Transforming Belief Systems – The Blueprints for Creating Realities

Class Overview: Beliefs are the templates for creating – the blueprints out of which we construct our experiences. Belief systems are dynamic models that interact and perfectly create interwoven realities that make perfect sense to us, and can be used to explain and describe everything within our personal reality. Many of our beliefs, especially core beliefs, operate unconsciously – automatically – without our direct awareness of them. Our Identity, which is an offspring of our core-beliefs, forms the foundation of our overall belief system and forms a series of correspondences which gives birth to all our smaller models and form the basis of what’s possible and what’s not possible for us. Beliefs stem from intention, shape our perspective, how we perceive and interpret information from our environment, and how we act or behave based on that interpretation. We will examine how to identify beliefs, different types of beliefs, the creative power of beliefs, and the dynamic quality of energy in shaping matter – producing physical effects as an expression of our beliefs. We will learn how to collapse beliefs and install new ones, then integrate them into various areas of our life to form continuity that is more in alignment with our Higher-Will as our chosen destiny.

Beliefs form the basis of our paradigm, which is actually what produces them as a false perception that’s accepted as real, and because all of our basic presumptions are a product of our beliefs, they can be difficult to identify and transform because in doing so, it undermines our entire “belief system” which were built out of them. So we’re never transforming or dissolving one belief, but rather modifying an entire system that we use to create our basic perceptions of ourselves, others and our life in general. Our most fundamental beliefs are our beliefs about ourselves (core beliefs) that we fashion our identity around, which often makes it difficult to give them up, because it causes a form of identity crisis. We’re so used to telling stories about our self and our life that are in reality beliefs as self-made illusions that ultimately become hallucinations. So many of our beliefs form the basis out of which we have lived our life since we were a child, which is where we formed most of our core beliefs that all other beliefs came as an offspring of our core beliefs.

Other types of beliefs can be relatively easy to transform because they don’t upsurge our entire model in doing so. We don’t have much invested in them or whole paradigms of reasoning built around them. Once we “know” something, through experience, a belief is no longer required. We only believe what don’t know from direct experience, but rather by way of a story we told ourselves about something in an attempt to make sense out of it, that we misperceived for an actual experience. In this class, we will explore the very nature of beliefs, how we form them, what purpose they serve, and how to dissolve or transform them through recognition of the truth and re-imagining the story we tell about it as a result.

The objective of this class is to not only gain a thorough understanding of “what” a belief is, how belief-systems are dynamically constructed, and how it creates a false sense of reality as a form of illusion, but also how to transform our beliefs through recognition of truth within our own lives. Because our beliefs create a form of illusion in place of true objective reality, we create in error as a result of them. In this session we’ll explore and practice very effective techniques for identifying and employing methods for transforming beliefs into truth, and changing the fundamental story of our life as a result.

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois


Key Benefits:

Creative Transformation

• Identifying beliefs

• Understanding the creative nature of beliefs

• Different types of beliefs – opinions, attitudes, assumptions, and complexes

• The difference between knowing and believing

• Feelings – patterns for experiences

• Questioning the obvious- instilling doubt

• Dynamic nature of beliefs in telling stories

• Transforming Beliefs – Imprinting & re-imprinting

• Identity – Self-concept – the “unique” factor

• Evidence, justification, proof & supporting systems

• Meaning – shapes our experience

• Expectation as Self-fulfilling prophecy

• Atonement & life integration



What you’ll Learn:

• How to recognize a belief from a fact

• The mind’s creative ability to build false realities

• How to intentionally transform beliefs and restructure belief systems

• The integrative nature of experience

• How to transform memories as a way of reprogramming your mind

Who should Attend:

• Those studying Spiritual Sciences, The Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, or Ancient Wisdom.

• Psychologists, Health care Practitioners, Scientists, Spiritual Healers and Teachers, Ministers, Teachers, Consultants for Personal Development, Hospice workers, those wanting to gain self-knowledge and become active in facilitating their own soul’s evolution through self-development.

• Anyone with a desire to awaken and become a conscious creator within their own life.

• Anyone who chooses to develop themselves with a sense of awareness and participate in creating the life story as a result.

• Anyone who feels a deep need to heal themselves at the psychological/ spiritual level by becoming self-aware and awakening within their own lives to their soul’s purpose.

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through consultation.







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