The Quantum Mind and the Holographic Universe

This class introduces us to a new model for perceiving the mind as the electromagnetic field (aura) that surrounds and encapsulates the body. It gives us a new way of understanding the interactive and corresponding relationship of the mind/body system traditionally referred to as the 3-minds: the Superconscious (soul); the subconscious (body); and the conscious (brain) minds, and the four bodies of the subtle energy that surround and organize the physical body. It gives a model for understanding the principles that demonstrate how subtle energy (conscious intelligence) goes through a systematic hierarchy of “stop-downs” to become expressed as physical matter.

This class will explore how the Mind enters the body through a holographic effect that downloads conscious information into the physical system organizing its structure and functioning. We will explore how the etheric field is actually a holographic blueprint of the energetic body that fashions matter by exquisite design and by spatially locating it in the body. In this way we can gain an understanding of how the soul’s energetic imprint becomes a dynamic model for creating and regenerating the physical body through the constant process of life and death at the cellular level that serves to express the complex of qualities held within the energy field.,

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through consultation.

Dr. Linda

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois


We will Explore:


The Quantum field of consciousness – two aspects of light

Spiritual DNA – The holographic principle

Heart-Math – Torus and the Flow of Energy

Principles governing energy

The 3-minds

The 4 bodies of subtle energy

Plasma – Charged Light as Waveform

Etheric Body as a hologram

Chakra, Nadis and Meridian system

The five major systems of the body: Neurological; Nervous; Endocrine; Immune; and major organs.

rain_barWhat you’ll learn:


Who should Attend:

• Those studying Spiritual Sciences, The Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, or Ancient Wisdom.

• Psychologists, Health care Practitioners, Scientists, Spiritual Healers and Teachers, Ministers, Teachers, Consultants for Personal Development, Hospice workers, those wanting to gain self-knowledge and become active in facilitating their own soul’s evolution through self-development.

• Anyone with a desire to awaken and become a conscious creator within their own life.

• Anyone who chooses to develop themselves with a sense of awareness and participate in creating the life story as a result.

• Anyone who feels a deep need to heal themselves at the psychological/ spiritual level by becoming self-aware and awakening within their own lives to their soul’s purpose.







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