The Dyad- Law of Polarity – The Dynamic Interplay of Invisible Forces

“Understanding Electromagnetism”

Class Overview: The Law of Polarity is the dual nature of all living systems referred to as Yin/Yang, light and dark, positive and negative, or masculine/feminine. All natural forces as electromagnetism exist in a dual state of polarity. Vibration as movement requires separation of the One into polar opposites that are antagonistic yet complimentary, and form different aspects of the same nature that together act out a common dynamic as an experience. Division and duality is necessary for self-perception. All perception in the ultimate sense is a form of projection. We are always looking through our own “mind” as our perceptual lens and seeing only what matches our vibration in everything else. This One which divides and becomes two, or as existing in a symmetrical dual nature as different aspects of the same thing, is inherent in all of Nature as well as in the human mind, and forms the principles out of which pure consciousness becomes a biological system as a living form. Energy as consciousness is the very foundation for the manifestations of life on the physical plane.

We will explore the dual nature of vibration as resonance, energetic sympathy, and coherence. They oscillate, interact and stimulate one another to fulfill and enact a larger pattern as a joint-reality that’s a form of co-creation. This class we will explore the very nature of energy and vibration within the divine symmetry of living systems. We will get a working understanding of the true meaning of “complimentary” as opposite that are provocative, dynamic and exciting. We will explore the very Nature of “Life Force” Energy as Sexual energy of the Spirit & Soul, the force that excites, awakens, grows and animates substance as a seeded-pattern or vessel.

The objective of this class is to gain a fundamental comprehension and understanding of the energetic nature that underlies, animates, and expresses through all living forms as various qualities and levels of consciousness. To form an awareness of how you’re being stimulated and influenced at any given moment, and the process it sets into motion as the generation of a reality as a personal experience, that shapes and transforms you as a result, so you can learn to work with it in a conscious and deliberate manner to create within your own life.

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through consultation.

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois


Areas Explored:


• The Fundamental Nature of Energy

• Electromagnetic Energy – Polarity, Duality & Symmetry

• The nature of Vibratory Frequencies and Qualities of Consciousness

• Spirit (life force), Soul (mind) and the Body (DNA)

• Planes of Existence – Parallel Dimensions

• Masculine & Feminine energy

• Perception, Interpretation and Projection

• Dynamics as Co-creative Patterns (Dramatic Themes)

• Etheric and Astral Bodies

• Holographic Effect of the Triune Mind

• Vibration, Emotions and Sensations that Color Experiences


What you’ll Learn:

• A basic understanding of the Nature of energy and how to work with it consciously

• How vibration as qualities of consciousness becomes living realities as internal experience

• Why we attract to the people and places that we do and how we co-create thematic realities in relationship with them

• How to consciously develop your vibratory frequency as your “quality of consciousness” and intentionally modify your paradigm accordingly

• How to intentionally stimulate others in a way that alters their state-of-mind and produce desired behaviors

Who should attend:

• Those studying Spiritual Sciences, The Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, or Ancient Wisdom.

• Anyone who works directly with people in a therapeutic manner

• Anyone who wants to master the psychological skills necessary to self-create and directly influence others

• Healthcare Practitioners, Therapists, Counselors, Teachers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Law Enforcement, any career where Performance is critical, Parents, those responsible for “controlling the behavior” of others, and those wanting to develop skills for consciously creating in all areas of their life through intentional action.






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