Triad – The 3-Fold Nature of the Mind – “The Multidimensional Nature of Reality”

Class Overview: This class will explore the 3 Minds as aspects of the “self” commonly referred to as the Higher Mind (Superconscious), the Subconscious (body-instinctual), and the Self-Conscious Mind (Individuality). These 3 aspects form correspondences as the electromagnetic field of the body, which informs the physical body as the heart (subconscious) and the brain (self-conscious). We will look at their significance as the soul existing in a natural state of polarity that is comprised of opposite aspects of the self known as masculine and feminine energy and how they interact to stimulate and complement each other. How the 3-minds work in unison to create personal experiences that shape our sense of self as our soul, personality, identity, and ego, and how these are reflected in the 3 higher chakras of the body. The individual mind as the Monad, has a 3-fold nature that creates three levels of reality simultaneously as the self, others, and the world in general. Only 2 aspects of the mind exist in the body within the physical plane, and operate in a dual manner as the subconscious (automatic) and conscious (thought oriented) mind which form correspondences to the right and left hemispheres of the brain in terms of analogous functioning. The conscious mind has the ability to direct and command the subconscious mind, which necessary in order to change behaviors and manifest within the physical realm, but it has to know “how” to do this, because they speak different languages, and operate according to different types of programming.

The objective of this class is to gain a working understanding of how all 3 aspects of the mind work so you can begin working consciously with them to consciously create within your own life. These 3 aspects of the mind not only function differently, they speak a different language, and though the conscious mind has the ability to direct the subconscious, you have to know “how” to do it, in order to do effectively. This class will provide you with the basic understanding of how each aspect functions and the “creative process” of the mind in terms of working within the laws that govern it.

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through consultation.

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois

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Areas Explored:


• Law of 3 – Triad / Trinity

• 3-Minds; Superconscious; Subconscious and Conscious Mind

• Soul, Personality, Identity & Ego

• Paradigm and how it Works to Create a Consistent Reality as a Life Theme

• The Dual Nature of the Soul as electromagnetic (Masculine – Feminine)

• Aura, Body, Heart and Brain (Quantum Model)

• 3 Higher Chakras that order the physical body

• The Creative Imagination

• Meditation, Guided Imagery, and self-hypnosis

• How to Program your own Mind


What you’ll learn:

• The Nature of your own Mind and “how” it works to create your Life.

• The Different Aspects of yourselves and how they Work to Create a Joint-Reality as Personal Experience.

• How you create your own Reality as Your Life’s Story.

• How to Change your own Internal Programming and Create Yourself in a Conscious Manner.

• How to use your Creative Imagination to Manifest Reality.

Who should attend:

• Those studying Spiritual Sciences, the Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, or Ancient Wisdom.

• Healthcare Practitioners, Healing Arts Practitioners, Counselors, Psychologists, Spiritual and Religious Practitioners, Consultants, Teachers, Trainers, Human Resource Managers, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, anyone Responsible for Developing People or Directly Influencing the Performance of Others, those responsible for “controlling the behavior” of others, and those wanting to develop skills for consciously creating in all areas of their life through intentional action.

• Anyone who wants to gain self-knowledge and learn how to operate their own mind to self-create.

• Anyone who works directly with people in a therapeutic manner.

• Parents who want to learn skills for raising psychologically healthy children with high self-esteem.








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