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Are you experiencing a health crisis of some sort that’s shedding a whole new light on the value of good health, physical vitality and emotional well-being? Have you been diagnosed with an illness, disease or cancer, and are looking for a natural means of healing or discovering the opportunity that’s inherent in the illness as a catalyst for changing your life? Or perhaps you’re discouraged with the conventional health care system that only offers treatment as the management of symptoms, or invasive forms of surgery and want a complementary form of actual healing?

Or perhaps you simply have a deep desire to create a lifestyle where you feel physically good, energized, have mental clarity and an emotional high as your normal state. Perhaps you want to stay empowered in your own life and reside in the satisfaction of knowing that you are in control of your own health and sense of well-being. To live knowing you care enough to take good care of yourself (and your family) and experience the rewards of feeling good everyday.

Are you looking for a professional to partner with you in providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to bring about positive and deliberate change in your life?

Make the commitment today to begin healing and creating vitality in your own life!

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I Help my Clients:

  • Make lifestyle changes necessary to heal themselves and begin creating optimal health and vitality.

• Learn how to use your mind to change how you think and feel, and how you present ideas to yourself.

• Identify the emotional and psychological component to illness and disease.

• Explore and discover the beliefs and fears you have around your health or illness that are affecting your ability to heal yourself.

• To identify the spiritual lesson in health related issues as an opportunity for distinct types of personal growth.

• Achieve their ideal weight and maintain it permanently.

• To develop a health-system that is ideal for you and easy to maintain.


Dr. Linda

My style of practicing: What I can do for You

My practice style is a form of provocative conversation that helps expand self-awareness and shed light on previously unexplored areas that will provide you with knowledge about yourself that’s critical for healing and self-creating.

I practice as a form of teaching, not only as the knowledge necessary to create within your own life, but also the ability to apply that knowledge in your everyday life to produce specific and measurable results. I provide you with the skills necessary to begin using your own mind to create your reality. I teach you how to begin utilizing the powers of your imagination to shape your experiences.

I teach you the skills on how to change how you’re representing ideas to yourself to make them more compelling for desired ideas, and more repulsive for ideas that are currently being employed that need to be replaced by new and more desirable behaviors. With this knowledge change not only becomes easy, but also pleasurable.

I provide you with powerful strategies that you can build an action plan around that make gradual yet consistent changes in your life that produce immediate and highly beneficial results. I don’t tell you what to create, but rather help you identify what you have an inner desire to create, and then provide you with the means to create it. I give you practical tools you can work with not only in creating your health, but in all areas of your life where you want to create in and intentional and deliberate manner.

I help you to create in a holistic manner that not only transforms your body and physical reality, but also your mental and emotional reality necessary to produce the physical as a natural and automatic expression or result. I work with the body, soul, and spirit in a unified manner, developing them in unison to each other. Many health problems have a purely mental and emotional origin and must be dealt with from the level of origin in order to be transformed at the physical level which is the end result of the mental and emotional levels of the same idea. I will help you not only identify these, but work with them in a strategic and precise manner.

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What you will leave the Session with:

• A feeling of support and security that comes from having a partner.

• Clarity around why you do what you’re doing, and how to change it.

• Clarity around well defined goals and an action plan to produce them.

• Tools for learning to use your mind in much more productive ways to create what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

• The confidence and ongoing support to consistently implement changes in your life in a way that can be easily maintained.

• A sense of empowerment in your own life and the ability to act in a deliberate and intentional manner to effect change.

• Tools for developing will-power by how you use your imagination to present ideas to your self.


What you’ll Gain:

• Self-empowerment in your own life to willfully create yourself.

• Confidence in your ability to exercise control over your own destiny.

• The ability to heal and renew yourself.

• A deep sense of vital health, self- awareness, and inner peace.

• Creative strategies for using your mind in more creative and empowering ways to directly produce change in your life.

• A clear realization that in every moment you have a choice as to how you’re going to initiate or respond to your life circumstances.



All change requires time and commitment. For this reason, while I do offer individual sessions and monthly rates, I recommend starting with at least a year commitment, and 6 months as a minimum.

Growth is a constant and never ending process that works off of momentum, and once you begin producing powerful results it opens the door for growth you never thought possible before. As you develop one area of your life or acquire a special ability, it opens up a whole new array of possibilities and creates a hunger for creative empowerment that has no limits and fuels itself with a deep sense of enthusiasm for the possibilities that once seemed impossible, but now are not only within reach, but obtainable in a relatively timely manner.

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