monad. There’s no such thing as drawing to us as a part of our outer perception and experience what’s not being generated and coalesced by us. We create the experience of being subject to the outer world of people and events, where we imagine we have no ability to influence or direct it, yet, at a deeper level we’re “subject” to the very thing we’re acting to unconsciously create. We can regulate and determine what energies of the natural world we draw to us by being aware of and intentionally directing our own thoughts.

The Pentad or Pentacle is a symbol of the power of the mind in organizing the four elements of the natural world into a harmonious construct. Fire is electric and expands, stimulates, and draws forth essence, Water is magnetic and receptive, and contracts coagulating and coalescing energies into a single unit, and combined, they form Air, which represents their offspring as a thought formed into a matrix of astral light as a three-dimensional holographic construct. Once essence is organized into a concept through a process of gestation, it both charges – sends out a signal that activates all correlating energies and essences – while also drawing them back in and building up the idea associated with them. This breeding, conception, gestation, and birthing process is the same principle that operates to create and build up memory as an internal representation for a particular type of experience. Memory, which is formed out of experiences, acts as a etheric template that’s “thematic” in nature, and forms the perceptual lens we look through and use to reconstruct the outer world into the same theme.  

As we begin the creative process by forming thoughts that act to draw in correlated energies, we not only tune our energy field by populating it with the images of our thoughts, but we’re also producing our experience by using a “vitalized idea” that we then reabsorb and synthesize back into the very representation that we used to generate it. An “internal representation” and a “memory” are both symbolic representations that are formed in the same way, and both act as the basis for projecting and building our outer reality. As we go along in life we use memory to produce our experiences and then merge those experiences into the memory that formed them. The memory we build up over time is a summation of all experiences of that same idea and the emotional state coupled with it. The more we create out of a vitalized memory that serves as a “symbolic representation” for producing a particular type of experience, the more stable and normal the experiences become, and we lose awareness of the fact that we’re the one creating them.

Higher Mind

Spiritual Regeneration and Soul Evolution

This same principle of regeneration and evolution is represented in the ancient myth of Kronos, the god associated with Saturn, who’s depicted as eating his own children as soon as they were born. Saturn and the Greek god Kronos are also associated with Binah of the Qabalah, an aspect of the Supernal and sphere of “understanding”, where all experience as memory of the self is absorbed (drawn up from the lower plane of Formation), across the Abyss of “knowledge”, and synthesized back into a single archetypal memory as the seed for the next incarnation. While we’re incarnate within the material plane these are the same principles that we use as the means of creating our experiences, and then using those experiences to create ourselves by how we identify with our own creation. As we think and form our thoughts as inner realities, regardless of whether we’re doing it consciously by intentionally directing our thoughts, or unconsciously by replaying the same handful of memories over and over, we’re populating our subconscious and energy field with those “images”. These images vibrate at the frequency of the “feeling” associated with them and tune us into the same energy in everything around us, while giving our subconscious a symbolic metaphor for producing the reality that will bring the type of experience our mental images represent. 

As we energize our thoughts with instinctual forces of emotional intensity, they become a natural part of our outer world as the people, activities, and events associated with them, and we formulate experiences out of them. This is the real meaning of what some are now calling the “Law of Attraction”, where you concentrate on an idea while infusing it with sensations as sensory details used to define it as an “experience” on the inner planes of the mind. This inner experience tunes the entire energy field to that idea as a symbolic representation and provides the means of producing the same type of experience outwardly. Whatever you vibrate on the inner planes awakens the same type of energies on the outer plane through resonance. The light-form created as the imaginary reality of your thoughts, acts as the vessel, carrier wave, or vehicle for bringing it alive as a material phenomenon. Once we vitalize our own internal representation with life force energies drawn from the space around us, bringing them to life inside of us as imaginary scenarios and possible experiences, our entire energy field becomes aligned to the same consonant. This works by forming our very perceptions, thoughts as internal dialogue, emotional state, behaviors, and the activities we naturally engage in. We “move it outside of us”, so to speak, where it starts showing up all around us in various ways and interacts with us in forming our experiences. We start seeing it in various forms within our normal reality. Someone starts talking to us about it, we read an article about it, see a headline, and come across the same idea in different ways throughout our daily activities.

The Power of the Spoken Word

This idea is more profoundly represented in the creative principle of the “spoken word”. Words are spoken both silently within our mind as thoughts, and outwardly in what we talk about or say to others. As we say a word, we immediately form an image in our imagination that represents the “meaning” of the word. Once an initial image is formed, we use it as the basis for building into a reality by continuing to think about it. As we think about something we steadily shape it by defining it with sensory details. The longer we think about it the more detailed it becomes, and we shape it into a possible experience. This imaginary experience acts to generate emotions that are correlated with it. Our thoughts regulate our physical state because they act as electrical impulses that run through our brain and nervous system as a dynamic network, stimulating our endocrine glands, which saturate our whole system with chemicals that generate an emotional response to our thoughts. The emotions generated coalesce with our thoughts, serving to animate them and bring them to life as an “inner experience of reality”. At this point it’s still invisible in terms of our physical senses, yet it’s an astral form that serves as an etheric blueprint and spatial model for ordering and organizing the same idea on a larger scale as an outer reality of the same kind. It becomes the symbolic template for generating realities that give us more and more of the same type of feelings and emotions.

We begin forming our “story” about ourselves based on how we interpreted our experiences to form a memory of them. While we tend to think that we form a memory of actual events and situations, if we look at them more closely, we’ll come to realize that they’re actually formed out of how we interpreted those events to make them mean something. Whatever they meant to us at the time they happened forms the story we told ourselves about them, and out of the story we began shaping our identity. Our identity comes by how we get a “sense ourselves” through our own story as both the author and main character, which forms the nature of all our experiences. We form our experiences out of an ongoing story we’re always telling ourselves. If you reflect on the nature of your own thoughts, what you’ll realize is that “one part of you” is always talking to “another part of you”. You’re always explaining, describing, debating, and telling yourself stories about things as your ordinary thoughts. All our experiences are generated as the expression of a consistent theme formed as a core memory, and then reabsorbed and integrated into that same story, evolving it through the telling. We literally “become” that idea in spirit because we use our own, self-generated, self-constructed experiences to form our reality. This idea is what Jesus was communicating when he stated, “and the word was made flesh and walked among us”. We literally form our reality out of our thoughts about it.

The Imagination and the Minds Ability to Generate Reality

This same principle as a creative process is demonstrated through the interaction as a dynamic relationship between complementary aspects of our own mind, known as the conscious and subconscious mind. These are not two different minds, but two aspects and specialized functions of the same mind that work together in producing a coherent reality. We perceive the inner and outer world as being separate and set apart from each other because we’re grounded within our physical body which is “located” within the outer field of our mind, forming our perspective from a centrally located reference point. Our body and the outer world of our body are formed out of the same mental model as a coherent mental construct. The illusion of being separate from the larger idea playing out around us is necessary in order to form an “experience of ourselves” through and as a fundamental part of that idea. As we form an internal representation of an idea it tunes our mind to the same pattern as a 3-dimensional model that serves as a metaphorical theme or archetypal matrix. This means the idea can be applied and systematically adapted to any number of situations or circumstances to produce a variation as a possibility of the same overall idea.

An “idea” is holistic in nature and isn’t about a specific material construct or set of circumstances, it’s more of a “metaphorical theme” as the perceptual lens we look through that reshapes any number of situations to provide us with more of the same type of experiences. For example, the idea of “abandonment” as a type of experience that gives us the feeling we associate with being abandoned, can take place any number of ways through various situations and circumstances. This isn’t based on a situation or event itself in the objective sense but is formed by how we interpret it make it “mean” we’re being abandoned. As we continue to harbor and play out the memory of being abandoned, we form an expectation around it that acts as a form of “intention”, while simultaneously producing semi-unconscious natural behaviors that act to provoke and instigate it in a subtle and indirect way. We unconsciously produce the same type of behaviors and attitude over and over that ultimately cause us to be abandoned. All without realizing what we’re doing, because it’s operating primarily at the subconscious level where we’re only partially aware of what we’re doing.

Two Minds

We tend to live and create out of a primarily unconscious state due to the fact that we don’t realize our mind has “two aspects” that perform different functions in creating the same unified reality, and we don’t know how to operate them in an intentional manner as the means of producing specific types of experiences. The conscious aspect of our mind has the ability to shape ideas into pictures in the imagination that serve as a metaphorical concept for giving the subconscious a creative directive for adapting and molding into our existing reality. As we hold an image in our mind and define it with sensory details it acts to stimulate and give rise to a corresponding emotion in response to it. The emotion that couples with it animates it with life and determines how it expresses in forming a particular type of experience. As we vibrate an idea on the inner planes it becomes the organizing principle for shaping the outer plane to be a mirror image of it. The subconscious is the aspect of our mind that’s a part of the collective unconscious and group mind of Nature that forms and regulates all life on Earth. Any idea formed in the imagination and vitalized with sensation, gives our subconscious a “request” and a metaphorical pattern for producing as an outer experience. The subconscious produces the energetic substrata as a matrix of crystalized light on the inner planes that forms a vibratory frequency out of which all material phenomena is organized and held in place. Our conscious mind of outer awareness then perceives the reality formed by the subconscious out of its own thoughts.

Once we form a direct awareness around how we’re using our mind to shape our reality as a reflection of our thoughts about it, we can begin understanding the importance of monitoring and paying more attention to what we consistently think about and the memories we dwell in and consistently replay on an ongoing basis. The only way to change your experience of yourself as a reality is in changing the “story” you’re always in the process of telling by how you interpret the ordinary events of life. As long as you continue to tell yourself the same story about your life and why you’re the way you are based on “what’s happened to you”, then you’re going to continue to create the same type of experiences as your past. The very basis for “transformation” and “spiritual regeneration” comes by learning how to tell a different kind of story. Once you realize that you have the power to create yourself to be whatever it is you want to be, and you acquire the formula for reprogramming yourself using your imagination, your life experiences take on a whole new meaning, and you’ll begin engaging enthusiastically in your own spiritual journey with a sense of creativity and artistic freedom.

Dr. Linda Gadbois   

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The Nature of the Soul – The Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Process of Self-Creation

The Kabbalah Tree of Life provides us with a symbolic diagram for understanding the true nature of our soul and how we can consciously create ourselves through the understanding and utilization of universal laws. It’s created as a hierarchical structure of “spheres of consciousness” as “states of mind” (Monads) that move an idea in a purely potential state into an actual expression of reality by steadily imposing limitations of various sorts on it as it descends from higher to lower planes that are all a dynamic and cohesive part of the same coherent reality. The human soul is represented by the central sphere (Tiphareth) that’s located on the central pillar of the Tree, and acts as the “medium” between the higher world of Archetypes as an idea in its potential (unformed) state, and the lower world of active expression where the archetype manifests as a specific entity within a reality of the same nature and with the same likeness.

Like all metaphorical ideas that are symbolic in nature and require interpretation in order to be understood, there are as many ways to interpret the Tree of Life as there are people interpreting it. And while general ideas apply as a form of overall theme that governs the nature of the interpretation itself as an intuitive form of reasoning based on the organized structure itself, the process of interpretation comes by way of a constant form of limitation that’s placed on a universal idea as adaptation to the individuals model of the world, level of esoteric knowledge, personality and identity, maturity level, and the conditions and circumstances of their life that they conform it to as a way of forming an internal representation of it as a working reality. As an idea in its potential state is brought down the planes from a universal state to a personalized expression, it’s modified by the individual mind into a new form.

All spiritual development as a higher form of consciousness (which means it’s “creative” in nature), comes through direct experience of an idea as first formed in the mind’s eye as a working concept by the individual as a form of “embodying it”, which provides the subconscious mind of the body with the means for using it to express and create as an outer reality. Higher consciousness always comes through a form of self-creating as an “individual”, whereas lower consciousness comes as a lack of individuality where spiritual doctrine is interpreted for us by another, and we simply “accept it” as gospel, so to speak, and live our life out of dogma that strips us of our true ability to create ourselves in a unique way. Our higher capacity of the mind and soul is our “creative ability” to form ourselves out of our thoughts in a unique fashion through a process of adaptation and modification. The interpretation I’m about to give is just one of many possibilities, and is not meant to take literally, but rather as the means of initiating a natural process of intuitive unfolding in your own mind. Words can never truly describe or express the nature of the divine, which can only be known through the direct (inner) experience of them, and are only approximations of an idea.

Tree of Life

The overall Structure as a Creative Process

The first thing we want to notice is the basic structure of the Tree and how it’s laid out in terms of representing different aspects of the same principles at different “levels of creation”. The Spheres of the Tree are positioned on three pillars where the central pillar is longer and ascends to a higher level and to the lowest level as a singular or equilibrated form. The central pillar is the pillar of equilibrium, and the two side pillars represent the masculine and feminine aspect, which when brought into harmony form a functional third. All spheres, whether single or double, are positioned at different levels in a descending and ascending orientation, and represent different planes as the creative process for forming a cohesive reality as the individual expression of a universal idea. The overall Tree is formed by a series of Triads as the “One” that divides itself into complementary opposites as it descends, then brings those opposites into balance as a functional third that expresses as a combination within the lower plane as a process of solidification of an idea through various levels of transformation that alter and modify it into a new and unique form.

Universal Laws for Creating Material Reality

The most basic element in understanding universal laws and how they work to create reality comes in realizing that structure, as how information is organized into an idea as a pattern, always determines how something functions and behaves, and is what provides the means for creating a material manifestation of some kind. How a system is organized into an animated pattern gives us a kind of “formula” as a creative process that we can use for bringing an idea into expression as the physical reality of the idea. All ideas can only come into physical manifestation “through us”. They require a “mental channel” (sphere of consciousness) as a vehicle in order to express as a physical reality. The soul acts as the “medium” for calling down an idea (resonating and acting to absorb it) into the mind as a thought and imaginary idea that it then uses as a form of memory for expressing to create an experience of itself as a reality.

Occult Anatomy and Kabbalah Tree of Life

The hierarchical structure of the Tree not only moves through what we can think of as seven planes of existence (which correspond to the 7 chakras of the subtle body), but also Four Worlds, which correspond to the Sacred Name of God, represented by the 4 letters of God’s name as IHVH. Each World represents a different operation in the formation and manifestation of an archetypal idea. The 4 Worlds start at the top of the Tree as the single sphere that represents the Archetypal World of ideas in their unformed (potential) state, which then undergoes a synchronized process of unfolding that ultimately acts to birth all the other spheres as its formation. It divides into polar aspects of Itself on the lower plane of Creation, as attributes and qualities necessary to form distinct characteristics, forming what’s called the “Supernal” or primary Triad that gives birth to the rest of the Triads on the Tree as a reflection and projection of itself.

Spheres 4 through 9, which form the four lower planes, is the Formative World, also known in Esoteric Sciences as the Astral-Etheric plane, where an archetypal idea is shaped by the mind of the individual soul into an actual physical reality as a unique variation of a universal idea. As it descends through various stages of formation, it forms the etheric body as the “energetic double” that provides the blueprint for producing as a physical entity and reality. The lowest sphere that’s singular in nature forms the World of Action or Manifestation as not only the physical body, but the entire outer reality of the physical body which is formed out of the same type of idea on a larger scale within the same plane.

The Tree of Life forms a hierarchical structure that moves a universal idea down into the personal realm of the soul (Astral Plane), which acts as a “medium” between the higher (pure spirit) and lower (material) planes, where it’s then used as the means for the individual soul to create itself by creating an experience of reality. The human soul, which is multidimensional in nature, uses various universal archetypes as the means of producing a “new and unique archetype” as a novel combination of universal qualities and characteristics. It takes (acts to absorb) a universal archetype as an idea of itself, and through a dynamic process of adaptation through various planes and degrees of existence, consistently modifies it into a new form of the same idea that’s bestowed with a new combination of qualities that produce unique characteristics, producing an “imaginary (inner) reality” of itself that becomes the basis for experiencing as an actual material reality. The soul “pulls an idea down” (resonates with) from the upper planes to use as the means for self-expression within the lower planes in order to create an experience of itself that it then transforms into a memory as the basis for creating itself. The soul forms itself out of various forms of integrated and assimilated memory from a unique variety of experiences that are all self-produced.

Tree of Life within the Flower of Life

Mirroring and Reflecting

If you study the nature and structure of the Tree, you realize that as it moves in a descending manner from the upper most regions to the lower regions, it does so through a dynamic series of reflecting itself as a mirror image onto the lower plane, forming a series of Triads as energetic imprints. A mirror image is a direct reflection that’s of an opposite or polar nature to the original one that’s casting it. As we look in the mirror, we’re always seeing a reverse image of ourselves, where what appears as our right side is in reality our left side, and vice versa. We’re always seeing ourselves backwards from how everyone else sees us, and so we’re never able to “see ourselves” as we truly exist in the purely material sense.

This reveals the fact that the micro and macro are of the same nature as complementary opposites of each other on both the upper and lower planes. This same principle holds true in a linear fashion on the same plane as the inner and outer reality of the material world being of a complementary nature to each other. The same pattern forms both the upper and lower world of the soul and its material manifestation on the lower planes as the inner reality and outer experience of the same nature or idea. All are produced as a reflection and projection of the “self” on different levels and planes of existence simultaneously. This idea is represented in Sacred Geometry by the Monad (sphere of consciousness), symbolized as a dot within a sphere, where the outer reality is formed as an extension or projection of the central (inner) consciousness producing it as a perception of it. This is also symbolically represented by the “compass and square” as a 90 degree angle (L shape) that’s used by the mind in constructing the material world.

In quantum physics this is observed as the nature of light (the essence of matter as photons), which exists simultaneously as both a particle and a wave, and where two particles that are “born together” (of the same nature as a replication), that form the “appearance” of a single particle in two locations (Dyad), when separated at what seems like great distances, still continue to operate as if they’re “one”. They exist as polar opposites of each other located within the same wave-form of the material dimension as both an individual and the greater reality of that individual (Monad). Where “time and space” of the material plane exists as a “memory” created and maintained within the mind of the soul. Where an idea is absorbed and brought to life internally that forms the perceptual lens for perceiving as an outer reality of the same idea as a life theme.

Dyad - Vesica Pisces - Interference Pattern

Paradox and the Nature of Polarity

At the top of the Tree, a single sphere exists that acts to divide and separate from Itself as it descends into the next lower plane, forming itself as polar opposites that are complementary in nature (they act to stimulate each other into existence as an active memory).  This forms both the masculine and feminine aspects of the same idea or archetype as the spirit within a physical form. This same principle forms the basis for all of life as cellular regeneration, where the same cell forms a replication of itself as the means for self-regeneration by “dividing”, then systematically “doubling”. A single cell acts to produce all of the cells that eventually form a much greater “unified whole” as a material body that’s of a single nature. This whole material body, which appears as trillions of individual cells that have all differentiated and specialized to form all the unique and diverse working parts needed to produce a greater whole as a functioning organism, are actually the offspring of a single cell and pattern of organized- information, that together operate as a single entity, represented by the mental sphere on the central pillar of equilibrium.

Once the Supernal (Trinity) is formed in the upper plane of the Creative World as an Archetypal idea imbued with specific attributes and qualities as a “state of mind”, it “reflects itself” down into the next lower plane of Formation in a unified state on the masculine pillar of activity. As it moves from a higher plane to the next lower, it forms a zigzag movement similar to a lightning bolt that moves it from a combined state of equilibrium into an active state that reshapes, transforms, and evolves it into a new form that then reproduces on the next plane in an equalized state of harmony. As memory (archetype) is activated by directed attention as the stimulating force of consciousness, it’s drawn down into the personalized plane of the individual soul (plane of Astral Light) where it’s shaped in the mind’s eye into an actual possibility for creating as a reality. This is the sphere of Chesed, as the fourth sphere on the masculine pillar, that’s a combination of the previous three that act to birth it, that forms the first mental operation on the lower plane of Formation, as a memory formed into a possible reality in the “imagination” of the individual soul.

etheric body manifesting

It’s then shaped in the imagination as a form of universal memory that’s been specialized into a new and diverse form where it forms the inner constitution (inner nature) and all activity (outer expression) of the individual soul as a natural process of self-creation. The memory turned into an inner reality of a specialized nature, is then projected within the same plane (horizontally) as the masculine, outer aspect of the same reality. This is the mental operation as a projection of the “self” on the same plane (Sephirah (sphere) of Geburah) as the soul’s inner constitution also forming the basis for the outer reality constructed out of the same memory. The feminine of the higher plane, which is a combination as a unification of the masculine aspects, forms the masculine aspect of the lower plane as an “active state”. The imagination, which is generally considered a feminine aspect as an operation of the subconscious mind, is the active component in the lower planes of manifestation, and the masculine aspect as the perception of the outer world, normally attributed to the self-conscious mind of activity, is the passive component within the lower planes. The masculine and feminine aspects exist in polarity between the upper and lower planes, and form a fundamental paradox that’s always at play within the material world of formation.

Together, as a unique formation of archetypal memory, it returns to a unified state as it moves down into the next level (center of the Formative World of the Astral plane), and forms the basis for the “human soul” (Tiphareth) as a functional whole, which then divides from itself to form the subconscious mind of the subtle body on the lower plane (Netzach), which then separates from itself again to form the self-conscious mind (Hod) of the same plane. The Soul creates the entire lower astral realm through the faculty of the subconscious, which creates out of memory to produce both the inner and outer world of manifestation as a mental construct of itself on different scales. The subconscious then acts to birth the self-conscious aspect of the same mind as the ability to witness and experience itself through the observation of the external world produced by the projection of the internal world. Together, the subconscious and self-conscious produce a “unified whole” as the etheric body of Yesod, which acts as a blueprint for producing as a physical manifestation of both the body and its entire outer reality, all of which are all formed out of the same memory being played out on different scales simultaneously as a unified whole.

My diagram of the Tree of Life

Structure and Function as the Nature of Karma

The Tree is structured out of three vertical pillars (threefold nature of the mind, soul, and reality) that sit side-by-side that forms movement as a division and unification that form a self-perpetuating and self-sustaining system of self-regeneration. The pillars form the basis for polarity as both the feminine and masculine aspects of the same plane, formed out of or returned to an equilibrated state as the basis for the next plane that issues forth from them in a synchronistic and automatic fashion as a process of spirit “becoming” material form. The masculine aspect forms the “seed” as the archetypal idea that impregnates the feminine aspect as the memory used to organize light-essence into an equivalent material form as universal memory that acts as the basis for producing the “self” as the soul and the outer reality of the soul as the experience of itself in-form. The masculine pole represents the active, outer or greater reality as a pattern that is drawn into and acts to impregnate the feminine aspect that creates it as a material form that serves as the basis for producing a virtual or universal memory.

The single sphere of consciousness at the top that initiates the process is a universal archetype (comprised of a combination of 12 aspects to form a single idea) that’s imbued with all the attributes, qualities, characteristics, and functional tendencies that form the basis of reality as the natural “story” it tells as a form of personal mythology of the soul inhabiting it. The archetype contains in its latent and potential state all the information and self-organizing forces necessary to produce a coherent and cohesive reality as the enactment of soul memory that forms “karma” as the basis for reality as the soul’s life experience through the story it naturally acts to tell through its personality played out within the conditions and circumstances of its current life situation.

The upper Triad is reflected downward into the lower plane of Astral-Light in its dual nature, which then serves to form an even lower region within the same plane as the unification of its polar aspects. This unified field as a sphere of consciousness within the lower regions of the astral field forms what we commonly think of as our “Higher Self” that’s active as intuition within the material plane, and is what serves to organize and orchestrate the entire lower plane of material reality as the basis for the souls karma (creating reality out of memory). This configuration forms what looks like an upside down triangle or Triad oriented in a downward motion. Out of this sphere emerge dual aspects into an even lower region of the same plane as the subconscious mind that will form and inhabit the material body, and give birth to the self-conscious mind as the masculine aspect of the same nature. Together, these two aspects of the mind and soul produce a unified whole as the “etheric body” that acts as the holographic template for structuring and animating the physical body of the material realm, and is reflected downward into the lower plane as a reflection of its unified state as a single sphere of consciousness.

Qabalah Tree of Life

The Fall of the Archangels to form Humanity

On the central pillar of equilibrium there are five spheres as levels of consciousness, four of which are visible as actual laws, and one invisible as the “void” or quantum leap from a higher realm of existence to a much lower realm of material manifestation. The three visible spheres (Kether, Tiphareth, and Yesod) that exist within the unmanifest, purely mental realms of organized energy as equilibrated states, are commonly referred to as the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost of the Trinity, and the manifestation of the Supernal represented by the Tetrad as the Holy name of God, comprised of four letters that are really three letters where one is repeated (IHVH).

The invisible sphere (forming the 11th sphere), which exists in-between the highest Triad and it’s reflection into the Lower regions of the Astral plane, called “Daath” (death), is symbolic of the “fall of the angels” (Archetypes as gods) to form mankind. It’s the invisible sphere of “knowledge” which only comes through “experience”. It’s the movement of the higher principles into the lower vibration of the astral plane of form, where an idea that’s “pure in nature” combines with an element of a lower plane, becoming contaminated and corrupted from its original form in order to produce a personalized version of the same idea as a unique variation.

What we think of as the Human Soul, represented by the central sphere of Tiphareth, or the “Son” of the Trinity, acts as a medium that vibrates at a frequency that’s in-between the higher and lower planes, and therefore acts as a “medium” necessary to access and “draw down” the higher consciousness of the upper plane while serving as the means for forming a personalized version by becoming the vehicle for expressing it within the lower plane of manifestation as the means of “self-creating”. The higher plane of the Supernal (upper most triad), and the lower plane of material manifestation vibrate at such different frequencies that they can’t resonate with each other, and so require a medium as a middle ground that vibrates at the lower region of the higher plane and the higher region of the lower plane so it can act as the channel or vehicle for archetypal principles to manifest as material forms of varying degrees and natures. And likewise act as the means for the memory obtained from personal manifestations to be returned to a universal state as the archetypal make-up of the soul. In the name of God represented by the Tetrad (different names of God indicate different operations), the H (which bridges together two I’s), is the second (Son as the human Soul) and the last (actual manifestation) letter of the name as the manifestation of the soul’s consciousness. All physical manifestation is of the human soul as “God made manifest”. The “I Am” as an actual entity and experience of the “Self” as an aspect of God.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

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