Initiation – Illuminating the Soul with Inner Light

What is referred to as an “Initiate” is someone in which their Higher Self has coalesced with the personality and incarnated within their body in a fully active and aware state. The Higher Self typically exists in a dormant state within the subconscious mind until it’s awakened and activated through deliberate intention and willful actions. The process of initiation entails returning the personality of the lower self to a neutral state where it acts as a passive receptor for the Higher Soul and whose main function become maintaining all biological processes of the body and the habits that involve daily living, allowing the Higher Self to reside as the main consciousness that’s looking out through the eyes of the body and consciously producing experiences of itself.

The Higher Self is not identified with the personality of the body, which lives out of a conditioned state in a fundamentally unconscious manner, but is of a more universal and individual nature. The personality is a product of the genetic constitution and conditioning of the body, making it a product of and prone to the activities of the group mind, where, even though it appears to be somewhat unique in terms of its personality, lacks any real sense of individuality and the ability to self-create and be self-determined. It simply lives out of the dynamics and memories it was conditioned with and faithfully repeats habitual perceptions and thought processes producing the same emotional states over and over, and behaves in a habitual and predictable manner.

       The personality of the body is produced almost entirely out of an unconscious state of early childhood, where we are literally shaped by the group mind of which we are a natural, functioning part of. Through our initial training and formative education we become a coherent and congruent part of a certain sector of society. From a genetic perspective we possess the memory of our family and ancestors, as well as our race and culture. These types of memories and the realities they produce come out of our feelings and intuitively as a form of instinct that gives us a natural disposition, temperament, tendencies, and impulses. We have notions about things that produce feelings and emotions that form the basis for our thoughts and imaginings as the realities of memories that were correspondences to our ancestors.

Through shared DNA and conditioning, we’re born with the same predisposition and tendencies as our parents and grandparents, while also being trained to the same dynamics of our family line which act to fully develop the same patterns as beliefs and behavioral dynamics that co-create a certain type of reality as a joint-experience. As we grow into adults, we are fully trained to the group mind of our family and heritage and simply live our life by carrying on and repeating the same patterns over and over, while birthing and training our children to the same tendencies and dynamics that we were. In this way the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, like father like son, and the sins of the father is carried on for seven generations before it’s broken or consciously transformed. All growth and development take place typically in seven year increments as stages of development that produce a full scale.

Once we become actual adults, around 28 years of age, we’re fully functional in life and society as independent of our parents and family, yet carry on the same conditioned patterns and relationship dynamics as our family. We continue to perceive the world and others through the perceptual filter and model we’ve been energetically imprinted with, which becomes the “illusions” of the lower soul as the internal representations and story we’re always in the process of telling ourselves and living out of in place of the actual, neutral, and non-personal reality. We unknowingly exercise our minds ability to shape reality through the shared delusions we’ve been programmed with subconsciously from an early age.

The Nature of the Higher Self / Soul

What we refer to as the Higher Self or Soul, exists within us in a latent, potential state, and comes through what we call the witnessing faculty of the mind that views things from a detached, non-emotional, neutral perspective. This aspect of the mind doesn’t get caught up personally in the day-to-day events of life, but always seems to be tied into and experiencing life from the perspective of the bigger picture or larger story that’s always playing out in our life. The Higher Self is not a part of the personality that’s identified with the body or group mind of the personality, but is a highly individual, non-personal, and more universal identity. It’s not conditioned and formed by its association with the personality, but uses the personality as a vessel and vehicle for creating experiences of Itself by willfully exercising its creative ability from a fully self-aware and conscious state.

The Higher Self, being of a universal nature and identity, isn’t fixed in form like the personality and body, but is creative and in a constant state of transforming and evolving through a flux and flow process of absorbing, becoming one with archetypal forces as qualities of consciousness that produce physical attributes and form specialized perceptions of reality as a larger, overall story. It exercises its ability to choose qualities and become “one with them” in body and mind, using them to willfully self-create and create experiences by way of them. The Higher Self isn’t prone to or controlled and determined by the impulses, passions, and emotional states of the personality.

The Law of Polarity  

The lower self of the personality and the Higher Self of individuality exist on parallel dimensions within the same greater, overall dimension in a state of polarity and harmony. This means that anytime one is in an active state, the other is in a passive or latent state. Whenever we’re actively utilizing our personality and conditioned tendencies to create our life and experiences, our Higher Self remains dormant in us as a form of higher potential. The individual can’t manifest within the animal, group mind of conditioned behavior that lives out of shared illusions, and so the only way the Higher Self can become active as our primary consciousness is by rendering the personality passive and inactive. This is what forms the idea of “self-sacrifice”, where we surrender ourselves to a higher purpose and cause, giving up all passions, desires, and agenda’s as conditioned dynamics that we do impulsively and without actual awareness, that we then mistakenly identify with as being our “true self”.

All instinct is emotionally driven and produces illusions out of the memories associated with them as automated processes that we do without any actual awareness or realization. These emotionally reactive states keep us living out of the memory and attitudes of our conditioning and personality where we simply repeat unconscious patterns to create all of our life experiences and “become” by way of those experiences. As we live out of passions and desires of the material world and our animal nature, we render our Higher Consciousness passive and we shape ourselves (produce memory) to be “animal-like” and determined by others and our identification with our animal-body.

As we form our identity with the material world (false ego), we bond our soul to the lower plane of the group mind and unconscious creation where we fail almost completely to realize our true nature and creative abilities. We fail to realize our true identity as creative beings that are unique individuals based on our ability to become aware of the power of our mind to shape ourselves and reality, through the use choice and free will. We wake up within our own lives and break preconceived patterns and create in a more conscious manner instead. When we give up our unconscious, instinctual nature and all the personal agendas of the personality motivated by emotional impulses of some kind, it causes us to awaken and allow higher awareness to become our primary perception and dominant awareness. Where we separate ourselves from the group mind and all automated patterns and tendencies and exercise our creative ability to become unique individuals of our own making. This “switch” as a process of self-development from our lower self being active and dominant to the Higher Self becoming our primary awareness and consciousness is called Initiation.

Tuning Ourselves to Higher Forms of Consciousness

In order for the Higher Self to manifest through the brain consciousness of the body, the personality has to be tuned to the same key as the individuality. Our individuality of the Higher Self carries on its normal existence in the spiritual world, just as the personality does in the material world, where its only desire is maintain a sense of harmony with the world around it. All desires of the personality come through its desire to maintain harmony and be one with the world around it. The personality therefore, has to undergo a considerable shift and completely re-orientate itself in order to come into the necessary alignment with the Higher Self. It has to become of the same nature as the Higher Self in order to become an appropriate vessel for it to manifest. The Higher Self can only be “drawn into” or “rise up within” the lower self through resonance. Our motives have to change in the most basic sense of the idea. We have to become “single-minded” in purpose that willingly makes any sacrifice necessary.

Initiation requires us to willingly pay the price of personal transformation by detaching from all association and identification with the physical realm, which is temporary and mortal. This is what’s expressed in the idea of “being in this world but not of it”, and “sell all of your possessions and follow me”. We have to derive our total sense of self from our spiritual, divine universal nature, not from our personal reality and material possessions and position. The personality and all things of the senses have to be sacrificed in order for the Higher Self to manifest. This often produces a tremendous struggle as we break the bonds that attach us to desires of the senses and our identity as a body located within space and time. But as soon as we have achieved this as a fundamental mode of being, the Higher Self begins to dawn within us, and we are restored with an overwhelming feeling of comfort and a significantly increased feeling of well-being and contentment. A kind of familiarity takes place that fills us with a true sense of unconditional love and we realize we’ve come home. We’ve liberated our own soul from the illusions of the body and a sense of freedom and profound awareness now fills us.

The Spiritual World

As long as our consciousness is focused exclusively on who we are as a personality, we can’t contact or experience spiritual realities directly, but only sense them as a reflection within the world of form. The true reality that we as humans are all a part of, is not the one of form, but as the spirit that animates the form. It’s the inner nature as the soul’s essence and consciousness that forms, holds together, and gives form to the personality. It’s the life-giving, animating, all-consuming force that grows and expands producing the entire material world. As the personality of the body is made subjective to the Higher Self, the Inner Light fills and illuminates it with a new inner form of direct self- awareness.

The aim of the initiate is to bring the personality into a subjective state where it’s taught to obey the will of the Higher Self without hesitation or argument. It’s to condition the body so the Higher Self can utilize and function through it without any resistance or hindrance. We have to create a state where the senses and passions no longer keep us locked into a self-made delusion that misleads us and keeps us blind to the actual truth of our true nature and identity as divine creative Beings.

Mystics and Initiates

The Mystic and Initiate both render their personality negative-passive in order to become a vehicle for cosmic forces to manifest through. We create a state where we quiet our mind of compulsive thinking and become still and present, allowing a calm inner awareness to take its place. As we become inactive on the material plane, our spiritual powers as pure intuition find a channel into the group mind through meditation and contemplation. The Initiate and Mystic cultivate and sustain the consciousness of the Higher Self as their normal day-to-day awareness by maintaining a constant and ongoing form of connection through prayer as a meditative state. The Mystic works almost exclusively on and through the Higher Self, whereas the Occultist works with the spiritual forces (Elements) to shape form into the appropriate channels for Cosmic Forces, and brings the Higher Self into manifestation on the planes of form. What has often been deemed miracles is actually a form of magic that outwardly demonstrates the minds ability to work with material forms.

The soul reincarnates into a body based on whatever it maintains a connection with, desire for, or association with. We tie ourselves to a constant evolution of soul incarnation into lower consciousness of the group mind through our identification with the desires of the senses and emotional connections to the patterns of our conditioning that forms what becomes karma. By giving up passions and personal gratifications on the physical plane, we break our bond and identification with the personality of the body, and are no longer incarnated into the physical plane. The soul exists in a natural state of freedom and individuality, and when incarnated into a body, is like a form of incarceration. This is where we get the term “cells of the body”, which is really made up of a single cell that multiplies and duplicates itself trillions of times.

All creation comes by way of duality as polarity between complementary planes. It comes as an interaction of positive (active) and negative (passive) aspects of the same force. By working with the well-known energetic Law of Polarity upon the planes of force, we can learn the process necessary for freeing our own soul from the lower planes by becoming a neutral vessel instead for drawing down the Higher Consciousness of the spiritual planes. By neutralizing and making passive the personality of the group mind, which robs the Higher Self of its individuality and conscious self-awareness, we cultivate ourselves to be an instrument for higher powers to work through and we liberate our own soul from reincarnating into a lower life form. We become a passive vehicle for drawing in and giving expression to higher forms of consciousness at will. We take back and resume our natural ability to willfully self-create and determine the story we tell with our life as the means of creating our self through the experience it brings that we associate and identify with.

By sacrificing our lower self as our personality and identification with our physical existence, we detach from the material and begin cultivating a non-personal, universal awareness as an individual that’s not determined by our conditioning and genetic make-up. By employing and utilizing our higher consciousness we can act on ourselves to evolve the consciousness of our subconscious and DNA, which shares information through the unified field of the collective unconscious with all other DNA. By re-informing our own subconscious and DNA we interject the greater mind of mass consciousness with new information and impose a subtle influence on all of humanity.

Higher and Lower Forms of Consciousness

By giving our Higher Self access to the group mind of lower consciousness we can introduce and nourish a higher form of thought and awareness that will be available to the higher levels within the group mind that will come through a form of intuition and inspiration. By providing our physical DNA with new perceptions and meaning, we literally reconstitute it with memory as a form of programming that evolves it beyond its unconscious conditioning as a continuation of ancestral memory and the tendencies produced by family dynamics, and into a higher level of consciousness as a new group mind of a higher order.

DNA operates out of whatever memory it’s programmed with to produce automatic perceptions and behaviors as a form of instinct that allows people to live their entire life in a primarily unconscious fashion. Even when most become aware of their own tendencies born out of their conditioning, they have the tendency to justify it through the story they tell themselves about it that serves to defend it rather than rising above it all together by choosing to give up their story and employ new ways of being that not only break the existing pattern, but act to produce an entirely new pattern as a way of being that’s done intentionally and through a disciplined act.

When we detach from our associations with our conditioning and material existence, no longer allowing emotions to affect (infect) us while actively engaging in the illusions that ensue from them in an unaware manner, we begin taking on a perspective of witnessing the events of our life from a neutral, non-personal, and objective perspective. We begin seeing ourselves in much the same way we see other people, from an emotionally detached and non-personal perspective. Once this happens we are truly in a position of being able to choose how we respond, and act to initiate and create in our life from an entirely different level of being.

       Because both the subconscious and DNA of our body is programmed by memory and simply creates the material equivalent as a metaphorical correspondence or thematic pattern that plays out on multiple levels and scales simultaneously, by changing how we experience life and creating in an intentional manner, we literally reprogram and transform not only our self as our mind and body, but also how the outer world appears to us. As we change internally, our perception of others and our environment changes accordingly. As we evolve our mind, which is very malleable, we simultaneously evolve our body and genetic memory, which produces an equal affect in all genes of the same nature, and provide new types of memory for future generations that share similar genetics.

Likewise, as we form new experiences as perceptions that reform the informational structure of our subconscious, we inject new information into the mind-field of the collective unconscious and it becomes available for others to access as a form of intuitive insight and inspiration. The brain of the body, produced by our mind and DNA, doesn’t produce consciousness itself, but rather acts as a tuning device for accessing and receiving information from the greater mind that’s of the same nature as its programming that comes as a natural form of intuition in humans and instinct in animals and plants. As we evolve ourselves through active use of self-realization, choice, and free will to break conditioned patterns, we simultaneously evolve all of mankind who are on a similar journey, and likewise serve to advance the plant and animal kingdom of lower forms of consciousness.

As we illuminate our soul with Higher Knowledge brought into practice as experience that produces actual memory, we illuminate all levels of our existence simultaneously. As we grow, develop, and evolve our own mind and body, we simultaneously evolve all of nature and humanity in the same way. There’s always a back and forth movement between higher and lower planes as a relationship based on our ability to create our experience of reality, whether from an unconscious and unaware perspective, or from a fully conscious and self-aware perspective. When we create experiences of ourselves from an unconscious state of our lower, animal nature, we devolve our Higher Soul through identification with our own perceptions and experiences.  When we create our experiences out of higher consciousness as true self-awareness as a universal being within a conditioned body, we evolve the entire lower mind accordingly, as well as evolve and develop ourselves through acquired memory to a higher level by associating with our true identity as higher, divine, and self-created beings.

Dr. Linda Gadbois  


Self-Mastery: How to Master your Emotions and the Delusions they Create

Very few things have a greater impact on our life and cause us to traverse the extremes of pain and joy more than emotions. Yet at the very same time, very few things are harder to truly manage and bring under the control of our will. This is because emotions produce an intense inner stimulation and work almost exclusively by way of the subconscious mind, which means they operate automatically without our direct awareness of them. We’re usually in the midst of a full blown emotional response before we actually even realize it. When we receive an emotional charge from someone or something, it instantly alters our state of mind causing us to go unconscious in the most basic sense, and instantly engage in the reality as a form of illusion that’s inherent in the emotion. As a full blown reality is created out of an instant change in our state, we simultaneously go into what are purely reactive, unconscious behaviors based on the illusion we’re consumed in. In the ultimate sense, all behavior is emotionally driven and comes in a natural and automatic (unaware) fashion based on our state of mind.

One of the easiest ways to really become aware of the nature of emotions and the effect they produce is through self-reflection as observing in yourself what’s actually happening when you either internally produce or receive an emotional charge from something. One of the most persistent and solid illusions that most still hold to be true is that others “cause us” to feel and be the way we are without us being able to control it. The illusion is created out of the idea that they “made me feel that way”, or “they caused me to be this way”. We imagine that our own reactions and internal experiences are something caused “in us” by another, because it happens at the unconscious level as a natural and automatic process. We can only begin working with it intentionally by becoming aware of what ordinarily operates in and through us without our direct awareness of it.

Emotions are the impulse of the unconscious mind that operates the entire material world as a primary form of instinct. Emotions are always attached to memories and the meaning and behavioral dynamic acted out through the experience that formed the memory. As an event happens to or around us, we form an emotional response to it, and the emotion provides the meaning it has in terms of how it makes us feel internally, which becomes the perceptual lens we look through to create our experience of it by how we interpret it, and how we behave and interact as a result, producing our memory of it. Memories and the emotional state that accompanies and produces them have whole realities inherent in them and behavioral dynamics as both a set of behaviors we automatically display, and the type of dynamic or interaction it produces. One then acts to automatically stimulate the other. The emotion produces the same reality and meaning as the event of the memory, and events that are similar to the one of the memory produce the same emotional state. Both the memory and the associated emotion produce the same physiology and set of behaviors that actively create in the present more of the same ideas and realities of the past.

       As children we develop and function almost exclusively out of an unconscious state where we’re fully present in the reality of the moment, forming constant emotional responses to what’s going on around us, shaping how we feel inside. We have no ability to discern or discriminate or objectively interpret the events of our life in a meaningful way. We’re simply trained to whatever behavioral dynamics and values that are being played out as a group that’s all in the same or similar emotional state. We rely on our parents and authority figures to interpret things for us, explain to us what they mean and how we should feel about them based on what they mean.

As children we’re purely instinctual creatures shaped and controlled by others and our environment as our emotional, mental, and behavioral conditioning that produces and instills the pattern as relationship dynamics we live out of as adults for the rest of our life. We are completely programmed with memories, habitual emotional states, and tendencies by the time we become teenagers. This initial conditioning provides the foundation for how we develop and form our identity as teenagers when our self-conscious mind awakens and comes into play and we begin thinking for ourselves, problem solving through reasoning, and forming our own unique story through our ability to interpret things for ourselves. All of this comes out of our existing paradigm as the continued growth and expression of our formative conditioning, and simply develops the same idea and dynamics to a new means.

We consistently access what you could call our memory bank as the means for forming all interpretations of our present situation in an instantaneous manner. Through a dynamic chain-of-association we’re always associating current events to mean the same thing as past events, then forming the same type of response. As we “receive” an emotional charge of some kind, altering our state, we instantly reference and pull up a memory of the same nature (state) and kind, use that as our perceptual lens for making the present mean the same thing as the past, and forming a natural reaction of the same nature.

        This is all done as a natural process of our subconscious mind and happens instantaneously without our direct awareness and produces automatic behaviors born out of an illusion of the past that requires no actual thought process, self-awareness, or intentional decision. This is a completely natural function of our lower, animal body and soul as the equivalent of instinct. Animals are driven to act instinctively in automatic ways through emotional impulses and memory that has whole behavioral patterns inherent in them. It operates without awareness of what’s actually happening or actual thought-process that forms the basis for making a decision born out of awareness and the realization it brings.

Anytime we’re reacting emotionally, we’re being controlled and determined by what we’re reacting to. We’re literally a puppet on a string being jerked around. We’re allowing ourselves to be violently tossed about from one shore to another in a stormy sea. The easiest way to control someone or produce a specific type of behavior is through their emotions. True leaders work through inspiration and vision to elicit group emotions to produce unified behavior as the reality of the vision.  All “states of mind” have realities inherent in them and all the natural behaviors and activities necessary to produce, maintain, and multiply more of that same state.

What are Emotions?

Emotions can be thought of as a form of electrical charge or animating force that’s purely a product of the lower regions of the Astral Plane of material reality. Emotions are the “activating force” operating in the material world in an automatic fashion. Emotions are always coupled with thoughts and one will act to influence and produce the other as a form of back and forth movement between complementary parallel planes. Thoughts concentrated and imagined as realities stimulate a natural emotional response to our thoughts and the emotions becomes the animating force that produces the behavior and activities necessary to produce the thought as an experience of reality. Likewise, when we receive an emotional charge from someone outside of us, it serves to give rise to the same type of thought and reality of the emotion based on memory, forming how we perceive something through the reality it forms in our imagination, that becomes the basis for producing natural behaviors as the expression of it.

Cause and Effect – Action produces an Equal Reaction

We basically form emotions in two ways, either internally as the equivalent or life-force of our thoughts that serves to animate them and adapt them to the actual physical environment through which they’ll express in a creative fashion; or externally as an emotional charge produced by emotion being outwardly expressed by another and projected towards us, which “enters our body” as an electrical charge, stimulating and bringing into an active state that same or complementary emotion. We never really “get something externally from the outer world”, but it acts instead to merely awaken that same force in us, making it active and calling it forth into expression. Emotions are universal in nature and something that’s shared equally by all of humanity as well as the plant and animal kingdoms, who are all governed by the same subconscious mind, whereas thoughts are more individual in nature and are different for everyone experiencing the same emotion. This is because emotion operates without the need for thought as the animating force that shapes reality out of memory.

Thought is a human capacity and originates in the higher regions of the Astral Plane, and is what serves in place of animal, universal memory to first stimulate the appropriate emotion that animates the thought to produce a physical correspondence. In the human sense, thought is produced by personal memories as variations based on how they’re adapted and modified in relationship to the current event, and provide the subconscious with the memory as a metaphorical template that it uses to emotionally produce the reality of the thought-modified memory. So the same emotional charge will elicit a different memory as an illusion in each individual, but the behavior it produces in both will ideally act out the dynamic natural in the emotion. The only thing that’ll be different is their reason and association to previous life events.

The Nature of Illusion and Reality

Because an emotional charge issues forth from the material plane and is always associated to memory, it operates to produce the reality of the memory as a kind of theme that becomes the perceptual lens for interpreting the present to mean the same thing as the past. This not only keeps us constantly living out of the past and creating more of the same type of experiences, but also produces an illusion out of the memory as an internal representation that it uses in place of the actual reality of the present moment. Just as we are conditioned to emotional states that become habitual and normal as our dominant state of mind and the ones we readily connect to and resonate with in others, we’re prone to living out of the illusions of emotional states throughout our life without ever realizing what we’re doing and why.

Our emotional states lock us into the memories of those states and they act as a generalized theme that forms our life story by how we interpret the events of our life to give them meaning. While there are many different emotions and memories, we have a natural tendency to only live out of a small handful of the ones we’re conditioned with, and the ones that came with significant emotional intensity. Emotional intensity acts as a “hook” that keeps us constantly engaged and living out of the memories they produced while we were kids and unable to cognitively make rational sense of things. As adults much of what we know intelligently we have trouble actually applying to our life because we’re still governed by our emotions and prone to being in what is primarily a constant reactive state and living out of an instant replay of the events of the past.

When we live out of emotions we’re like animals in an unconscious state governed by impulses and memories to produce instant realities and automatic behaviors. We haven’t learned how to control our own inner state, which is what produces the reaction. Once we become fully aware of what’s happening when we’re triggered emotionally, and how we act to produce our own internal response that results in an outward expression, we can learn the secrets to becoming fully conscious in our own life, staying awake and self-aware in situations we normally went unconscious in, and learn how to regulate our own emotional states at will.

Self-Reflection and Realization

Awareness and a practical understanding are always the prerequisite to conscious creation. We can only work with what we’re aware of and understand “as” its happening. Through self-reflection of our internal state we can gain an awareness that will also allow us to recognize it as it’s happening in the moment when it’s taking place, so we can transform it through a conscious act. Once we bring our reactive states under control and are no longer affected by the emotions of others, and can use our mind in a way that intentionally produces desired emotions at will. We can begin using emotions intentionally to govern ourselves and influence and direct the behaviors of others.

Start off with a situation or behavior that produced a distinct emotional charge in you, but not one that was super intense or highly personal, and recall the situation in exactly the same way you experienced it. Remember what behavior was being outwardly displayed and how it was expressed that sent an emotional charge surging through you. Allow yourself to notice what was said, the tone and attitude in which it was said, and the behavior of the other person as or while it was being said. Recall the nature of the stimulus, its intensity, and where it entered your body (chest, stomach, gut, sexual organs, etc.). As it entered and stimulated an area in your body how did it feel? Describe the feeling it gave you in sensory terms based on where it stimulated you. Was it a sinking feeling, a sharp jabbing feeling, or perhaps a burning sensation? Maybe a buzzy-giddy feeling, or gave you a slight queasy feeling? Describe it briefly in metaphorical terms of how it made you feel inside. Based on that feeling, notice what it awoke in you and made instantly active, and brought out in you as an actual emotional response. Sometimes it’s the same emotion, other times it’s a complementary or contradicting emotion, based on how you responded to that same idea in your family dynamic and formative conditioning.

Notice what you associate to the feeling based on past experiences of the same emotion and stimulus. This usually comes as “that’s the same way my father used to talk to me that made me feel this same way”; or “that’s how my mother treated me”, or that’s the same thing my brother or friend made me feel, and so on. There’s an immediate association to a past event of a similar nature that caused you to feel the same way. Based on the memory you associate and access, you make the present situation “mean the same thing” as the past and you react in a like manner as the outward expression of the emotion and reality you first formed internally. This all takes place intuitively in an instantaneous manner. You’re not deliberately making the association by choosing it from an aware perspective, but it’s happening immediately and automatically. It feels as if you have no control over it and it’s happening “to you” by the other or the event itself.

While it does produce an instantaneous automatic reality and equivalent reaction, allow yourself to notice that it’s all being done “by you” at a level just below your actual awareness of the fact that you’re the one creating your own reaction. Notice that the other person or event isn’t “making you” react that way, but simply stimulates you in a way that’s causing you to create your own reaction. All experience comes this way through a constant interaction between the inner and outer world as cause and effect. All outer reaction causes an equal or greater inward reaction, which acts to produce an equivalent outer reaction, that becomes the stimulus to again produce and equivalent reaction, and so forth. It creates what we can think of as a “self-perpetuating state and reality” as a back and forth interaction that’s produced almost entirely from an unconscious state.

The illusion that’s formed out of the modified memory the emotion activates is what causes people to get caught up in explaining their right to react that way as a means of justifying and validating themselves. This response comes as a total investment in the illusion as being locked inside of it, unable to realize what’s truly happening and the fact that they’re actually choosing to remain unconscious in their own life and create themselves as determined by others and the natural events of their life. Through this awareness alone, we can choose to wake up in our life and begin working with emotions consciously and create our life from a fully aware and awake state.

Mental Technique for Keeping Emotions Outside of your Body

Naturally, visualization is the key component to not only creating your internal experience of things, but also as the means of “directing energy’. We say “energy flows where thoughts go”, which can also be stated as “whatever we imagine directs and organizes the magnetic forces of the material plane into the reality of our thoughts”. One of the easiest ways to begin outwardly preventing emotions being projected by others from entering your body is by creating a protective sphere as a material barrier of your mind. Imagine your mind as a clear, invisible sphere or bubble that extends a couple of feet from your body and completely surrounds and encapsulates your whole body. Nothing from the outside world can penetrate this sphere unless you let it. Its penetrability is based solely on your imagination and will.

As an emotion is projected towards you imagine that it hits the surface of the outer sphere, and spreads out over the surface forming a clear mental image of the reality inherent in the emotion itself, much like watching a form of virtual scene or small clip in a movie. As you sense the emotion as a mental impression that’s outside of you and not penetrating or affecting either your mental or physical state, you can gain awareness of the mental state of the person projecting it without having to take it on. In this way, you can form an understanding of it from an objective and neutral perspective of “witnessing”. As you witness it without taking it in and producing a reaction of the same nature, you act as a mirror to reflect it back to the person expressing it and act as a neutralizing force that doesn’t amplify or multiply it. This is one of the most basic forms of true compassion that allows you to see the nature of the illusions produced by another as they are without modifying them through a mental editing process of blending with them and taking them on yourself. This process will allow you to stay in tuned with and understand the emotional states and expressions of others, without being subject to them yourself.

Sublimation – Transforming Negative Emotions to Positive Ones

The idea of sublimation in psychology means “the diversion of the energy of a biological impulse from its immediate goal to one of a more acceptable social, moral, or aesthetic nature” as a form of purification or refinement. This process of transforming emotions from one state to another is a bit more difficult, and can take a fair amount of practice in order to master in a consistent fashion. The rewards however are far more impacting, because it produces a natural state of forgiveness through the process itself. The basic idea here is to transform what we could call “negative emotions”, ones that would be harmful somehow when expressed, into “positive emotions” that can be diverted and expressed in a more beneficial way.

I came across this idea in a completely natural way through awareness of my own tendencies and employing the means necessary to let go of negative judgments and form a sense of compassion in their place. I had to deal with a woman in a business situation who was very hostile and volatile in her attitude towards me, or anyone who was deemed a problem or challenged her authority in anyway. In preparing to deal with her, I ran all kinds of scenarios through my mind of what position I would take on, what I would use in a defensive manner to gain leverage and demonstrate my point, and so on, mostly due to the fact that I was dreading the encounter. I then decided I wasn’t going to take a defensive attitude and simply point out the facts involved, which were all in my favor. As I negotiated with her she showed up exactly as I thought she would, but I was able to lead her to an agreeable conclusion based on legalities.

After the experience was over with, I noticed that I continued thinking about it with a feeling of anxiety and a strong dislike for her. The feelings were filling me with negativity, which I didn’t like, so I decided to “forgive her” for being the way she was. In order to do this, I looked at her life from what I imagined to be her own perspective, and why she came to behave the way she did. I saw that being a woman and not having very good self-esteem and self-control, she felt like she had to be aggressive in order to demonstrate authority and not be taken advantage of by those trying to get her to feel sorry for them and make exceptions to the company policies. That she felt that she had to be that way in order to appear strong. Once I looked at her from this perspective, I could understand her attitude in a whole new way, and I realized she wasn’t a mean person in essence, but more in acquired behaviors meant to defend herself from being overcome by others. In this light, I felt a total acceptance, and almost a form of love as compassion for her. From this state, I could not only not hold anything against her and be cordial with her in passing, but I was also able to forget all about her. The memory of our encounter no longer controlled my attention and I simply quit thinking about her all together.

The sublimation of emotion is the process of changing our perspective and how we’re looking at something as the means of changing how we feel about it. We change the emotion that’s produced as a response to our own thoughts about it. We refrain from expressing a negative emotion, which would cause harm to us and others through what it created as an event, and we work internally instead to transform our own perspective and attitude in order to produce a more favorable emotional response to our own thoughts, and divert the expression into a positive one that creates in a more healthy and beneficial manner. By taking an attitude of understanding someone or something from their own perspective instead of from ours, and relinquishing judgment of them, we’re able to transform our own thoughts and the emotional response to our own thoughts.

We prevent the forces generated by the external stimulus from producing an immediate reaction that’s unwanted, and direct it instead into a more remote reaction where it can be discharged harmlessly in a different manner. In this way, an immediate reaction of resentment or anger can be transmuted through compassion, and overtly expressed as charity. Through this practice we divert or channel energies into more appropriate planes and transmute what is ultimately harmful and destructive into a consciously creative and life affirming expression. We transmute a negative expression into a positive one that when expressed in a more appropriate way utilizes it for healing purposes for both us and the other person. Whatever emotions we hold and give life to inside of us as our “state” becomes how we feel and express and what we create for ourselves and others as a result.

This process of emotional transformation purifies the mind and soul by removing unwanted and harmful emotions from being expressed in an automatic manner, and creating negative karma as a result. By transmuting it to a different state we purify ourselves by returning it to its proper state, where it can be released in a positive and productive manner, purifying our soul of toxic and destructive tendencies. This is one of the most basic processes of self-purification that not only transforms the emotions themselves, but the thoughts associated with them and automatically produced by them. This is one of the most basic ways we learn how to use our mind and will to redirect our thoughts and emotions, preventing discharges that are negative in nature and ultimately destructive to our own soul evolution.

Using Laws of a Higher Plane to Transform the Lower Plane

Thought as awareness and diligent practice to keep emotions from infecting and affecting us, or transforming them to positive emotions through the two processes stated above, teaches us the self-control necessary to begin working with the forces of the material plane through the complementary laws of a higher plane. Thoughts exist on a higher plane that’s void of emotions, where they’re not determined or controlled by emotions, and is actually what works to provide the material form as a neutral shell for “drawing in” and directing emotion. From this state we remain calm and unaffected by the emotional states of others and the material world, and we can act in any situation by responding in a way that neutralizes the emotion being expressed by not taking it on, and then responding in a deliberate way by introducing thoughts and ideas that subtlety moves them into a more positive and productive emotional state.

Emotion is the motivating and animating energy of the material plane, and can be led and directed by thought and will, but only when the individual’s thoughts and will are not being controlled by it. We can only exercise direct influence and control over what doesn’t act to control us. We can work to transcend the laws of the lower plane by evolving ourselves to a higher plane and operating out of the complementary Laws of that plane that govern and direct the forces of the lower plane. But we can only do this by understanding the laws of the lower plane and making ourselves neutral to them. When we can see the true reality involved as a primary unconscious state, and through that awareness and exercise of will, we can transcend them and work by way of the laws of the higher plane where thought and intellect serve to produce and direct the emotional, magnetic forces of the lower, dense and unconscious material plane governed by emotional impulses and instinct, we can use clear unadulterated thought to direct and manipulate those forces.

The first step to self-mastery and ascension to higher planes of awareness, is to become fully self-aware while in the lower planes and realize the nature of the laws operating to create reality, and use that knowledge by bringing it into an active practice in your daily life as the means of nullifying and neutralizing yourself to it, by systematically employing the complementary laws of the higher plane that governs and produces the activity of the lower plane.

Within the Astral Plane of formation and creation, we have higher and lower regions that are complementary and work together to produce material reality through their marriage. This is equivalent to the “Formative World” of the Four Worlds of Esoteric Sciences, and in its descending motion moves from the higher regions of the same plane as thought and intellect, which is what organizes and produces form, to the lower regions of emotion which is what animates and brings life to the form as a living entity. Thought produces the idea that’s acted out emotionally to produce an experience of it.

As humans we’re bestowed with higher capacities of the mind that are creative in nature, and we have the ability to awaken and become self-aware while in an unconscious animal body driven exclusively by instinct. Through our awakening into self-awareness by exercising our higher capacities of choice and will, we can become aware of the laws operating in an unconscious manner, and begin working with them in a fully conscious and intentional manner. In order to transcend the lower planes of the material world, where we live like animals in an unconscious state controlled by our emotions and memories of the past, we have to become aware while in unconscious processes, and through the awareness rise above them by no longer being a part of or willingly participating in them, and therefore no longer determined or governed by them.

The key to transcending the lower planes is to bring what’s operating in our life in an unconscious, automatic (natural) fashion, into a conscious and aware state of self-realization. What differentiates us from the animal kingdom is our ability to become self-aware and in that awareness realize that we are not native to the lower animal planes, and begin exercising our ability instead to be self-directed and self-determined. As long as our identity is attached to and formed out of the unconscious state of the material world, we are determined by it and allow it to shape us in response to it as unconscious, powerless beings, who take on the role of “king of the beasts” instead of the one who creates the beast. As long as we’re invested in the emotional illusions of the material world and participate in it from an unconscious state, we remain bonded to it and never transcend it to the higher planes of our true origin. At this point in our evolution we are “in this world, but not of it”.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Spiritual Scientist, Mentor, and Integrative Health and Wellness Consultant


Humility – Dissolution of the False-Ego and Masterful Liberation of the Soul

What has historically been called the “ego” may be more correctly referred to as the “false ego”, because the term ego is synonymous with “identity” and is used in many spiritual texts interchangeably as meaning the same thing. Our identity is formed by whatever we associate with, and how we enter into relationship with everything else as a means of creating our experiences. As we create experiences, we simultaneously sense ourselves within or “as” those experiences, and we relate and identify with them. This doesn’t mean that we “are” our experiences, but rather that we are always the one creating ourselves by way of our experiences, which we also create as the means of self-expression. While we only have a limited control over the events of our life and other people, how we “experience” those events is something we have complete control over.

What we call our personality is an aspect of the “lower mind” that comes more as our natural way of being, regardless of what role or position we hold, and our identity arises naturally out of our personality when we go out into the world as young adults and begin naturally falling into certain roles, social or professional positions, economic classes, begin acquiring material possessions, and maintaining relationships of various sorts. Our personality is something that comes in a completely natural and unconscious way as the natural expression of our subconscious mind, whereas our identity is formed when our self-conscious mind starts coming into play at puberty, when we begin separating from our parents and exercising our will by “thinking for ourselves”, and we begin taking an active role in our own self-development.

       Our identity is not something to be killed, shed, or let go of, but rather to be used as the tool it is for evolving ourselves through our natural ability to self-create through relationships and who and what we associate with. When we form our sense of self through our body by believing that we are a body, a real basic form of mistaken identity takes place, where the soul perceives itself as the body, and thereby “bonds” itself to the mortal life of the body, which lives a short period of time, then dies. Everything of the material plane is temporary, transitional, passes away, and exists as a basic form of illusion or dreamlike state that the soul partakes in as the means of self-creation. Our perception of what we call reality, is a product of the mind which acts as a transducer that turns a vibratory frequency into a holographic (Imagined) reality as a form of virtual simulation. Our perception and experience of reality is a product of the mind as fractal patterns played out on multiple scales and magnitudes simultaneously, creating a cohesive inner and outer reality of the same nature, character, and thematic story-line.

Vibration has an auditory and optical aspect inherent in it and propagates through space as a wave of potential that has a self-organizing mechanism inherent in it as sound or words that divide and form an electromagnetic field as a holographic image of the ideas the words represent. Words contain ideas that are imagined as forms that produce a 3-D structure of that same idea on multiple scales as greater and smaller versions all interlaced and interconnected to form a biological system that produces a consistent experience as a background and setting for an idea to be played out by a character as a thematic story. Whatever vibratory frequency we exist as serves to completely produce the reality (both inner and outer) of that idea as the means of the soul experiencing itself within its own virtual creation. When the soul “forgets” or fails to realize it’s creating its own reality as a form of self-expression produced out of accumulated memory, it begins associating itself with its own imagined experience, and becomes lost in an illusion of its own making that’s attached to a linear time-frame.

       When we build our sense of self out of material things as a form of false-ego or mistaken identity, our ego as our soul dies (has the experience of dying) with our body and the dissolution of the material world it existed within. Once the body dies, leaving the soul without an identity, the soul remains within the Earth’s astral plane that it has become “one with”, and is left to seek out another body in order to create and know itself through or as a body. The ego identification with our material existence bonds the soul to the material plane as a form of “bondage”, or being held captive in a cell (cells of the body), as a prison of its own making. While in the material world all things exist as an established or created form of some kind, whereas in the spiritual world, all things exist in an energetic state as the potential for an “idea” or archetype without form, and is what serves as the basis for creating a form as its twin or reflection.

When we become identified with material ideas, such as our race, gender, physical appearance and looks, ethnic background, family dynamics and ancestry, economic status, possessions, positions we hold, roles we play, our self-made image, and so on, we form ourselves out of something that can be lost, taken away, laid to ruin, or used to control us. We become determined by others and our life conditions, circumstances, and situations. When this happens, everything we built our life out of and around begins falling apart, and it throws us into a state of turmoil that produces a deep sense of insecurity and foreboding fear that can diminish and devastate us at the most primary level of our being.

        Once illusions are shattered, forming a kind of major life-transforming crisis, we come out of it seeing clearly what completely eluded us before. Things and people we believed in are no longer real, and the reality we thought we knew can no longer be felt or seen, and we become a stranger in our own life, unknown even to ourselves. The pain of loss can crush and diminish us, and the feeling of disdain weakens us to a point where it can seem almost impossible to recover.  Appetites are ravishing and seem relentless while inside we’re starving. We painfully crave all that’s past, and a deep sense of remorse sets in as we plummet into the unknown depths of despair and loneliness, sinking well beyond the point of return. We literally have the experience of dying to our own false ego and self-made delusion.

In a state of sheer humiliation and moral disgrace, with all power from the outside cut off and no longer available, if we are to survive, we have to begin drawing on a different source. We then begin drawing on an internal source that’s active and always alive within us. Intimately real as an all-pervading and inclusive feeling that’s never lost, diminished, or taken away, and as we detach from the illusion of our perceived material needs, peeling the outer layers away, revealing the emptiness inside, it begins growing in intensity, softly whispering words of comfort, and we turn to it out of sheer desperation and begin drawing on it as our only means of sustaining ourselves through the darkness that has consumed and annihilated us.

A new awareness of ourselves starts coming into play through the intimate embrace of a higher power that we’d lost or forgot, and we feel strangely more alive and vital than ever before. We are no longer affected by other people’s perception of us, or their opinions and behavior towards us. We no longer see or evaluate and appraise ourselves through the eyes of others, but instead sense ourselves as we really are inside. We lose interest in fame, being popular or well-liked, we have no more need to be accepted as a part of a group or supported by others, and we begin living in a much simpler and stream-line fashion. We gain a clear and immediate realization around what’s essential and what’s not, we lose our appetite for excess and waste, and we begin operating as a neutral force in any situation without the need to control or manipulate as a means of fulfilling a need as an agenda of some kind.

       As we consciously begin reconstructing ourselves out of a new sense of awareness, we no longer form our identity based on other people or material things. There’s no more need for illusions as a way of embellishing an imaginary self-image, and everything takes on an objective, “matter-of-fact” quality, where there’s never an emotional reaction to it. We become self-centered in who we really are as a soul, and we easily maintain clear realizations around the true nature of things, and seldom have an attitude of needing to get something by exercising control over others and situations, because we’re exercising control over ourselves instead. In what seems like a quickening as a complete shift in awareness, we become morally purified in the most basic sense and serve as a neutral force in the world that works in any situation for the good of everyone involved, instead of to personal means of some kind.

For this reason, higher knowledge can only be accessed and absorbed by the humble. Those without pride or arrogance, greed or envy, that won’t be tempted to use it for personal gain or power, and will instead serve as a clear and pure channel for higher powers to flow into the lower regions of consciousness and illuminate it. A state of Being where we are fully identified with our divine nature that’s universal and powerful in an all-pervading, self-contained way, drawing all its power from within, and serving to neutralize the emotional energy as the magnetic, motivating force of the material plane. It’s the realization of being in this world, but not of it. Only then does the soul reside in its true domain of complete liberation from self-inflicted pain and the moral suffering that death on the lower planes brings.

The path of initiation begins with death of the false ego which is necessary in order to birth the Higher, Universal Self within the lower, animal body, which the soul merely uses as an instrument and vehicle for actively expressing and self-creating within this domain, without losing its identity by mistaking itself “as” the body. To be an Initiate requires self-mastery as the ability to control the elements of the material world, which only comes by not being controlled and determined by them. The Initiate has to master their own emotions, realize the habitual and impulsive tendencies of the body driven by instinct, and the habitual patterns as dynamics being played out by soul as karma of some kind, while intentionally acting on themselves in a deliberate manner to dissolve and resolve the old, while initiating and giving life to the new. To self-create in a conscious and deliberate manner is to take on a position of being the initiator or “cause” of fundamental change by reprogramming the body (subconscious mind) to be a suitable vehicle for the Higher Soul, instead of letting the body degrade the soul to the status of a beast (animal driven by instincts) by taking control of thoughts and creating reality out of emotions that produce insane and perverted delusions, bonding us to the pain and suffering in a hell of our own making.

Dr. Linda Gadbois  

Spiritual Scientist, Mentor, and Integrative Health and Well-being Consultant

The Art of Detachment – Freedom from Illusions, Transcendence, and the True Nature of Compassion

The idea of what it means to detach from something can seem confusing because, like most ideas, it has both positive and negative connotations, based on how it’s being looked at, applied, or done, or how it comes about naturally. In all forms of spiritual development, detachment from the material world is considered an aspiration and desired level of attainment that’s necessary in order to transcend the material realm and maintain total control over yourself within the material world, while simultaneously being able to consciously direct and work with the Elemental forces of the gross plane. We can only act to direct and control what doesn’t direct and control us. We shape ourselves to be “like” whatever we associate with, blend into and become one with, and thereby use to create ourselves.

The whole basis of spiritual development is self-mastery as the means of deliberate self-creation as a form of transformation from one state of being to another. This is achieved through an understanding of the true nature of the material plane as a product of the mind that provides us with the opportunity and means to use it in a deliberate manner as the basis for producing our experiences of ourselves that serve to shape our identity. As we identify with others and the material world of form, we energetically “bond with it”, becoming “one with it”, and we use it to shape ourselves to be of the same nature and substance as it is. This keeps us as spiritual beings firmly connected to the lower, material plane through an “illusion” we create of ourselves, seemingly unaware of the true fact that we are the ones creating the illusion of the material plane through our “perception of it”. We likewise have the ability to influence and manipulate the illusion, but only if we’re not dependent on it as the means of “knowing who we are” and creating ourselves by way of our own self-created delusion.


In order to understand what it means to “detach”, we have to look at what it means to be “attached”. Anytime we’re reacting to something, respond to being stimulated somehow in a natural and automatic way (without awareness), we’re being influenced and shaped by it. As we realize we’re being controlled by it, we simultaneously engage in the process of trying to gain control over it. We try to be, say, and act in a way that’s designed to get others to respond to us the way we want them to. We engage in attempting to control people and situations that we have an invested interest in somehow as an unconscious way of controlling ourselves “through them”. Anytime we have a need for something to go the way we want it to, for people to change so we’ll be alright, or need to be seen and beheld as being a “particular type of person”, or acknowledged and celebrated somehow, we have an “attachment” to those needs and desires.

If things don’t go the way we want them to, or if people don’t act and treat us the way we want them to, or if they don’t see us as the “kind of person” we want to be seen as (attractive, smart, witty, sexy, powerful, profound, kind, giving, strong, etc.) we feel distress of some sort and begin clinging even more desperately to the image of our own making. We become overly attached to our own ideas about things because we’re invested in the cooperation and participation of others in co-creating the reality we need in order to feel good about ourselves. As we create an image of ourselves in place of who we really are as a soul that lacks an actual material form, we need constant feedback and reassurance that our “image of our self” is real and somehow accurate in terms of how we intended it. This “need” for others to validate us in our own creation and give us constant feedback as to their perception of us as a means of reinforcement and strengthening our false image of ourselves, is an “attachment” to our own self-made image.

Realizing Motives

One of the easiest ways to recognize our own attachments to things, is to always self-reflect on what we’re doing and why, and what we “expect” to result from it. All action causes an equal or greater reaction, and anytime we act to do something we know it’s going to produce something as a result. Anytime we “give” to another while expecting something in return, we have to stop and realize what we’re actually doing and question ourselves in terms of our true motives. It’s natural for us to want to be thanked, appreciated, acknowledged somehow as being a good person, or somehow loved because of what we do. This is because like all behavior and actions, we’re actually using it as the means of creating an image of ourselves (ego) by way of it. This is because we’re identifying with “being” of the lower, material world of transitioning forms. Whatever we associate ourselves with and fashion ourselves to be like, we take on that identity and experience ourselves as “being” that way, and we create ourselves out of being a part of the material world, becoming dependent on it to know who we are.

Anytime we have a need for someone or something to be and do as we want them to, we should realize it and stop to reflect on the nature of that need, and what it shows us about ourselves and our true motives. Anytime we have a strong desire for something, we’re forming a connection to it and a desire to “become one” with it. Anytime we feel impassioned in some way, we’re actually being influenced by the emotion itself, which is what’s driving our thoughts about it. Anytime we fall in love with someone or something, we form a desire for the object of our love, and seek to unite with them in body and mind. In all these situations, we have to simply stop for a moment and self-reflect on what’s actually happening in these situations and what it shows us about ourselves, because we’re the one that’s producing it. We have to consistently ask ourselves “what is the motivating force behind my perceived needs, desires, and passions?” What is it I’m hoping to accomplish or make real through my thoughts about it and actions towards it?

       All action is ultimately designed to acquire a feeling of some kind. Everything we do, whether consciously or unconsciously, is to create a reality out of which we acquire a “sense of ourselves” through the experience it allows. Anything that we’re attached to we’re connected with energetically because it provides the basis for a certain type of experience. We associate ourselves with certain ideas in others and specific types of situations as a means of shaping our identity around and out of them, that ultimately serves to keep us in “bondage” through a form of strong influence that makes us dependent on them in order to “know who we are”. We “need them” somehow in order to feel happy and achieve some level of self-fulfillment.

If we detach ourselves from these ideas we’ve held about ourselves, we often feel lost, as if we have no real purpose, or lack motivation to create anything in the most basic sense of the idea. True detachment comes by shifting our “center” from forming ourselves according to the outer world, and instead, learning how to form ourselves from our inner, eternal source of true power. When we do this, we begin stepping into our true identity as a divine being that’s “in the material world, but not of it”. We begin shaping our identity out of our spiritual nature rather than our animal nature. We come to fully realize that the material world in all its seeming diversity, is comprised of basic elements as Astral Light (photons) that are shaped into material forms as a dynamic story-line based on the interaction that takes place between our mind and it. We’re always the ones shaping the material world through our perception of it, creating a form of virtual reality as an illusion, that we then get “lost in” and mistake for being real, and begin using it to create ourselves out of, and produce an equivalent “illusion of ourselves” as our “false ego” or false identity, that bonds our soul to an illusion of our own making. We are not a product of the material realm, but rather the material realm is being produced by us, by our mind and soul.

Detaching from Emotions

The ultimate form of what we call “detachment” in the spiritual sense, which means detachment from the entire material realm, comes as a natural result of a series of other detachments that slowly act to dissolve the illusion of the material world that we mistakenly perceive as being real. The term “real” is being used here as being “true”. One of the first forms of detachment that’s crucial to all levels of creation and self-development is gaining an understanding of the true nature of emotions, what they’re designed to do, and how to not only detach from them but learn also how to use them intentionally to influence others and situations.

Emotions are what we can think of as the “language” of the material, astral realm that’s directly connected to memory of various sorts, and is the motivating force of “instinct” that produces automatic behavior based on the memory associated to the emotion. All emotion in this sense causes the memory associated with it to rise naturally in the mind and imagination of the individual, providing the subconscious with a pattern or dynamic for producing action that requires no thought, actual decision, or will to produce. They’re not intended to be brought into the conscious mind where they form the basis for our all our thinking and we produce a form of fantasy as a reality out of the emotion, which, due to its heightened sensory qualities, creates an enhanced version of reality that’s gripping and instantly engages us in the illusion it produces. Emotions are designed more as signals that prompt automatic behaviors out of “non-thinking” and “non-creative” beings of the animal and plant kingdom. They’re not meant to govern our thoughts or our will and make decisions for us in terms of how we create our reality.

Emotions are like electrical signals that readily emanate from all lower beings driven purely by instinct, and are transmitted throughout the astral plane (atmosphere of the Earth) where they’re “received” by other living beings that are in near proximity and of a similar nature. Whenever we receive an “emotional charge” from someone or something, it literally enters our body producing a pronounced stimulation that induces an immediate reaction. As we’re stimulated emotionally, we automatically reference and access the memory associated with the emotion, bring it forth in our mind as the means of interpreting our current situation to be the same as the past, and provide our subconscious (instinctual) mind with a pattern as a reality to produce automatic behavior out of in reaction to it. That’s what an emotional reaction is. It’s the communication between the subconscious mind of us with everything else that produces an instinctual reaction. The subconscious is the aspect of the mind we share with the entire natural and living world, all of which communicate via emotion and memory to produce spontaneous behaviors and actions that are thoughtless in nature.

       Whenever we’re around someone who’s expressing intense emotions, we feel an equally intense inner stimulation that calls forth in us that same emotion, and we use it to engage and cooperatively participate in co-creating the same illusion as the reality produced by the emotion. While thoughts are always unique to the individual having them, emotions are universal, and something we all share and experience in a similar way as a motivational force. When an event takes place in our life that has a strong emotional component to it, the emotion acts to shape how we perceive and interpret that event to form our memory of it. The memory we form is a distortion of sorts based on the emotion we were experiencing, which is what formed the story we told ourselves about it that gave it meaning.

The meaning we give things through the story we tell ourselves about them, not only means something about others and the way things are in general, but about us in relationship (and as the creator) with it all. This illusion born out of the emotion as an expression of it is what we use to create ourselves by continuing to use certain memories as a filtering system to create more experiences of the same nature, and create ourselves in a “false image” as a result. Memory serves to give us “instant interpretations” of our current reality as a means of creating more of the same type of experiences as the past. However we’re stimulated by someone or something, determines what memory comes to mind as a similar experience, and we use that memory to make the current person or situation “about” the same thing. This is a very subliminal form of judgment as our very perception of something. Because we always identify with our experiences, which are self-produced, we become identified with the illusion of our own making.

It’s very easy to realize how emotions control us and run our mind, and how they determine what memories of the past we then tend to dwell in and continue living out of. When we allow an emotion to enter us and produce a like affect, we take on and bring into expression that same emotion, amplifying and increasing it, while creating a joint reality out of it. When we resist taking on other people’s emotions and don’t let them affect us, we serve to neutralize, contradict and thereby reduce or cancel out the emotion, preventing it from propagating and multiplying “through us”. Once we realize what an emotional charge is, and what’s happening when we’re being stimulated with a strong  emotion, we can form a perspective that can easily allow us to keep “it” (emotions are entities with a life of their own) from entering into and taking hold within us. We can keep it outside of us, and not let it affect (infect) us.

The Nature and Production of Thoughts     

In the same manner, by realizing that thought and emotion are always connected, and one acts naturally to produce the other, we can realize that whatever we focus on and think about produces our emotional state. Emotions arise in us as a natural response to our own thoughts. If we keep our mind focused on bad and painful memories, thinking about them in a consistent manner, we act to keep ourselves in the emotional state of our thoughts. Emotions produce the chemistry of our body by stimulating our endocrine system which then produces hormones that alter our state of mind while regulating all biological processes of our body to “match” our mental state. So our thoughts and emotions literally determine our physical health.

Invisible forces of various kinds are always what are acting to manifest the material world, through a form of “cause and effect” or “stimulus and response”. Thoughts and emotions are invisible and electromagnetic in nature, and act to move through and into matter, impregnating it with an idea as an imagined reality that provides the blueprint and instructions for producing an equivalent material body and outer reality (Monad).  Energy as vibratory patterns form ideas that serve to produce our thoughts as the material form or reality of the idea, which then produce the equivalent emotion in response to it, which animates the pattern as movement, order and behaviors. These are always interconnected as different aspects of the same creative process, where one automatically produces all of the other ones in a synchronistic and systematic fashion.

Once we become aware of the nature of our thoughts and the emotional states associated with them, we can self-reflect on what natural tendencies are playing out through us as our formative conditioning, and through the awareness and realization it brings, we dissolve the unconscious pattern and are able to consciously detach from the motivating force involved and redirect our focus and thoughts in an intentional manner. The patterns of our conditioning and the emotional states we have formed a habit of living out of as a result, only continue to play out systematically through an unconscious state of automatic processes. One we become aware of them, they’re no longer automatic, and no longer producing the emotions and perceptions that control our actions, and we’re left with the clear realization that we have a choice as to how we respond and what we initiate as a result.

Transcending the Lower Plane of Instinct

Once we gain thorough realization around how we self-create through our emotional states and the perceptions they form that keep us attached to our past conditioning as memories, we step fully into a new and empowered position of true responsibility for our own soul development. As we detach from the illusions of the material plane born out of an unconscious state, we transcend the lower plane by no longer identifying with it and depending on it as a means of creating ourselves through the “image” we form of ourselves out of it. When the magnetic forces of the lower material plane no longer act to influence and shape the reality we form out of our thoughts, we are free of them, and can then interact with the illusion of reality from a neutral and unbiased state. We no longer “believe in it” as a fixed and stable idea, and realize with great clarity that it’s being formed in every moment at the individual level by the conditioned mind of each person who’s using it as the means of self-creating. All reality is produced by the mind of the individual perceiving it, and forms as a projection that’s in a constant evolutionary state as a fluctuation that propagates an infinite number of variations based on new combinations.

We cannot transcend the lower plane of Astral Light as long as we’re affected and influence by emotions and the perceptions of others. The material world of which we’re all an inherent part of is the plane that’s governed by an unconscious state of instinct. Emotions are the language of the material plane that produces experiences as realities that come as the expression of the emotion and produces more of the emotion as a cause and effect relationship. As we produce our experiences out of the combination of emotion and the thoughts they generate, we identify with our own experiences and shape ourselves by way of them. In this way we become dependent on and an inherent part of the material realm. Without our material existence we can’t experience our self and lose our identity in the sense of not “knowing who we are”.

       In order to transcend the lower world of animal instinct and being created by our association within it as a material, animal body, we have to realign ourselves with the higher regions of the Astral Plane where thought exists in its archetypal form without the existence of emotions. What we experience as emotions is purely a product of the lower regions of the material plane that we don’t encounter until we descend further into the form our thoughts create. In the higher planes of creation thoughts are formed as the expression of universal archetypes that serve to “produce” an emotional state in response to them that is equivalent nature and act as the means of producing the thought as a reality through the activity that ensues because of their marriage as a harmonious combination.

In the higher realms of consciousness thought precedes emotion and is what determines it. In the lower realms of consciousness, emotion nearly always precedes thought as the governing mechanism that systematically produces an automatic thought process as a new application of memory. Thought comes in response to emotion in an automatic and unconscious fashion. The lower regions of the Astral Plane are governed by emotion, whereas the higher regions of the same Formative Plane are governed by thoughts that are “original” and creative in nature and formed out of the even higher plane of Universal Archetypes. In this orientation, thoughts are produced by “drawing down” the information contained in the higher plane of “unformed potential”, rather than from forces “drawn up” from the lower planes of emotion and the Collective Unconscious that governs the animal kingdom. It’s only by orientating ourselves from the “higher to the lower” that we’re truly creative and act to initiate, instead of being created as an affect in a haphazard manner.

The Art of Compassion as the Means of Transcendence  

The idea of compassion in its ultimate sense, comes as the perception of another persons reality from a higher plane that sees the true underlying reality involved as their own creation, and experiencing it as they do from “within the illusion of it”, without investing themselves in it personally or mistaking it for the actual truth. We cultivate the higher ability to be able to blend into and become a part of the material reality produced by another without losing the true realization of what it is and how it’s being produced. We perceive it as showing us the personal truth of the person who created it, and we gain insight into their psyche (soul) through our natural ability to deeply relate to them by using our mind to produce the same “type of reality” within our own mental sphere as an actual experience of it. We use our mind to literally become one with their mind in essence, without losing our bearings or getting lost in the shared illusion that’s created between us as a result of the union.

By blending with the mind of another and seeing life from their experience of it, without needing to alter it, correct it somehow according to our idea for the same thing, or interpret it in any manner, we don’t actually “take it on” through a belief that’s its real and happening within us also, but serve to “reflect it back” to the person projecting it onto us through their telling. When we become a neutral force in the world, unaffected by the emotional currents that toss it about violently from one extreme to another, and we “witness” the experience of another with no emotional reaction or mental interaction that alters it, we become a mirror for them allowing them to fully see what their own story about it is. In this reflection of themselves through us as a neutral entity that doesn’t form any kind of judgment of them based on the nature of their experiences, they’re able to penetrate it and have deeper realizations in regards to its true nature. They can see it, often for the first time, as their own creation and story about what happened to them.

When we can share an experience of reality with another without any form of personal investment or response to it, and truly see them as they are rather than as we remake them through our interpretation of them, we are creating ourselves from a higher level of self-awareness, while providing the means for them to gain higher levels of self-awareness through our reflection and non-action (reaction). When we operate from a higher level of consciousness that’s complementary to the material world, we don’t use a material identity as a fixed mindset to interpret everything to “be like us in nature”, and we’re no longer triggered into reactive emotional states in relationship to it. We become a neutral force that always reflects back to others the illusion of the material plane as their own creation and story about things.

       Through this awareness we help facilitate their process of higher awareness, not as a theory or something we talk about and provide instructions for achieving, but as a demonstration that simply “stimulates and produces” a higher state of awareness in them in relation to us. We “call them” to a “higher state of self-awareness” that’s void of coercive emotions that allows them to realize the illusions they’ve produced by taking on the emotions themselves and producing a reality out of them as a “self-made experience” that simultaneously creates them through how they associate and identify with their own story.

From this level of awareness we realize fully that all of what we call “reality” is a product of the individual mind creating it as their perception of it. Through this realization, we not only no longer invest in reality as being “real” in the most basic sense, but realize instead that we are the ones who create our experience of reality by how we use our mind as the marriage of our thoughts and emotions to create it by how we identify with it and the story we’re always in the process of telling ourselves about it.

Once we have ascended to a higher plane of consciousness as our permanent residence, where we’re no longer influenced or controlled by the passions of the lower plane, and we can see the true reality of it clearly at all times, we can then step into our true creative ability to produce our own realty by using our thoughts to attract, absorb, and direct the emotional forces of the material plane as the complementary and formative, action producing component of our thoughts. At this point we create with a sense of total detachment that no longer identifies with the material world, and we become a neutral force in the world for helping facilitate the spontaneous process of self-realization for others that helps to propel them to higher levels of self-awareness so they can also transcend the plane of self-made illusions and attain a higher level of self-awareness by taking their rightful place in things as a divine creator of their “self” and their reality.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Programming our DNA – A Practical Interpretation of Scientific Observation and Data

The recent discovery made by science through the “Genome Project” was that the 90% of our DNA that was labeled “junk DNA” (which simply means they have no idea what it’s for) is actually a form of cosmic computer that acts as a receiver and transducer for energetic information, and as an incredible means of storing and metabolizing memory of various sorts. It contains the memory of not only the entire family history of the genome in terms of physical characteristics, but also the memory that forms personality traits, natural tendencies, and as an accurate recording of ancestral experiences that were emotionally intense in nature. Along with this it also contains the memory of the higher (human) soul that’s bonded to the body, which is of a similar nature to the memory of the body itself. Through a dynamic combination of genetic memory and soul memory a constant transformation of consciousness is taking place by how they act together to create current experiences out of a dynamic matrix of mental filters of the past.

What we call our mental paradigm is formed from the dynamic interaction that takes place between multiple levels of memory that are integrated into a cohesive whole that forms the information structure of the current mind as a model and perceptual lens that’s used to process information and create how we experience the events of our life to produce new memory that’s of a similar yet varied nature. Just as we use the memory of our (current) past as the perceptual filter and means of interpreting the present to mean the same thing, we use the accumulated and integrated memory of our genetic bloodline and higher soul to produce our initial personality which forms the foundation for creating ourselves through an evolutionary process that acts in much the same way instinct does. Our DNA operates according to the same principles as the mind and soul, and though we are created in the physical sense according to a generic template of active information that gives us our characteristics, predisposition, and tendencies as a form of foundation, we are constantly re-informing our DNA through how we create our life experiences, producing memories.

Grammar Rules and Syntax

We know that DNA works by way of the same principles that govern both linguistics and Meaning. DNA is programmed (informed) by the same principles as the conscious, self-conscious, and subconscious mind. The spoken word forms an image in the imagination of what the word means. All reality is called forth in the imagination through words as language that has meaning. Hypnosis and suggestion, which are the natural means for programming the subconscious, works by whatever words we hear, we imagine as a material reality or form. We create the reality of the suggestion as an internal representation that becomes the means for perceiving the same idea outwardly and for producing the physical equivalent as our biological nature.

DNA is of the same nature as the subconscious and is programmed or given direction and instruction by the conscious (higher) and self-conscious mind as words that are spoken, both inwardly as thought and outwardly as speech. Whatever we think acts as a suggestion to our subconscious, and is actualized first as an imagined reality, that then provides the perceptual filter and lens for perceiving the same idea outwardly. The subconscious is what we call “experiential” in nature, meaning it’s programmed with ideas that are imagined as an internal experience of them, and is emotionally driven, where the emotional reaction as the equivalent of the imagined idea becomes the motivational force for producing action based on the idea. All behavior, in the ultimate sense, is emotionally driven as an impulse of some kind.

        The subconscious is the aspect of the mind we share with the plant and animal kingdom (living beings), and is primarily instinctual in nature. It experiences an emotion or feeling intuitively, and it produces an impulse, desire, or emotional reaction of some sort that sets into motion automatic behaviors as dynamics of some sort based on its relationship to the whole or environment it lives in. Our subconscious mind, being a part of the subconscious of all of Nature and the outer reality of which we are a part, is always engaged in a form of energetic exchange as intuition with everything around it. There’s always a natural form of telepathy going on as realizations that come as feelings, notions, hunches, and mental impressions as a way of “knowing” about something without knowing “why” or “how” you know about it. This feeling of knowing always comes as awareness of the inner nature of something and the bigger picture of which it’s a part as a form of “sub-reality”.

We’re always exchanging information with everything around us, and morphing and transforming through the integration and assimilation of information to be of the “same nature” as the environment and conditions in which we live and survive as a natural form of evolution. In every moment we’re acting as a transmitter and receiver for information and ideas embedded in and being transmitted through the atmosphere in which we’re submerged in and depend on for life. As we breathe in the invisible air around us, we’re simultaneously absorbing and integrating billions of pieces of information that’s inherent in the field as the collective unconscious. Every living entity is comprised of DNA as a formulation of specific types of information as memory relative to their species, and is constantly exchanging information and interacting with that same type of information in everything around it.

DNA and the Subconscious Mind

As DNA and the subconscious exchange information with whatever is of a similar nature, it’s reprogrammed and modified through the incorporation of new information as ideas. As we receive and think about ideas, we are literally becoming “one with them” energetically. As we form them into internal representations we adapt and integrate the information into our mental paradigm, modifying it as a result. We’re always resonating with what’s of a similar nature to us and acting to attract, absorb into us and become one with that information, evolving us to be “like it”. Whatever or whomever we live in close proximity of and direct relationship with, we become like in nature. We’re always energetically engaged and being formed through a form of group consciousness of our species, and form a herd mentality as instinctual and trained behaviors driven by emotional reactions.

The Power of Belief

Whatever we’ve been conditioned with, we tend to live out of and repeat throughout our life. Whatever beliefs we form through what we’ve been told (heard and imagined as real) and taught, programs us mentally, emotionally, and physically to perceive, form relationship with, and produce the reality of our belief. Our beliefs, as thoughts that are imagined as an experience of reality, literally program our DNA and we become the physical expression of our beliefs as an actual reality. This fact has been firmly demonstrated in what’s called the “placebo effect”, where we literally modify our biological chemistry and physical condition using only our mind to “inform and direct” our DNA. Not only has this been demonstrated in fake medications of various sorts, but also in meaningless treatments, and placebo surgeries, where the person produced the physical condition they were told it would produce.

       As we think, emote, and form a belief about something as an outcome, we literally produce the physical reality of that belief. This is the power our mind has in directing the chemical processes of our body, creating our self, and our experience of reality. As we feel, think, and form emotional reactions to our thoughts by imagining them as a reality, similar to replaying a memory, we’re literally giving our subconscious and DNA instructions on what outer reality to perceive and form a relationship with. Our perceptions, formed by our subconscious mind in response to our conscious mind as internal dialogue turned into a material reality, informs our DNA, which forms a further translation based on the meaning of our perceptions, and uses the upgraded information to regenerate the body. If we believe we’re going to get a disease, for example, and form a strong emotional reaction due to imagining the reality of it in vivid terms repetitively, and we anticipate or expect it, we’re literally instructing our biological system to produce it as a reality and give us the experience it offers.


It’s been stated that thoughts have to be coupled with or delivered with the right “frequency” in order to take hold. What this means in practical terms that don’t require an electronic device or laser light, is with the proper state of mind. Whatever state we’re in determines what frequency we’re vibrating at and whether or not our mind and DNA is in a passive and receptive mode, or an active and transmitting mode. When we’re in a relaxed calm state we become receptive in nature, and our subconscious readily takes in any suggestion as an idea that it’s given, and acts to give us new information and ideas to create out of. Our DNA is programmed in exactly the same way, when we enter into a state of trance, meditation, or hypnosis, then feed our subconscious ideas and affirmations, it readily takes them in without resistance, allowing them to rise up in the imagination and develops them into a well-defined sensory reality by thinking about them. When we form ideas in our mind as possible realities, we form an emotional response to them that imbues them with meaning and turns them into a form of internal experience as a virtual memory. All ideas and instructions for creating are given to the subconscious and DNA as an experience that mimics an actual memory.

       Living chromosomes function like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation as frequencies that modify structured and stable formulas of information, transforming them through the integration of new information, producing analogous material forms. DNA is informed and transformed through frequencies as states of mind, language patterns, and the meaning the language patterns have for the individual, and what they picture in their mind as a result. Language as vibration contains both sound and visual properties. As a word or sentence is spoken, it simultaneously produces a mental impression of the form or reality inherent in it. All reality in this sense is “called forth and shaped” through the spoken word. Only when in a relaxed state do we readily “take in” and think about ideas as they’re given to us without using discretion.

When we’re in an active state, we have constant thoughts running through our mind in a compulsive and sporadic fashion, and usually can’t concentrate on any single idea for any real length of time. The self-conscious mind acts as the “gatekeeper” to the subconscious, and decides what to “let in” and what to “keep out”. If it rejects an idea, or has resistance to it in some fashion, the idea is never allowed to take hold, and merely acts to reinforce the opposing idea that caused it to be rejected. Only the ideas that have a strong emotion married to them tend to be accepted, concentrated on, and thought about in a repetitive and continuous manner. These ideas, like memories, become a part of our normal thoughts and become the patterns and programming for our essential nature and constitution and form the perceptual lens we look through to experience those same types of ideas outside of us. We’re constantly transforming ideas through a process of adaptation that modifies them to be congruent with our current model, forming and maintaining a state of equilibrium between us and everything in our immediate surroundings at the subconscious level.


Magnetized Wormholes (Einstein-Rosenberg Bridges)

The idea of DNA being able to create wormholes in space, where information “located” in different parts of space can be accessed instantly, like the idea of “transmitting and communicating”, may be an incorrect way of viewing the phenomena of entanglement and the wave properties of matter, because it still involves “space-time”, and indicates a transmission is taking place as movement from one place to another. Yet we know that when two particles are energetically of the same nature as a frequency, that they literally function “as one” no matter how great the distance between them. If you change the “state” of one particle (DNA) through conscious intention to “measure its properties”, the other one changes at exactly the same instant. There is no time lapse or momentary hesitation, which would be the case if time and travel were involved.

The particle, which is ultimately composed of light as photons, which are invisible and have no mass, exists simultaneously as a wave and a particle, as local and nonlocal, and can appear to exist in two places at once. The cellular structure of our body, which contains DNA as its “brain” and appears to be composed of trillions of cells, is actually “one cell” that replicates and regenerates itself trillions of times to produce the illusion of separate cells. So the cellular structure of the body, like the DNA that informs and instructs its production, is actually “singular in nature” and functions systematically as a whole conscious unit. Information is received not by one cell or area of the body, but by every cell of the body simultaneously. Likewise, information is being subliminally transmitted to all other forms of DNA in the immediate environment that’s of a congruent nature, informing and modifying it in the same manner.

Hyper-communication, Intuition, and Telepathy

What’s referred to as hyper-communication, intuition, telepathy, and instinct, comes about naturally based on what frequency we’re “tuned into” as a state of mind. Whatever state we maintain in a consistent manner determines what aspect of a joint-reality we perceive and participate in co-creating. We act best as a receiver when we’re in a relaxed, calm, and unemotional state. Our subconscious and DNA are always in a passive and receptive state and receive the information produced by willful activity of any sort. It doesn’t have a will of its own, and simply creates by repeating thoughts as memories, adapting them to new situations producing variations of the same idea. When information is received by DNA, it’s received by all the DNA of the entire body at once. The DNA, though it exists as the nucleus of every cell in our body, all of which are specialized in some manner, operates as a single entity or as a wave-function.

A common mistake we make in forming a model of the mind, self, and soul (which are the same thing), is that we imagine it’s a formed, fixed, and stable idea, much like the body itself and the material reality it’s a part of, when in fact it’s in a constant state of transformation and evolution and is never comprised of exactly the same information from one moment to the next based on what it’s connecting with, absorbing and assimilating, and how it’s modified accordingly. What type of information we’re capable of absorbing is based on resonance and sympathetic induction, and is of the same (type and species) or congruent (complementary) nature and vibratory state as we are. We can only attract, merge into and become one with what’s easily integrated into our existing model in a way that makes sense and still produces a consistent version of reality. All normal growth and development comes in small gradual steps that produce constant modifications to our mental paradigm by moving us through a range of different vibratory frequencies as our state of mind and the perception that results from it.

        As our state and mental model changes, what we naturally tune into and act as a “vehicle for expression” changes also. All information as consciousness serves to inform and program our DNA and subconscious mind, providing it with instructions for producing a corresponding physical form on multiple scales and levels of reality at once. All matter displays both particle and wave properties, just as light does, because it’s essential nature is composed of light as photons. All information that’s a part of a being located in space and time, is also contained in the unified field that permeates all of Nature and the Universe as a whole. Our mind operates according to the holographic principle and produces fractal patterns as its offspring. This principle is demonstrated in Sacred Geometry by the Monad, which is represented as a dot within a greater outer sphere as the same shape on a greater scale and level. The mind of the individual (the dot) produces its outer perception of reality (sphere) as a correspondence, to be of the same nature. We are only capable of perceiving and creating more of what’s like us.

We literally have within our control at all times the ability to transform ourselves to any means by learning how to regulate our mental and emotional state. Whatever state we exist in as a form of soul-mood, determines what we focus on, what meaning we give what we’re focused on by what we tell ourselves about it, and how we form an emotional reaction to our own thoughts. As we feel, think, emote, and act, we’re programming our subconscious with the reality of our imagined thoughts, altering our blood chemistry through our endocrine system, and producing the physical state and condition that matches and is equivalent to our thoughts. The mind and the soul operate as a wave that produces the material equivalent as an analogy, both in the body itself and the environment that’s a projection and reflection of .

Wave-Patterns and the Phantom Effect

DNA emanates or produces a wave-form that’s a holographic, phantom-like structure of the potential inherent in the information as it’s currently formulated in the DNA. This phantom-like form as a spatial, 3-D model of the form inherent in it, is what has traditionally been referred to as the etheric double or astral body, which means “body of light” as a field or wave (ether). This not only becomes the blueprint for producing the physical form, but also the medium that acts as both a wave and particle, that can and is constantly adjusted and modified by the mind and whatever information it absorbs and integrates from the world around it. The etheric body is both a combination of mind and matter, energy and organized information as essence, and is the aspect of the self that we work intuitively with to produce natural and spontaneous transformations. All physical changes first occur in the etheric body as the form inherent in DNA programming which is what regenerates the body and manifests new conditions.

Any words that we hear around us by others or media of some form that has an emotional charge to them, which we take in, begin thinking about and form into a reality in our imagination, becomes a natural part of our thoughts. As we form it into a concept as an internal representation of the idea, we adapt it to our mental model, and it becomes a natural part of our memories. Whatever we form an internal representation of, we use to create a form of virtual memory as a hologram that acts to program both our subconscious and DNA.

This is the most basic form of how we’re constantly being programmed by others, the media, society, and anything that we expose ourselves to, associate with, and participate in somehow. Whatever words we hear spoken, the emotion they’re spoken with, and the meaning they have, determine how we think about them. Anything we expose ourselves to while in a relaxed state, where we relinquish all resistance and need to discriminate, and take in willingly as fact or entertainment of some kind, and continue to feel and think about, literally becomes a part of us. Not only in thought and perception, but in “state” and the physical condition that’s the equivalent of that state.

Subliminal Programming

The most prevalent way we’re always being programmed and subliminally influenced, is through music, TV programs and commercials, news, reading, relationships, conversations, and so on, where we readily take on ideas that are emotionally compelling somehow, and not only think about them at the time, but continue to think about them afterwards. As we think about something and imagine it as an experience of reality, it becomes a natural part of our perception of reality. We integrate it into our perceptual model and filters, and can readily see that same idea in our day-to-day life. At the same time it affects us emotionally, changing our chemistry and physical state to match the state of our thoughts and we form ourselves to be of the same idea as a congruent reality.

All ideas turned into an internal reality as a concept or representation, produce holographic (3-D) memory that acts as a creative template for our subconscious and DNA. We provide the life producing part of us with the information we want it to use to create our inner state, physical condition, and outer reality. As we program ourselves we’re simultaneously transmitting that same information telepathically to the subconscious mind in everything else, and influencing the DNA of everything around us. We’re always acting energetically (mind and spirit) to become one with others and our environment. This is natural and automatic and always taking place at the subliminal level. Once we know this we can realize the importance of who we associate with, what we expose ourselves to, and what type of situations and environments we place ourselves in and live in. We can use it as a tool for creating in a more conscious and intentional manner.

Blood and Ancestral Memory

Whatever bloodline we’re a part of, we share the same physical genetics and memories associated with it from our ancestors. The DNA in blood acts as a storage for memory of any kind of emotionally intense and impactful experience. Just as our personal memories are created from experience of intense emotions that serve as a program for our subconscious and DNA, and can be readily recalled in any situation that’s of the same emotional nature, the memories of our ancestors programmed their DNA through the same principles, and are carried forward in their genetic line as intuition. We’re all programmed with the same memories as feelings and mental impressions that influence us subliminally and produce what become our natural tendencies.

There’s a natural form of subconscious communication that takes place between us and immediate family members. Not as actual memories that come as thoughts, but as feelings and consciousness that makes us prone to the same type of decisions, relationships, and dynamics through a form of connection and familiarity. These shared feelings and the mental impressions they bring come as a form of instinct that keeps us functioning out of the same model, dynamics, and impulses as the group mind or herd mentality, much like animals. This is because we have an animal, mammalian body that’s primarily operated through instinct.

Tribal memory, where breeding is always within the same group, acts as a form of telepathy or hyper-communication as group consciousness that causes the whole tribe to function as a single unit. We can receive the wisdom of our ancestors through intuition as telepathic communication of tribal memory. This is why tribal members were not allowed to marry outside of the tribe, because mixing with other bloodlines meant the offspring would lose access to the wisdom of their ancestors and no longer function naturally as a cohesive part of the group mind. This same idea pertains to racial and religious memory, and interracial and interfaith marriages, which were considered taboo and strictly forbidden at one time. They were not due to prejudice, as we tend to imagine, but as a means of maintaining tribal memories as ancestral memory inherent in the bloodline of their shared DNA.


       When intuitive communication is received from a higher source, that’s outside of the instinctual group mind of the material plane and humanity, it can also be observed as producing changes in the DNA, and comes as a form of supernatural phenomena. The integrated memory changes the etheric body emanated by the DNA as its electromagnetic field, now being referred to as the “phantom effect” or holographic image inherent in the DNA, and traditionally was called the “Holy Ghost”. This holographic image as a spatial model provides the instructions for organizing matter into a new form with new behaviors. These electromagnetic fields of organized information exist and operate outside of space and time, which means they don’t travel through space from one point to another as particles or local information interacting, but operate through wave-properties as being of the same nature or vibratory frequency. They operate through what’s now called “entanglement” where energy is exchanged instantly without a measurement of time as a slight hesitation. The same state as a frequency that organizes information into a biological form is contained within the exact same space as a parallel dimension.

In earlier times humans were largely instinctual and operated as a group or single unit that lacked any real individuality. Communication in the most basic sense took place through a form of telepathy and shared DNA. Just as the DNA of our body works out of waves, where every strand of DNA in the nucleus of every cell receives information at exactly the same time, the DNA shared by tribal members who always breed with the same group and genetic pool, act in the same way (become entangled) and receive telepathic information all at the same time from a higher source as instinct. It wasn’t until tribal members began co-mingling with other tribes that instinct and hyper-communication between members and ancestral lines were lost, and true individuality was born.

DNA and the subconscious mind form a dynamic, intrinsically interwoven network, where we can feed information as thought forms and memory into it, retrieve data from it, and connect with other participants within the same network. It’s through this dynamic network that telepathy, long distance healing, and remote sensing about the state of another takes place. This phenomena works off the same principles as entanglement, shared DNA, and resonance as an interaction between the same frequency and consciousness. As we tune into the idea of another and begin resonating at the same frequency, we form sympathy with them, and our subconscious mind as a field of information and medium for transmission, downloads information into their mind and DNA, modifying it to some degree through coherence. Information as consciousness has a self-organizing mechanism that restructures the etheric hologram as a spatial model being used to organize the regenerative processes of the molecular structure of the body. As we re-inform the subtle body, we simultaneously influence how the physical body regenerates at the cellular level. This is how spontaneous remission and miraculous healing takes place.

Group Consciousness

The most basic form of group mind that we’re all a part of as beings on Earth, is formed through the Earth’s resonant frequencies. The Earth’s frequency, also known as the Schumann frequencies, vibrates consistently at around 7.83 Hz., and this same frequency is produced in our brain and neurological system, and acts as a tuning device and receiver for information on that frequency, which is shared by all of humanity. We’re all tuned to the same primary frequency which is why we also share a cohesive joint-reality that’s universal in nature and basically the same for everyone involved. When we exist in a primarily natural and unconscious state, unaware that we have the ability to regulate the frequency of our own brain and body, we spend our entire life comprised only of the organized information inherent in that frequency. If we take an attitude of expressing our individuality and growing our own consciousness through constant learning that expands our possibilities for creating reality, we move into higher frequencies.

When we share information with others, we can begin forming a new group mind, which, as it grows gains momentum and can begin influencing the masses. When many people synchronize their thoughts, as a group meditation or collaborative efforts, concentrating ideas in a laser-like fashion, we upload new information into the unified field of the Earth making it available to others and influence the mind of others through a form of energetic rapport. We alter mass consciousness through telepathic communication within the collective unconscious. All society as we know it develops as group consciousness. When a great number of people become unified in intention and thought, they produce a coherent and congruent outcome.

Simulations and Virtual Reality

While scientists still continue to develop theories for transmission of information outside of space and time through wormholes, which are a form of tunnel that connects parts of a unified field with other distant parts, the fact may be that there is no travel from one point to another, or actual communication taking place, but rather tuning into a unique frequency within the field that’s encoded and imprinted with different memory that produces a different experience of what appears to be reality. What we think of as a reality exists independent of us, may actually be produced by us as a mental construct or simulation. The mind itself, which exists as a field of information organized into a holographic construct or internal representation, operates to produce whatever “version” of reality as an outer perception of the frequency we tune ourselves to by what we focus on, think about, and form into a mental construct that acts to inform our subconscious and DNA, which is what acts to organize the same information as a correlating outer reality. The outer reality takes on the same symbolic appearance as our inner reality. Whatever frequency we tune our mind to, determines what pattern of information we experience as our personal reality, and how we produce our subtle body as a coherent aspect of that reality that produces the energetic model for cellular regeneration by encoding our DNA with the memory of that reality. Time, in the most basic sense only exists as memory.

The Mind at Different Scales and Levels

Part of the reason we often have trouble understanding how our mind acts to construct reality, is we tend to only think in terms of our individual, local mind, and we imagine reality to be fixed, solid, and a crystallized idea that appears the same for everyone. Yet, the fact is, the mind itself, which is a unified field of information that vibrates at a certain frequency, exists as a hologram and operates according to the holographic principle, where the same mind exists at multiple levels and different scales, across multiple dimensions. We have a personal, individual mind, a group mind, a cultural and racial mind, a world and global mind, and a universal mind, all of which play different functions and parts in creating what we experience as a unified reality. It’s only man who possesses higher consciousness and has the ability to create within the material world by using the higher capacities of his mind.

The mind is threefold in nature, and exists on three primary correlated dimensions simultaneously as being comprised of a higher or super conscious, a lower subconscious, and an individual self-conscious aspect. All of which are parts of the same overall mind and perform different functions in creating a unified whole as what appears to us as a cohesive reality. Our superconscious exists primarily on a higher plane, and is what acts to organize and orchestrate the entire lower plane as an overall life-story that plays out for the individual within a larger coherent group or more universal reality. The subconscious is the aspect that we share with all of Nature, and specifically with the animal kingdom.

Our subconscious is the fundamental aspect of our physical, animal body, and exchanges information telepathically (intuitively) with the subconscious mind of everything around us, informing and influencing it to form an “appearance” that’s congruent with our nature and perception of reality. The self-conscious is the aspect most think of when we use the term “mind”, and is birthed by the subconscious in the body as brain consciousness that’s completely identified with the body and the personality of the body. Through our self-conscious mind we form self-awareness and experience ourselves in relationship with the outer world to produce an experience of ourselves as a specific, located and relative being, that plays a fundamental part in a larger group story, that plays a part in an even larger social, racial, or cultural story, that plays a part in the story of humanity. A major overall theme as planetary consciousness sets the stage for and gives rise to numerous smaller stories of the same theme played out in an infinite variety of unique ways.

       The mind and all of reality operate according to the holographic principle where smaller fields of the same primary information are nested within greater fields of the same overall idea. The parental pattern of humanity as a whole provides the basis and gives rise to an infinite number of fractal patterns as its offspring. Like DNA, it’s all comprised of the same basic information and its uniqueness as an individual is determined by what aspects of the same information is turned on or off, to what degree certain aspects are active and expressing, and what aspects remain dormant and unused as latent potential. The formula for this idea is laid out in the zodiac, which is the shared archetypes as qualities of consciousness that produce distinct characteristics, personalities and identities, that act naturally to tell certain types of stories, and forms the basis for our individuality. We can actively modify and reformulate our basic nature by actively embodying different archetypes of the universal self in order to create new and varied experiences of ourselves.

All transformation comes by way of integrating new information that evolves our basic consciousness. The outer world acts to stimulate aspects of our inner world, bringing them into an active and expressive state. As we’re stimulated with a feeling, it activates a force inside of us that forms a synchronized series of imagined realities as thoughts born out of modified memories. As we think about and imagine ideas, we give the subconscious the template and pathway for producing the behavior as an interaction between the inner and outer that produces an analogous outer reality as an experience of the inner reality. All of what we perceive as “reality” is produced by thought as feelings and internal dialogue that’s imagined as a physical reality or symbolic form, that provides a form of instructions for both the subconscious and DNA of the body and material world of which it actively forms. These mental instructions as a form of virtual memory serve as a metaphorical theme that literally in-forms and transform our material existence as our body and outer reality that our body exists as a part of.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Spiritual Scientist, Mentor and Integrative Health Consultant

Divine Providence – Intuition, Fate and Destiny

The idea of Divine Providence, like fate and destiny, indicates that there’s a grand plan laid out for our life and that a higher power acts to organize the events of our life and the order in which they unfold. It’s the idea that the general course of our life as a theme is set before we’re born and plays out in a completely natural way without our direct awareness of what’s happening and why. The soul is bonded to and born into the body and life conditions and circumstances that provide it with the ideal disposition, temperament, conditioning, connections, and tendencies to cooperatively participate and facilitate its own evolution and grow through the experiences it creates in relation to the events of its life.

Reality as we know it is produced by an interaction and correlated relationship between the mind and soul as it exists on multiple levels simultaneously, where the lower is organized by the higher and forms a kind of feedback loop that provides the higher with an experience of itself through its own self-administered creation. The lower plane of the material world exists in its entirety as a whole coherent event on the upper plane of spirit. The higher plane of the true soul (human) and spirit, exists in eternity outside of space and time, as a unification of what we think of as past, present and future, which are really continuations of the same idea as an overall greater idea playing out in a linear fashion as a step-by-step unfolding that has a beginning, full expression, and conclusion.

Ideas on the material plane are expressed through what we perceive as life and death processes of solution, resolution, and dissolution. The only purpose of the events of our life is to set the stage with specific factors as a continuous unfolding drama that allows self-realization in relationship with them and as a co-creator. They produce experiences that provide us with the opportunity to become conscious in situations we’re normally unconscious in and create ourselves and our life from a fully aware and conscious state in a deliberate manner. If we remain unconscious and unaware of our part in the events of our life, or fail to gain insight into the true meaning of things and our ability to create ourselves in new ways by how we choose to create our “experience” of events, then we repeat the same type of events over and over. Once we gain self-realization, we’re able to see a different reality and make new choices that break the existing pattern and form a new one.

The Material Nature of Reality

Life in the general sense of material reality plays out through instinct, which is the intelligence and guiding life force of the entire natural world. Instinct comes naturally as the wisdom of the unconscious mind that motivates movement and produces the behaviors of life in an automated and natural fashion that doesn’t involve self-realization, thought, decisions, or will. Our life plays out as a natural series of events that seem beyond our control, where we simply find ourselves in situations and play a role in them through what is primarily reactive (natural) behavior based on our conditioning (programming). Through the same natural processes of instinct that guides our life through an unconscious state where we have no direct awareness of our identity or creative abilities, we live our life subject to our own ignorance. We live our life from the perspective of a somewhat intelligent animal instead of a Divine and creative Being.

The subconscious, which is the same aspect of the mind we share with the entire plant and animal kingdom, is constantly being informed and given instructions by the Higher Self of that entity or species as its true source of life and intelligence. Our subconscious is constantly being given suggestion by our Higher Self that it uses to systematically produce a corresponding outer reality. The self-conscious mind, which is the complementary aspect of the subconscious on the lower, material plane, then witnesses and forms an experience out of the outer reality produced by its own subconscious mind as its “perception” of it (which is really a form of “self-perception”). Our ability to perceive it forms the illusion that it’s happening outside of our self, and we use it to create an experience of ourselves by how we associate with it. We create an “experience” by how we interpret the events of our life through the story we tell ourselves about it that give it meaning. The experiences we create through the relationship formed between the three aspects of our mind form an “image of our self” as both a character within that story and as the author of the story simultaneously.

The Three-fold Nature of the Mind

What we call the mind, which is an invisible field of consciousness that accompanies all living forms, exists in polarity as both masculine and feminine aspects that form a dynamic, procreative relationship with each other, and span multiple dimensions. The subconscious-feminine aspect is passive and receptive, with no will of its own or ability to make decisions, that takes in the seed of the active idea as a form of suggestion, and turns it into an internal image that acts as a metaphor for producing an equivalent or analogous outer reality of the same nature and likeness. The idea that impregnates it as a form of “thematic pattern”, gestates and develops into a physical form of the idea as an internal representation that draws in and magnetizes it with life force energy, producing an electromagnetic field that telepathically programs the subconscious mind of everything else around it, organizing and orchestrating an outer reality to symbolically match the inner reality.

The self-conscious, self-aware mind (a feature only humans have), that’s birthed exclusively on the material plane within the body by the subconscious, then witnesses and experiences it “self” within the reality produced by the subconscious. Because the self-conscious mind of outer awareness is primarily unaware of the activities of its own subconscious mind, it doesn’t realize that what it’s experiencing it has also acted in a cooperative manner to produce. And because of this, imagines it’s happening to them by outside forces that are random and beyond their control or ability to influence, change, and redirect. And of course this remains true as long as we remain unaware of our true nature and how reality is formed by our own mind on both higher and parallel planes.

Our subconscious forms what we can think of as our personality, which is largely a product of our genetic make-up, formative conditioning, environmental influences, and acts to give birth to our self-conscious, self-aware mind which is the complementary (polar) opposite of our subconscious and forms our identity as an outgrowth and natural expression of our personality. Our identity or ego is formed based on how we think about things to give them meaning, the roles we naturally take-on and play in any situation, and the story we begin telling ourselves as the means of describing, explaining, justifying, and trying to make sense of things. The events themselves have no meaning outside of the one we give them which serves to shape how we experience them.

The self-conscious, masculine mind of the material plane also has the ability to not only impregnate its own subconscious with instructions for creating reality (just as Higher Consciousness does), but also communicate a desired reality to the Higher Conscious, which is the willful aspect that acts to oversee and orchestrate all of the events of the lower, material plane. What we can think of as a continuous feedback loop is formed between all aspects of the mind and parallel dimensions, because the Higher Mind programs and feeds the subconscious with continuous instructions, which produces the thoughts and outer reality of the self-conscious, producing its wishes and desires, that it then reflects back to the subconscious as a memory, allowing the Higher Self to first produce reality, then witness its own creation, and create an experience of Itself within that reality. So what we tend to call the will of the lower self is actually produced by the Higher Self through what is largely an unconscious process.

The Nature of Experience and the Law of Cause and Effect

All of what we experience as the events of our outer life is administered in an objective and neutral way by our Higher Self as a form of Karma or Divine Providence as justice. How we respond to these events produces an experience of either fate (unconscious and unaware) or destiny (aware and conscious). Karma is based on the Law of Cause and Effect, which says every action, whether as a feeling, thought, or behavior, produces an equal or greater reaction of the same nature. The reaction then becomes the action that causes another reaction and a chain-reaction as a synchronistic series of events are set into motion and expresses over time in various ways. The patterns that produce reality are self-perpetuating in nature through a dynamic series of cause and effect relationships that play out in a linear fashion.

The creative forces of the universe are polar in nature, and whatever we cause or put out, we also experience on the receiving end of our own actions as a balancing mechanism of universal justice. What we put out we always get back. What we do unto others is done unto us in return. Whatever we remain unaware of that’s motivating and guiding our thoughts and behaviors, we continue creating out of and form the nature of all our experiences. All energy as consciousness is rhythmic, cyclical, and self-perpetuating in nature. Cycles repeat until they’re broken through awareness and making new decisions that produce new actions.

Divine Providence is a grand plan or whole-life plan as a continuous and congruent story-line that comes about through a natural and synchronistic series of events that are ultimately beyond our control in the most basic sense. It comes as the natural and unbiased administration of karma as the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we set into motion as an active and creative force by our feelings, thoughts, and actions, produces natural consequences as an outer event, which we then experience as returning or happening “to us”. Every idea exists in polarity as opposite positions and perspectives of the same thing necessary to play it out as a life drama. Whatever we put out or project, we stimulate a like reaction in everything else, bringing it into an active and expressive state, then form an interaction that draws that same force back into us as an outer experience.

Intuition, Premonitions, and Anticipation

We can know Divine Providence by how it comes to us intuitively as an inner knowing or feeling that forms a mental impression that’s not produced by us as a wish or desire or replay of an existing memory in a new form. Though all memories in our present life were and are being produced by the suggestions of our Higher Self, when a new command or set of instructions comes into the subconscious, they are noticeably objective in nature and not being produced by us personally. They’re also accompanied by a deep and strong feeling, which, regardless of how we initially respond to it, we feel an affinity with it. It comes as a form of premonition that gives us a preview of what’s to come.

When we become aware of a deep inner feeling and the mental impression that accompanies it, it often comes as an icon or symbolic image as a snapshot that’s metaphorical in nature. As we recognize it, we place our attention on it and think about it briefly as a means of seeing its potential or what it represents as a possibility. As we begin thinking about it, we expand it into a possible reality in our imagination, consider it briefly, and make a decision regarding it. Usually, if we like it and want the reality it offers we accept it and continue to develop it by thinking about it with a feeling of desire attached to it. If we don’t like it, we reject and ignore it, put it out of our mind and go on our way, and it continues to be developed into an outer reality without our awareness. When we begin experiencing it, sometimes we recognize and make an association to the premonition we had, and other times we don’t because we fail to understand the nature of symbolic ideas or archetypes as metaphors. Because of this, when that same idea shows up under a different guise, we don’t recognize it or connect the dots. Other times when we start experiencing it as an outer life event we have a deep sense of having known it was coming through our intuition about it.

Divine Providence as our fate and destiny play out in a neutral fashion that’s beyond our control on the material plane as a form of universal justice or balancing that brings us the experience on both the giving and receiving end. While we don’t necessarily have any direct control over what happens, we do have complete control over how we respond and enter into relationship with what happens. Whether we realize and accept it and cooperate in playing it out, or resist and struggle against it, we’re still the one choosing and creating our own experience and what role we’re going to play in the drama that ensues as its fulfillment. Even when we take a position of opposing and fighting against something, we’re acting to create it, the only difference is “how we experience it” and how we create ourselves through how we associate and identify with the role we play in our own self-made experiences. So while we can’t control what happens to us, we can absolutely choose how we’re going to respond and how we’re going to use it to create as a result.

The Higher Will, which is actually an aspect of our self that we’re only vaguely aware of most of the time, operates through us on the lower plane of instinct through intuition. All ideas of our Higher Soul come through the subconscious mind and are reflected in the mind’s eye as a mental impression, feeling of knowing or sensing the invisible forces that form and orchestrate the material world, and as an inner voice commanded by a higher authority. The mind exists in a primary state of excited anticipation where it’s always saying “what’s next”. If we realize what it is and that it’s showing us what’s to come, or the true nature of something, we can anticipate it and prepare ourselves in whatever way we deem appropriate in terms of how we choose to undertake it, whether it’s perceived as good or bad. All suffering and pain comes from resistance to what is, and is a product of our own mind in response to our self on a higher level.

The Great Unfolding

The other feature that can seem confusing and perhaps frustrating at times, is that we’re never shown the whole picture as a series of events our life is going to take on, but it reveals itself instead in a step-by-step fashion of what’s coming in the moment and immediate future. This is largely due to the fact that the subconscious is unaware of time and is always present in the moment and telepathically interacting with everything around it. This affords us the opportunity to begin connecting with our Higher Self, where we can choose to accept universal justice and actively participate in its fulfillment by using it as guidance and seeing the true reality of it as our own creation.

When we merge into an become one with our intuitive awareness, we learn the lesson involved and form a new response as a conscious decision that corrects and modifies our own attitude and actions in relation to it. We complete a pattern as a cycle of events that we remained unaware of our part in co-creating, and we make what was unconsciously operating in our life conscious. Through conscious awareness, self-realization, and the ability to make new decisions by taking on a new perspective, we break the pattern as an unconscious tendency and produce a new experience in its place.

All of our actions are creative and form the cause that sets a series of events into motion as the reality or consequences of our actions. On the spiritual plane, feelings and thought are “actions” that are creative and produce realities in the faculty of the imagination. As a feeling is translated into a thought and injected into the womb of the subconscious, it’s formed into an image as a mental impression. This mental impression is metaphorical (universal) and can be applied to any number of situations and circumstances to produce an analogous, corresponding idea. The metaphor represents an idea as a kind of theme in its potential state and gives us insight into the “type” of reality it will produce. The feeling associated with it is its true creative source, and whatever reality is produced will express and give us more of that same feeling.

What we call reality, which is made up of matter as an empty shell that serves as a vehicle for consciousness to inhabit and express through, is organized, animated, and the means for expressing feelings. Not as emotions, which are an inherent part of the lower regions of the astral plane designed to produce automatic reactive behavior and an imaginary illusion that replaces objective reality, but as an inner knowing that has an entire reality inherent in it. Feeling is what we can call the “thought” of the higher plane as a direct inner experience of something. We only truly “know” through direct experience. Thought as dialogue reshapes true reality into the illusion indicated by the words being used to shape it. Words can’t appropriately describe what is only known through experience, and serves only as an approximation.

When we have a vision as a form of premonition that acts as guidance, we should concentrate on the feeling it give us, not the nature of the image itself. It’s the feeling that’s the source of the reality and nature of the experience it’ll produce as its offspring. We only “sense” the spiritual idea underlying and giving rise to the material world by the feeling it gives us. The feeling is the inner nature that organizes light into form, and then animates it, producing all of its activity. The image and outer form itself is just a shell for the inner spirit, and should only be looked at symbolically as representing the outer form that will multiply and produce more of the same inner feeling.


Divine Providence comes to us intuitively as feelings and mental impressions that we don’t produce ourselves in a deliberate manner. They’re often accompanied by an inner voice as our voice used by a higher authority. These mental impressions which have a strong feeling associated with them are a form of premonition as a metaphorical preview of what’s to come. They’re previews of an event, experience, or outcome that’s about to come into being through us. If we realize what it is and accept it and continue to develop it by thinking about it and creating a full-blown reality out of it that we then concentrate on, we cooperate in co-creating it with awareness and how we experience it changes dramatically.

When we step into an idea with full awareness we realize the lesson as a realization that it offers by becoming aware of our own unconscious aspects that are ordinarily playing out in our life without our awareness. This awareness alone moves us from a reactive state to a creatively active one. Instead of being at the mercy of our life events, we’re being elevated by them, producing a whole new experience that produces new actions. When we see the truth in situations and what they’re serving to show us, we realize we have the ability to choose our response, and we become conscious and creative in our own life as a result.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Spiritual Scientist, Mentor and Integrative Health Consultant

The Nature of the Subconscious – The Unified Mind of the Material Plane

We often hear sayings about “oneness” and everything being one, living in unity with Nature and each other, and so on, yet this idea seems to contradict the nature of our actual experience as our perception of the outer world and others. One of the most prevalent principles that’s always operating at the fundamental level of creation, is the Law of Paradox. In just about all of the occult sciences what we refer to as “reality” is called an “illusion”, yet this idea is also confusing because we don’t know for sure what that means. Confusion usually comes from the fact that most don’t have a true understanding of the nature of their own “mind” and how it acts to organize, form, and animate the entire material world as a form of dynamic mental construct or living matrix. This is a very important principle to grasp with a deep sense of understanding that will not only transform the way you look at the world, but will serve as a fundamental key that connects everything else in a way that makes total sense from an intuitive perspective.

The most basic principle that precedes all others and acts as the means for birthing all others by laying the foundation out of which they spontaneously unfold, is the “trinity”. The trinity, also called the Triad, represents the triune, threefold nature of the mind and soul. The idea of the mind and soul are synonymous and both refer to the invisible aspect of our being out of which material reality emerges as its offspring. The mind is an aspect of the soul and can be thought of as the “organizing mechanism” or electromagnetic field that produces an etheric-material form out of the blueprint of cosmic memory. The soul is comprised of a dynamic living matrix of memory that’s cohesive and is used to produce a consistent experience of reality as a relationship between all seemingly different aspects that form its constitution. As the soul moves from one plane of density to another, it propagates by dividing or halving as a means of self-generation (mitosis). All parts contain the essence as information of the whole in its potential state (holographic principle), and serve to birth it systematically on the lower plane as a growth and development process of self-expression. The higher planes contain the lower planes in their entirety and act to oversee and orchestrate them. This produces what seems like a unified reality that’s “experienced” through the fundamental principle of Polarity (Dyad).

The higher soul-mind projects into the lower plane of self-awareness through the regenerative process of propagation. As the higher soul divides in order to inhabit the lower plane, it’s birthed into the body in a unified state where the subconscious contains “within it” the seeded potential of the self-conscious aspect of the same mind, which the subconscious then births through a gradual growth process as a kind of awakening of the self within the material body. This self-aware aspect of the subconscious forms what we commonly call the consciousness that appears to arise from the brain.  Brain consciousness is what allows us to perceive and experience ourselves exclusively from within and “as” a body, and as a result, we come to identify almost exclusively with our material existence. This forms what has typically been referred to (inappropriately) as the “ego”, with the idea of the ego and identity also being synonymous, which means we get our “sense of self” through experiences created as a “personality” within a specific location, conditions, and set of circumstances within the material world.

       The subconscious mind can be thought of as the feminine aspect that’s born into the world pregnant with the masculine aspect of the self-conscious (self-aware) mind. The subconscious, containing the self-conscious aspect in its “potential” state, grows and evolves it through a process of adaptation that modifies it according to its genetic make-up, life conditions, specific circumstances, family and environmental situation, which all combine to form a unique variation of the same essential nature (soul). Much like the four seasons, we’re born into the world exclusively in our subconscious, which is group oriented and perceives itself as being an essential part of its family unit, and develops completely out of an unconscious state until around 7 years old, where the self-conscious begins gradually emerging as self-awareness that perceives itself as an individual apart from its parents and siblings, and comes into a fully active state at around 13 or 14 (puberty). Puberty is the age when we begin thinking and making decisions for ourselves and developing our identity as an image of ourselves attained through experimenting with different ways of being. Our self-conscious mind of outer awareness becomes our dominate state at around the age of 21. As a fully mature adult, around the age of 28 (growth takes place in 7 year cycles) we are operating and functioning almost exclusively out of our masculine, body-aware consciousness, and often lose all true awareness of our subconscious.

The subconscious is the same aspect of the mind we share with all of Nature which operates almost exclusively out of instinct. Instinct exists as a “field of information” that’s organized through a process of classification where each species is only able to access what’s meaningful for their growth, learning, and survival.  This field of organized information that’s shared by all life on the planet is what was used to construct what’s referred to as the first or “original creation”. It forms the objective reality we all share in common and play a dynamic role in. This shared reality formed by the “group mind” of the “collective unconscious” lays the foundation as the basis for us as humans, bestowed with the ability to create using our mind, to continue creating out of by producing unique and personalized versions of reality through our very “perception” of it.Our mind is shaped out of attributes and memories that form our “mental paradigm” which is  used as a kind of filtering system that sorts and organizing information into unique variations through our very perception of it. Every person has a unique collection of memories that form their mental model, and we can only “see” in an situation what “matches” our model.  

All of us start off by being conditioned to the reality of the group mind being acted out on different levels through our family, society, and the world, all of which form a dynamic series of correspondences to each other as what we can think of as smaller fields nested within greater fields of the same nature. As our self-conscious mind comes into active expression and we begin thinking and creating ourselves to be a unique individual, we form new perceptions of the same outer reality that causes us to experience it in new ways. The material forms themselves don’t change, but rather how they “appear to us” changes. What we notice and include, and what we ignore and exclude, begins forming new ideas about the same thing that changes how we experience them. As we experience the world around us in new ways, we simultaneously begin experiencing ourselves in new ways, which works to begin transforming us based on how we build our identity around whatever it is we associate with. As adults, everyone looking at the same thing or that’s a part of the same event, will see and experience it in a way that’s unique to them as their own creation. We’re always taking what exists as a universal theme and general idea and using it as the means to create a personalized version that’s unique to us.

        A fundamental paradox exists as polarity between higher and lower planes where they mirror each other as complementary opposites. In the lower planes, the “group mind” exists as a species where an entire group of individuals are of the same mind or programming, and act as a unified whole through habitual behaviors. The only thing that makes them different or distinguishes one from another, outside of slight genetic differences that alter their similar appearance, is their personality. They possess no actual creative ability in terms of choice and will, and don’t have a sense of self-awareness. In higher planes the opposite is true. The group mind of the Macrocosm is comprised of archetypes in their potential, unformed state which can be used willfully to self-create as a unique individual that’s apart from the group mind. The object here is to use your higher capacities to create yourself in a very deliberate and intentional manner by intentionally choosing which qualities you want to develop in yourself, then, embodying them and bringing them into expression “as” a natural part of you. With our higher capacities we can reason, evaluate and judge, and make decisions about who we want to be, then act out our decisions in an disciplined manner through willpower.

Our true ancestors, represented in history as the realm of the “gods” is a society of highly specialized and uniquely talented individuals who, because they’re self-contained sovereign beings with a universal identity that’s not determined by a single personality or governed by society of the lower group mind, act in a harmonious and cooperative manner to create on a larger scale. When you’re not dependent on someone or something outside of yourself to tell you who you are through the relationship you form with them, there’s no need or desire to “take” or “acquire” what’s not already within you. For this reason, beings of higher consciousness are highly unique as individuals and almost completely self-contained and autonomous, unaffected by the drama being played out on the lower planes. From a higher perspective of complete detachment from the passions and delusions of the lower planes, one can easily impose an influence on the group mind by interacting in a way that serves the higher good of everyone involved. As long as we have a “need” for someone else to be and act a certain way, we’re being controlled and therefore “determined” by them. Once we can be apart of any situation without needing anything from it or needing to somehow control it, we experience ourselves as we really are on the higher plane of divine consciousness.

Energetic Model of the Mind

A vibration results from a “mental construct” that electrifies, animates, and organizes matter (as light-essence) into distinct patterns. We say that every “thing” moves and vibrates at a certain rate producing a natural phenomenon we perceive as reality, yet things are originally produced by the mind itself through a mental construct as thought. The mind itself is what first acts to organize light into material form in the mind’s eye of the imagination as an “internal representation” of an idea. As we think we turn ideas into internal realities. Our thoughts come as words we speak to ourselves internally where we shape Astral Light into the reality inherent in the “meaning” of the words. Once an idea is shaped into an imaginary form with sensory detail, it’s magnetize with our own vitality, causing it to begin vibrating at the frequency associated with the form, and it “draws in” (acts as a magnet) cosmic forces of the same vibratory frequency, causing it to ultimately take on a life of its own. Once an electromagnetic field (etheric blueprint) is created of an idea as a mental construct, it acts to organize the outer reality to match the inner representation. We use the thematic, symbolic inner idea as a holographic pattern to orchestrate the events of our life and how things appear to us through our perception of them. Our mind is literally a lens that we look through that determines what we see and don’t see.

In the higher regions of consciousness, ideas exist as archetypal themes that have names. When these names are spoken internally as thought, they form internal images of the ideas as they’re conformed through the mental paradigm and personality of the individual acting as a receiver and transducer for the universal idea. Once the idea is drawn into the mind of the receiver, it’s adapted to their paradigm, and modified into a new variation of the same overall idea. We reshape everything  producing a unique formula of properties that turns it into a form of hybrid. We construct a mental image out of internal light that becomes a form of “empty shell” or vehicle for spirit as an animating force to “enter into” and give it life. The mind produces an invisible electromagnetic field that acts to organize neutral matter as particles of light (photons) into vibratory patterns (essence) as holograms. Our mind as a “holographic model” acts as a kind of “parent pattern” (prototype) for producing an infinite number of offspring as fractal patterns of the same nature and kind.

The Relationship of Thought, Sensation, and Emotion

       When an idea is concentrated on and developed into a detailed version with sensory attributes, it elicits an emotional response of the same or equivalent nature. The emotion that’s of the same nature as the idea acts as the shaping mechanism that adapts it to a specific set of conditions and circumstances as a way of expressing it appropriately within the present reality. The thought as a virtual reality stimulates and informs the etheric body (of organized stable light) which acts to operate the endocrine system of the material body through electrical impulses that select and release equivalent hormones that produce and regulate the chemistry of the body to be of the same state as the idea. Thoughts stimulate emotions, which stimulate our entire nervous system and alter the chemistry of our body to match the nature of the thought and serve as a template for producing a corresponding outer reality. As we think, feel, and emote, we adjust every aspect of our physical body and chemical makeup to actively express our thoughts through correlating perceptions, behaviors and actions. We’re always adjusting our body to prepare for the reality of our thoughts.

As we form sensory images of reality in our imagination and form an emotional response to that reality, we simultaneously program our subconscious and send telepathic communication to the subconscious mind of everything around us, altering its state through influence, and affecting how information is organized to produce our outer perception of the same idea as a way of experiencing it. Our subconscious is “experiential in nature”, meaning it runs off of memories of actual experiences, and is emotionally driven. We form programs for our subconscious to create by vividly imagining ideas as sensory realities that are emotional in nature to produce a form of “virtual memory”. The subconscious uses memory as thematic patterns for organizing the outer world of the instinctual group mind to match the internal world of thought.

       As we concentrate on an idea, we tune ourselves to the vibration of the idea where we not only act as the receiver for more of the same type of ideas, but also become the means for expressing that idea to create a reality out of it. As we create a reality out of an idea, we simultaneously create a “sense ourselves” through the experience we have within that reality and form our identity around it. Ideas as vibratory frequencies are transmitted and received through resonance and sympathetic induction. The holographic principle operates by reproducing the same pattern as a “metaphorical theme” on multiple planes and scales simultaneously. Whatever pattern as a thematic idea we form and dwell in internally programs our outer reality with that same pattern on a larger scale. This works according to the same principle of mitosis where a single cell programmed with the same DNA, divides and regenerates to produce a replica of itself, that allows for a perception of itself as “another”. Each cell is essentially comprised of the same nature and then “specializes” by slightly re-configuring the same basic information in order to play a unique part in an even greater whole. Just as the body is constructed using a etheric  blueprint for the body as a whole, that tells each cell how to differentiate in order to play a unique function within a certain part of the body, our entire reality is structured according to the same process.

The same ideas we form internally become the perceptual lens as a etheric blueprint that we look through to perceive the same idea in the outer world as a correspondence. As we think we tune ourselves to the reality of our thoughts and “become” by way of that reality as a self-produced experience that forms a personal memory of it. The universal idea provides the parental pattern for producing an infinite number of fractal patterns of the same nature as its offspring. It resonates with the same information as complementary patterns in the outer world, and through sympathy re-configures the information it’s comprised of, changing how it appears to us as our perception of it. All of what we call reality is produced by our perception of it. Though we all share the same basic outer reality we all reshape it into a a slightly different reality of our own making.

We are All One

So to say we’re “all one” exists, like all ideas, as a dual-polar idea that forms a fundamental paradox. We are all of the same group mind of the subconscious that’s a fundamental part of the same universal reality. Like the plants and animals, we’re a part of a species that lives out of an unconscious state whose only sense of individuality comes as differences in our personality and lifestyle. Where we act as a mindless vessel for expressing whatever it is we’ve been taught and learn through various forms of entertainment, and where we act in a harmonized manner as a group to produce the same reality as a culture and society. Where there’s no actual individuality or true creativity and we’re simply given ideas that we express automatically and live out of as the means of creating ourselves. In the lower, material planes of density, the universal mind expresses as a group through a basic form of instinct born out of a primary unconscious state that lacks any true awareness of itself apart from that group.

At the same time, as humans, we are all a part of a higher kingdom of creative intelligence that operates willfully to create the individual. This is the realm of archetypes that are used as qualities and characteristics in different formulas that form a unique variation that expresses to create a unique reality. This idea is illustrated in the archetypes of the Zodiac as qualities and attributes that we all share in common in varying degrees and measure as universal consciousness that we’re all comprised of. In the realm of the higher mind of self-awareness, choice, and will, we draw from the universal in order to produce ourselves as a unique individual. In this level we exist apart from the group consciousness in the fundamental sense, and do not create ourselves based on others and our environment, but based exclusively on what we choose to draw into us from within. We think for ourselves, form our own decisions, consciously and deliberately direct our actions, and cultivate autonomy in everything we do. Here we are fully responsible for who we are, what we do, and who we become. There is no emotion to control or influence our thoughts, forming illusions in place of objective reality. We don’t experience guilt, shame, anger, joy, arousal, seduction, and the various forms of passions and desire that plague the material realm and act in a subliminal way to control and determine us through emotional states.

        These two worlds exist as a fundamental part of our nature represented by both the subconscious group mind and the self-conscious individual mind. The two aspects of the mind we have come to refer to as the heart and brain consciousness, or feelings and intellect, both of which are an inherent part of higher consciousness in an balanced state of harmony. In higher states of consciousness, objective intelligence forms all of our natural and self-initiated behaviors. We program our subconscious mind with thoughts that aren’t distorted by passions and desires. In this state, we’re conscious of the fact that our outer awareness is simply witnessing and experiencing the material reality of inner awareness produced by the subconscious. Here we operate according to the universal laws that govern both planes and use the masculine intellect to impregnate the feminine sensory mind to produce material reality as their offspring. We realize that what we’re experiencing as an outer reality is produced by our own imaginary thoughts concentrated on consistently with emotional intensity.

All of us as humans, with no exceptions, create our own experiences of what we call reality based on the thoughts and feelings we’ve been programmed with and continue to think about in a repetitive manner. Most of which are purely a product of our own conditioning and our tendency to live out of reactive emotional states and primal needs. Most people have been given all their thoughts by someone else through some form of teaching and learning which they then mistake as being their own. This is because the subconscious works by adapting ideas to the ever-changing outer world to produce corresponding variations of them. We mistake these variations of modified ideas as being original and self-generated because they appear to be somewhat unique from what we learned. We imagine that we think in an original way because our mind is always generating our thoughts out of a memory base. They only seem as if they our own thoughts because we live out of them as the fundamental means of experiencing ourselves and structuring our reality in a consistent way.

       Truly original thoughts only come from higher realms where originality exists as the potential for creating within the lower planes of instinct. They come through a process of “tuning into and downloading information” as ideas that were not and could not be produced out of our personal memory base. We tune into these ideas in the “ether” as the unified field of higher consciousness by either concentrating on an idea in an in-depth and prolonged manner, or by “wondering” about something. As we “wonder” about something, we form an inquiry as a “desire” to know that connects us to the answer. All questions and their answers are polar opposites of the same idea. As we concentrate with an open, curious mind (that doesn’t take an attitude of already knowing), we penetrate the depths of the known world and enter into the unknown, where ideas pop into our mind out of nowhere and begin spontaneously unfolding as a realization.

Whatever we form a desire for and intentionally seek out, we tune ourselves too internally and connect with that same idea externally. Ideas come to us as a form of inspiration that brings deeper insights into their true meaning and potential for creating realities. We act as the receiver for information and knowledge that existed outside of our paradigm and current life memories. In this manner mysteries are penetrated, secrets become known, and we touch on the unknown through the inner faculty of our own mind. We become the means through which higher knowledge comes into the world and finds appropriate expression that serves to benefit the greater good of everyone. We connect to our true origins as higher beings capable of impregnating material form with higher knowledge to create in a truly original and novel way.

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