Essence is Consciousness – The Life-Force Inherent in Blood

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In order to get a workable understanding of blood chemistry in general sense of a combined essence, we can look at the essence as the life-force energy of plants, which are comparable, often called “essential oils”. A plants essence (their blood) contains chemical properties as the “active” ingredients that “stimulate” distinct biological processes in humans who share a very similar blood composition. The essence as the oils and inner fluids of the plant is what can be considered the plants blood. Our blood, or the blood of any animal, is our essence which contains active properties that not only produce biological processes, but also alters our state of mind and produces an array of behaviors born out of those states. The chemical make-up of our blood is what makes us “who” and “how” we are. It’s demonstrated not only in our general health and our personalty, but also in our moods and how we act.

Hormones, released directly into our bloodstream from our endocrine glands, act to alter our state, while simultaneously regulating the biological processes in our body. Hormones are produced naturally by how the outer world is acting to stimulate us through emotional forces of some sort, that produce a form of electrical charge that fires off a whole series of biological processes that “prepare” the body, making it equivalent to, or in the same state as the outer reality in which the body exists. Energetic influences from the environment enter the body through the heart, which discerns them in terms of emotional qualities (vibratory frequencies as information), and distributes the information electrically to the endocrine system, stimulating hormone production that alters the body and emotional state by way of hormones as packets of information that enter the blood stream, adjusting it to be the same “state” (unification of mind-body-spirit) as the outer environment. Whatever consciousness as emotions being displayed around us, stimulate those same emotions and consciousness in us, calling it forth into an active state, as the equivalent of our outer environment, and therefore appropriate for interacting and surviving within our current outer situation. Our inner state exists as the equivalent of our outer state.

Hormones which are being produced constantly to manage our state of mind and our biological system to make constant adjustments, are also produced in response to our own imagined thoughts, which the body-subconscious, interprets the same way it does an “actual” outer reality, and produces body chemistry that prepares us for that reality. Hormones are also “taken in” through the various animal products we eat, as the hormones the animal produced based on the living conditions and experiences it was raised in. Because our body is of the same animal kingdom, and operates according to the same bio-chemical processes, the animal’s hormones produce the same type of effects in us as our own hormones do. Anytime we consume blood or flesh (infused with blood) of a living being, we’re also consuming their essence as the chemistry of their blood, which our body processes and uses in much the same way as our own chemistry, altering our state of mind as a regulatory process.

From a purely biological sense, we are of the animal kingdom, and share the same biological functions and blood chemistry. When we consume the blood of another living being, it reconstitutes our blood through the active properties introduced. In terms of hormones, they produce a similar emotional state in us, and produce the physical adjustments caused by the altered state. Just as our blood chemistry is created by what we eat, what emotions we experience and how we’re being stimulated by everything around us, so are animals blood chemistry. While the brain is protected from many other chemicals that enter the blood stream, largely through food, water, and air, through what’s called the blood brain barrier, designed to protect the brain and nervous system from infectious diseases, hormones, some of which are produced by the endocrine glands within the brain itself, readily pass through the blood brain barrier, because many of the regulatory processes hormones produce in response to it’s environment, are necessary brain functions. So the hormones that become a part of our blood chemistry also affect our brain and produce mental functions as a correspondence to our emotional state.

So when we eat and digest the blood of animals, we absorb their essence as their emotional state and behaviors naturally produced by those states. We also absorb any antibiotics or growth hormones they were injected with, along with the often “unnatural” chemistry produced by their diet. The chemical composition of a cow that’s grass fed as opposed to grain fed (not a natural diet) will be remarkably different. The composition of the food stimulates different protein building functions within the body, which produces different forms of nutrients and chemicals normally not found in the animal’s flesh and blood. Dietary changes in animals produce an entirely different constitution, just as it does in humans.


Consciousness, which is equated to material substance in terms of being of the same vibratory frequency, evident by the normal behaviors being demonstrated, is what we call “level and quality of consciousness”, usually in reference to physical condition, intelligence and personality. It’s relatively easy to see that whatever “state of mind” we’re in at any given moment determines to a large extent how we think and act. So by altering the chemistry of the body, which alters our mood simultaneously, producing distinct behaviors natural to that mood, we literally regulate the “quality” of consciousness we exist in. Consciousness forms resonance with its physical equivalent (same frequency), and the state of the body directly determines the state of consciousness magnetized to the body. Our quality and level of consciousness fluctuate in an equivalent manner to our mood. The quality of consciousness we are at most of the time, largely based on our diet and emotional influence from our environment, determine how we evolve in terms of becoming habituated to that state, creating our life “out of it” by how we think and the behaviors we employ, that develop us accordingly.

By learning how to manage our diet, lifestyle and living conditions, and how we’re emotionally influenced by others around us and the relationships we maintain on a consistent basis, we can learn how to strategically develop our consciousness by way of them. Whatever we consume, take in, and blend with both physically and energetically becomes an inherent part of our molecular and energetic composition. It not only affects our physical body and health, but regulates our blood chemistry, produces our mood, what we tend to focus on, how and what we think about, and what kind of reality we build for ourselves by way of the dynamic interaction that ultimately forms a congruent reality created in our own imagination and consciousness, that evolves us as the expression of that “quality and level” of consciousness. In this sense we can also come to realize that a person’s intelligence and maturity are always being demonstrated, not in what they say or talk about, but in how they behave. Their actions and deeds reveal and express their true inner nature. They’re always a diametric equivalent.


Dr. Linda Gadbois
Integrative Health Consultation

Spiritual Sciences


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Dr. Linda is a Spiritual Scientist and scholar of Hermetic Sciences and Ancient Wisdom traditions. She’s a professional educator and trainer for all areas of personal transformation, self-creation, mind development, and soul/spiritual evolution. She practices Integrative Medicine with a special emphasis on Psychology and Creative therapies. She conducts ongoing classes, Playshops, and Adventure Seminars, and is available for private or group training, mentoring, and speaking engagements.
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