Signature Training Programs

Professional Training Programs:

Dr. LindaWe provide you with the tools necessary to develop your greatest asset . . . Your People!

By way of mastering your greatest Creative tool . . . Your own Mind.

Customized Professional Education & Training Programs designed to meet your specific needs.

Knowledge is True Power!

Knowledge is only truly learned through experience . . . .

When we “live the knowledge” we know it intimately and can readily apply it in a strategic and intentional manner to a variety of situations.



What we do:

Creative Transformations provides the custom training necessary to fulfill your creative strategies and provide you with the tools necessary to manifest dreams into physical reality. We provide a thorough pre-training diagnosis, customized design and facilitation & Training, and a post-program evaluation with follow-up training. All our services are tailored to meet your specific needs with the personalities that make up your team. We do not operate by using “cookie cutter” programs or by promoting standardized “Techniques”. We provide you with true skills by way of a thorough understanding of Natural Law and Principles. While we do offer Signature Programs as holistic and basic training, we specialized in customized programs designed to meet your specific needs and those of your specific practice.

Mentoring Programs:

We offer mentoring as ongoing training for applying the knowledge learned in a classroom environment to your daily life to develop the knowledge into practical skills. We also offer mentoring as a form of personal one-on-one training or as group training that’s delivered in a customized fashion through interaction. Mentoring not only helps you learn how to apply the knowledge, but also how to develop your style in performing. Knowledge that’s applied to create at the practical level is an art-form. It’s not just based on what you do, but “how” you do it. All communication is actually a full body expression. We communicate with our whole being.


Creative Tools for Success:

Creative Transformations serves as a catalyst for constant and progressive improvement in the quality of life within Practices worldwide. We serve you as an Entrepreneur in developing your vision into a creative business model that will express your identity and are in alignment with your values while promoting excellence within your field. We believe that education and skill-development are your smartest tools for success. It’s not so much what we know in life that gives us the advantage, but what we can do, or how we use that knowledge as creative power within our own lives and unique circumstances to actually manifest it as a personal reality.


Our Mission:

Our Mission is to assist all those who are committed to taking their lives and companies to the next level through Personal & Professional Mastery of their Creative Abilities.

We fulfill this promise by constantly pursuing profound knowledge and simple strategies, ideas, plans and systems that can be readily implemented to increase the quality of life for everyone involved. We seek out excellence in all forums, modeling the strategies of creation & sharing the steps that are required to produce lasting impact for consistent and ongoing change.

Our Approach:

We provide a evaluation of your current situation and level of training, compare it to your desired level, and strategically form a treatment program to provide you with the training and skills necessary to move your company from it’s current level of efficiency to a the desired level of excellence. We design the training, facilitate the process, evaluate the implementation process and provide follow-up for ongoing development and overall success.


We provide full support by offering:

• The base knowledge that forms the foundation and tools necessary for creating.

• Mentoring for teaching “application” as an ongoing creative process of “Skill Development” through real-life practice.

• Coaching for assessment and intervention at key points in the process to ensure success.

• Evaluation as feedback to modify the approach in whatever way is necessary for continued and ongoing success.


Our Signature Training programs:

“The Art of Communication Excellence”

On Site/ Full Day Training: $1295 (preferred limit 10 People)

This is Our Signature Communications Module. The best advanced skills currently available. This session teaches Psychological Skills that work equally well with the subconscious as the conscious. Most learning and change requires working proficiently with the “whole” mind, rather than fragmented aspects.

What you’ll learn:

• How communication actually takes place
• How to develop “internal representations” by how you communicate
• The power of emotions and how to employ the right emotional state for the desired response
• You’ll learn the art of performing ideas (full body expression) words, tonality, and body language
• The art of listening and imagining as a means of understanding
• How to inspire and engage others in the activity you want them to perform
• How to form “psychological agreements” by how you talk to people

How you’ll benefit:

• You’ll be able to connect to people in a much more authentic way
• You’ll be able to direct and instruct people to do what you want them to do in the manner you want them to do it
• You’ll be able to influence people and situations through positive states of mind that lead them in specific directions
• You’ll be able to employ psychological skills by “how” you communicate that elicit a state of cooperation and enthusiasm
• You’ll be able to strategically lead people through mental visualizations of the processes you want them to perform
• You’ll learn to communicate in a way that builds self-esteem and increases confidence
• You’ll be able to become a source of inspiration that sets the pace for the atmosphere within your work place

Who should attend:

• Managers, CEO’s, Entrepreneur’s, Team Leads, Leaders, Training Professionals
• Doctors and Physicians, Nurses, Practitioners, psychologist, Consultants, professional trainers and educators, lawyers, any profession where performance and good communication skills are a necessary part of your work
• Anyone working with people communicating processes and information that will require application through activity and behavior of some sort
• Anyone looking to enhance the greatest personal skill we can develop, our ability to connect with people and communicate an array of ideas, feelings, and create a sense of intimacy and bonding

To schedule a private or company/group training, simply purchase the training session and I will contact you within 1 to 3 business days to schedule the training and arrange the details. Please give at least 2 to 3 weeks lead time for any scheduled event. You must provide the facility and classroom for the training module.

All classes include a complementary follow-up session as a coaching session (1 to 2 hours) for any questions that arise while implementing or practicing the skills. Follow-up sessions as usually scheduled 2 to 4 weeks after the initial training, unless otherwise requested. Additional follow-up sessions may be purchased at the normal hourly rate.

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Mentoring services may be purchased as complementary to the training that provide ongoing support and instruction for actually applying the knowledge learned in the classroom environment to your daily life in a way that produces immediate and measurable results. Click here for Mentoring Services.

For Custom Training: Simply purchase the session and request a custom process, and I’ll contact you for details on what your specific needs are, and cater the training experience to meet your specific needs or unique application.

If you have more questions or would like more information before signing up, simply fill out the form below and I will contact you either by email or phone, based on what’s most convenient for you.
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