The Nature of the Subconscious – The Unified Mind of the Material Plane

We often hear sayings about “oneness” and everything being one, living in unity with Nature and each other, and so on, which of course contradicts the nature of our actual experience as our perception of the outer world and others. This is largely due to the fact that most don’t have a true understanding of the nature of the “mind” and how it acts to organize, form, and animate the entire material world as a form of dynamic mental construct or matrix. This is a very important principle to grasp with a deep sense of understanding that will not only transform the way you look at the world, but will serve as a fundamental key that connects everything else in a way that makes total sense from an intuitive perspective.

The most basic principle that precedes all others and acts as the means for birthing all others by laying the foundation out of which they systematically unfold, is the “trinity” as the triune, threefold nature of the mind and soul. The idea of the mind and soul are synonymous and both refer to the invisible aspect of our being out of which material reality emerges as its offspring. The mind is an aspect of the soul and can be thought of as the “organizing mechanism” or electromagnetic field that produces an etheric-material form out of memory. The soul is comprised of a dynamic living matrix of memory that’s all cohesive and is used to produce a consistent experience of reality as a relationship between all seemingly different aspects that form its constitution. As the soul moves from one plane of density to another, it propagates by dividing or halving as a means of self-generation (mitosis). All parts contain the essence as information of the whole in its potential state (holographic principle), and serve to birth it systematically on the lower plane as a growth and development process of self-expression. The higher planes contain the lower planes in their entirety and act to oversee and orchestrate them. This produces what seems like a unified reality that’s “experienced” through the fundamental principle of Polarity (Dyad).

The higher soul-mind comes into the lower plane of self-awareness through the process of propagation as a subconscious mind that contains “within it” the potential of the self-conscious aspect, which it acts to birth through a growth process as a kind of awakening of the self within the material body as what we call brain consciousness. Brain consciousness perceives and experiences itself exclusively within and as a body, and identifies almost exclusively with its material existence. This forms what has typically been referred to (inappropriately) as the “ego”, with the idea of ego and identity also being synonymous as our “sense of self” born and built up through our experiences of ourselves as a specific form within the material world.

       The subconscious mind can be thought of as the feminine aspect that’s pregnant with the masculine aspect of the self-conscious (self-aware) mind. The subconscious, containing the self-conscious in its potential state, grows and evolves it through an adaptation process that modifies it according to its genetic make-up, life conditions, specific circumstances, family and environmental situation, forming a unique variation of the same essential nature. Much like the four seasons, we’re born into the world exclusively in our subconscious, which is group oriented and perceives itself as being a part of its parents and family unit, and develops completely out of an unconscious state until around 7 years old, where the self-conscious begins gradually emerging as self-awareness that perceives itself as an individual apart from parents and siblings, and comes into a fully active state at around 14. Around this age we begin thinking and making decisions for ourselves and developing our identity as an image we form of ourselves, and it becomes our dominate state at around the age of 21. As a fully mature adult, around the age of 28 (growth takes place in 7 year cycles) we are operating and functioning almost exclusively out of our masculine, self-aware consciousness, and have often lost any real awareness of our subconscious altogether.

The subconscious is the same mind we share with all of Nature as instinct that’s all programmed and constructed out of the same information as what has commonly been referred to as the first or “original creation”. The one we all share in common and are a cohesive and coherent part of. This shared reality formed by the same mind as the group mind of the collective unconscious or unified (Akashic) field, lays the foundation for us as humans to continue creating out of by producing unique and personalized versions as our “perception” of it. We’re first conditioned to the reality of the group mind as society, the world, and our family units, that all form correspondences to each other as smaller fields of the same nature nested within greater fields. As our self-conscious mind comes into active expression and we begin thinking somewhat as an individual, we form a perception of the same outer reality that causes us to experience it in a new way. We don’t necessarily change the material forms themselves, but rather how they “appear to us”. What we notice and abstract and what we ignore and exclude to form a new idea about the same thing begins changing. As adults, everyone looking at the same thing or that’s a part of the same event, will see and experience it in a way that’s unique to them as their own creation. We’re always taking what exists as a universal theme as a general idea and using it as the means to create a personalized version.

        A fundamental paradox exists as polarity between higher and lower planes where they mirror each other as complementary opposites. In the lower planes, the “group mind” exists as a species where an entire group of individuals are of the same mind or programming, and act as a unified whole through habitual behaviors. The only thing that makes them different or distinguishes one from another, outside of slight genetic differences that alter their similar appearance, is their personality. They possess no actual creative ability in terms of choice and will, and don’t have a sense of self-awareness. In higher planes the opposite is true. The group mind of the Macrocosm is comprised of archetypes in their potential, unformed state, which can be used willfully to self-create as a unique individual. The object here is to use your creative capacities to create yourself in a very deliberate and intentional manner by intentionally choosing which qualities you want to develop in yourself, then, embodying them and bringing them into expression “as” you.

The realm of the “gods” is a society of highly specialized and uniquely talented individuals who, because they’re completely self-contained within themselves and possess a universal identity as not being limited to form or societies ideas for them, act in a harmonious and cooperative manner to create on a larger scale. When you’re not dependent on someone or something outside of yourself to tell you who you are through the relationship you form with them, there’s no need or desire to “take” or “own” what’s not already within you. For this reason, beings of higher consciousness are highly unique as individuals and almost completely self-contained and autonomous, unaffected by the drama being played out on the lower planes. From a higher perspective of complete detachment from the passions and delusions of the lower planes as universal and non-personal in nature, one can easily impose an influence on the group mind by interacting in a way that serves the higher good of everyone involved.

Energetic Model of the Mind

A vibration results from a mental construct that electrifies, animates, and organizes matter (as light-essence) into distinct patterns. We say that every “thing” moves and vibrates at a certain rate producing a natural phenomenon we perceive as reality, yet things are originally produced by the mind itself through a mental construct as thought. The mind itself is what first acts to organize light into material form in the mind’s eye of the imagination as an internal representation of an idea. As we think we turn ideas (archetypes) into internal realities. As we think by speaking to ourselves internally, we shape Astral Light into the reality inherent in the meaning of the words. Once organized into form, we magnetize them by drawing life-force into them, forming an electromagnetic field as a vibratory frequency that acts to “in-form” all outer matter to match the inner pattern. We use the thematic, symbolic inner idea as a holographic pattern to orchestrate the events of our life and how things appear to us through our perception of them.

In the higher regions of consciousness, ideas exist as archetypal themes that have names. When these names are spoken internally as thought, they form internal images of the ideas as they’re conformed through the mental paradigm and personality of the individual acting as a receiver and transducer for the universal idea, forming it into a new mental image as an adaptation that modifies and shapes it into a unique formula of properties, producing a unique variation. As a mental image, it organizes light as information into an “empty shell” or vehicle for spirit as an animating force to “enter into” and give it life. The mind produces an invisible electromagnetic field that acts to organize neutral matter as particles of light (photons) into vibratory patterns (essence) as holograms.

       When an idea is concentrated on and developed into a detailed version with sensory attributes, it elicits an emotional response of the same or equivalent nature. The emotion that’s of the same nature as the idea acts as the shaping mechanism that adapts it to a specific set of conditions and circumstances as a way of expressing it appropriately within the present reality. The thought as an idea for reality stimulates and informs the etheric body (of organized stable light) which acts to operate the endocrine system of the material body with electrical impulses, to release equivalent hormones that produce and regulate the chemistry of the body to be of the same state as the idea. Thoughts stimulate emotions, which stimulate our entire nervous system and alter the chemistry of our body to match the nature of the thought and serve as a template for producing a corresponding outer reality. As we think, feel, and emote, we adjust our physical substance to actively express our thoughts through correlating behaviors and actions.

As we form sensory images of reality in our imagination and form an emotional response to that reality, we simultaneously program our subconscious and send telepathic communication to the subconscious mind of everything around us, altering its state through influence, and affecting how information is organized to produce our outer perception of the same idea as a way of experiencing it. Our subconscious is “experiential in nature”, meaning it runs off of memories of actual experiences, and is emotionally driven. We form programs for our subconscious to create by vividly imagining ideas as sensory realities that are emotional in nature to produce a form of “virtual memory”. The subconscious uses memory as thematic patterns for organizing the outer world of the instinctual group mind to match the internal world of thought.

       As we concentrate on an idea, we tune ourselves to the vibration of the idea where we not only act as the receiver for more of the same type of ideas, but also become the means for expressing that idea to create a reality out of it, and create ourselves through the experience the reality provides us with. Ideas as vibratory frequencies are transmitted and received through resonance. The holographic principle operates as the same information serves to form a “theme” that expresses by producing more patterns of the same nature on multiple scales and levels simultaneously. Much like a single cell of our body programmed with the same DNA, divides and regenerates to produce “another” as a perception of itself outside of and apart from itself, and each cell of the same nature “specializes” by slightly re-configuring the same basic information in order to play a unique part in an even greater whole.

The same ideas we form internally become the perceptual lens as a filtering system that we look through to perceive the same idea in the outer world as a correspondence. As we think we tune ourselves to the reality of our thoughts and “become” by way of that reality as a self-produced experience that forms a personal memory of it. The universal idea provides the parental pattern for producing an infinite number of fractal patterns of the same nature as its offspring. It resonates with the same information as complementary patterns in the outer world, and through sympathy re-configures the information it’s comprised of, changing how it appears to us as our perception of it. All of what we call reality is based on our perception of it. Everyone lives in a slightly different reality of their own making.

We are All One

So to say we’re “all one” exists, like all ideas, as a dual-polar idea that forms a fundamental paradox. We are all of the same group mind of the subconscious that’s a fundamental part of the same universal reality. Like the plants and animals, we’re a part of a species that lives out of an unconscious state whose only sense of individuality comes as differences in our personality. Where we act as a mindless, instinctual vessel for whatever idea we’re given as a form of teaching or entertainment, where we act in a harmonized manner as a group to produce the same reality as a culture and society. Where there’s no actual individuality or true creativity and we’re simply given ideas that we express automatically and live out of as the means of creating ourselves. In the lower, material planes of density, the universal mind expresses as a group through a basic form of instinct born out of a primary unconscious state that lacks any true awareness of itself apart from the group.

At the same time, as humans, we are all a part of a higher kingdom of creative intelligence that operates willfully to create the individual. This is the realm of archetypes that are used as qualities and characteristics in different formulas that form a unique variation that expresses to create a unique reality. This idea is illustrated in the Zodiac as qualities and attributes that we all share in varying degrees and measure as universal consciousness that we’re all a part of. The realm of the higher mind of self-awareness, choice, and will, we draw from the universal to produce the individual as a unique, self-created version. In this level we exist apart from the group consciousness in the fundamental sense, and do not create ourselves based on others and our environment, but based exclusively on what we choose to draw into us from within. We think for ourselves, form our own decisions, consciously and deliberately direct our actions, and cultivate autonomy in everything we do. Here we are fully responsible for who we are, what we do, and who we become. There is no emotion to control or influence our thoughts, forming illusions in place of objective reality. We don’t experience guilt, shame, anger, joy, arousal, seduction, and the various forms of passions and desire that plague the material realm and act in a subliminal way to control and determine us through emotional states, perceptions, and actions that they serve to form.

        These two worlds exist as a fundamental part of our nature represented by both the subconscious group mind and the self-conscious individual mind. The two aspects of the mind we have come to refer to as the heart and brain consciousness, or feelings and intellect, both of which are an inherent part of higher consciousness in an equilibrated state of harmony. In higher consciousness, objective intelligence forms all of our natural and self-initiated behaviors. We’re always programming our subconscious mind with thoughts that are undistorted by passions and desires. In this state, we’re aware that the outer awareness is simply witnessing and experiencing the material reality of inner awareness produced by the subconscious. Here we operate according to the universal laws that govern both planes and use the masculine intellect to impregnate the feminine sensory mind to produce material reality as their offspring. We realize fully that what we’re witnessing and experiencing as the outer reality is produced by our own imaginary thoughts concentrated on consistently with emotional intensity.

All of us as humans, with no exceptions, create our own experiences of what we call reality based on the thoughts and feelings we’ve been programmed with and continue to think about repetitively. Most of which are purely a product of our own conditioning and our tendency to live out of reactive emotional states and primal needs. Most people have been given all their thoughts by someone else through a form of teaching and learning that they mistake as being their own and therefore original as a result. This is because the subconscious works by adapting ideas to the ever-changing outer world to produce corresponding variations of them. We mistake these variations of modified ideas as being original and self-generated. They’re only self-generated (as heart and brain function) as a repetition and replaying the same memories over and over producing endless variations of the same idea as possible applications to unique conditions and circumstances.

       Truly original thoughts only come from higher realms where originality exists as the potential for creating within the lower planes of instinct. They come through a process of “tuning into and downloading information” as ideas that were not and could not be produced out of your personal memory base. We tune into these ideas in the ether as the unified archetypal field of higher consciousness by concentrating on an idea and thinking about it in an in-depth manner, or by wondering about something. As we “wonder” we inquire as a form of questioning and desire to know that connects us to the answer, which is the polar opposite of the same idea. As we concentrate with an open, curious mind (that doesn’t take an attitude of already knowing), we penetrate the depths of the known world and enter into the unknown, where ideas spontaneously reveal themselves to us by unfolding in our mind’s eye.

Whatever we form a desire for and seek out, we tune ourselves too internally and connect with that same idea externally. Ideas come to us as a form of inspiration that brings deeper insights into their true meaning and potential for applying to create realities. We act as the receiver for information and knowledge that existed outside of our paradigm and stored memories. In this manner mysteries are penetrated, secrets become known, and we touch on the unknown through the inner faculty of our own mind. We become the means through which higher knowledge comes into the world. We connect to our true origins as higher beings capable of impregnating material form with higher knowledge to create in a truly original and novel way.

Dr. Linda Gadbois

Spiritual Scientist, Mentor, and Integrative Health Consultant