Mystery School

Mystery School of Spiritual Sciences


Walking the Mystical Path with Practical Feet. Bridging Science and the Arts

Sacred Sciences Applied to Everyday Life in a very Practical & Direct Manner

The Mystery School teaches the Secret Sciences of Ancient Wisdom referred to as the “Mysteries”. It’s Hermetic Sciences that laid the foundation for all knowledge back before science and spirit were separated and ultimately posed against each other. It is the higher knowledge of the Magus, Yogi and Shaman that formed the Magical Sciences that could demonstrate miraculous abilities of mind-over-matter. Hermetic Sciences created the Emerald tablet and the Rosetta Stone that have been sought throughout the ages because of the power it contained as the true formula for Alchemy. The Art of Transformation that allowed ascension into a higher state or plane of existence without dying.

Hermetics was the origins of all medicine and Healing Arts, and Hermes staff is still used as the emblem for modern medicine. Today, this knowledge runs parallel to Quantum Physics, Science of Mind/Consciousness, Natural Sciences and the Study of Subtle Energy. The Medicinal Knowledge formed the basis for Healing Arts as a spiritual practice that involved the “whole person” – Mind, body and Soul.


Signature Classes:

The Monad: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul’s Code – “Character, Calling, and Destiny”

The Triad – The 3-Fold Nature of the Mind – “The Multidimensional Nature of Reality”

The Tetrad – The Creative Laws for Manifesting Reality – “Mastering the Elements”

The Pentad – Quintessence – Penetrating the Veil of Consciousness – “Mind-Over-Matter”

Transforming Belief Systems – “The Blueprints for Creating”

Emotional Mastery – “Taming your Dragons”

The Quantum Mind and the Holographic Universe

Intuition – Developing Your Spiritual Faculties

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