The Monad: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Soul’s Code – “Character, Calling, and Destiny”

Class Overview: This Class will look at the fundamental Nature of the soul as encoded vibratory patterning that forms energetic essence as attributes of the Spirit that are accumulative and formative in nature. Our physical DNA has an energetic equivalent as spiritual DNA which is our Soul’s essence that bonds with the body through resonance in order to unify and co-create as one. Our Vibratory frequency forms our paradigm as a dynamic structure of interwoven models used for interpreting and perceiving as a means for creating a subjective reality out of which we simultaneously self-express and self-create through the same act. Our soul blends with our body and forms our initial personality which is encoded with very distinct attributes and qualities that shape our character and reveals our gifts, talents, special abilities, and what we gravitate towards in terms of natural interests and aptitudes. From our personality we naturally form our identity and the type of story we tell by how we perceive and interpret the outer objective reality to create a subjective reality as a personal representation. We are all perfectly designed to fulfill our destiny as our soul’s purpose for growth and evolution in this lifetime. Our soul as our mind (electromagnetic field) is a form of ‘paradigm’ as a model that we use to perceive through, express through and create ourselves all at the same time.

Words form mental images that reveal the inner nature of the models we’re using to create our experiences. Words are language that forms the basis of thought as internal dialogue. We manifest and self-create according to our feelings, thoughts, and emotions which determine our behavior. All things come into existence and are shaped by thoughts as internal images. Thoughts, as internal dialogue create and determine our identity, how we sense our self and the type of stories we tell ourselves that shape our life as a correspondence. By changing our thoughts, as imagined realities, we literally change how we sense our self within our own life. Our greatest creative power comes through mastering our own internal dialogue and how we use our imagination. Thoughts we tell ourselves while forming them into internal realities, act as hypnotic suggestions that program our subconscious mind which acts automatically without questioning to form realities out of them as a means of expressing them. Once we understand the nature of our soul as accumulated memory, we can begin working on ourselves intentionally by programming our own subconscious mind with virtual memories created in our imagination.

The objective of this class is to gain a fundamental understanding of the laws that govern the mind-soul (as well as all of life) in order to be able to work with them in a conscious manner to self-create and begin co-creating your destiny with a sense of purpose and passion! To begin the process of self-awareness as soul-recognition in order to become empowered in your own life and begin the life-long process of personal transformation that evolves you to a higher vibration.

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through consultation.

Dr. Linda

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois




Areas Explored:

souls_sphere_• Monad – Spiritual DNA – the Soul’s Design

• Mind as a Paradigm – Plasma as Energetic Essence

• State-of-Mind as Vibratory Frequency that forms our Predisposition

• Thought-forms & The Astral Field

• Will – Formative / Creative Forces

• Word as Vibration that Structures Reality

• The Nature of Feelings – Create Internal Realities

• The “Self” as “I Am” – How we Self-Create

• Meditation Techniques

• Self-Reflection becoming Self-Aware


What you’ll Learn:

• The Nature of Spiritual DNA as the “seeded potential” of your Soul’s design.

• The multidimensional 3-fold nature of reality.

• The intimate relationship between the body and soul and how to consciously direct your body using the power of your will.

• How to view your mind as the morphogenic energy-field that inhabits and animates your body as your psychological paradigm that forms your character and ultimately expresses as your life-story.

• The nature of emotions and memory as your soul’s programming, and how to modify existing memories and create new ones in an intentional manner as a means of reprogramming yourself.

• How to evolve your own soul by transforming vices into virtues.

• How to become aware of your soul’s purpose and consciously participate in creating your own destiny.


Who should Attend:

• Those studying Spiritual Sciences, The Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, or Ancient Wisdom.

• Psychologists, Health care Practitioners, Scientists, Spiritual Healers and Teachers, Ministers, Teachers, Consultants for Personal Development, Hospice workers, those wanting to gain self-knowledge and become active in facilitating their own soul’s evolution through self-development.

• Anyone with a desire to awaken and become a conscious creator within their own life.

• Anyone who chooses to develop themselves with a sense of awareness and participate in creating the life story as a result.

• Anyone who feels a deep need to heal themselves at the psychological/ spiritual level by becoming self-aware and awakening within their own lives to their soul’s purpose.







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