Tetrad – The Creative Laws for Manifesting Reality – “Mastering the Elements”

Class Overview: This class will explore the 4-bodies that are energetic aspects of the Mind that defines the process for energy becoming dense through a step-down process of abstract ideas forming material experience. The 4 elements give us a basic formula for the “creative process” of the mind as energy becoming matter. We will explore the 4 elements as a system of Correspondences that give us a formula for creating with our mind that also align with the 4 lower chakra’s producing the chemistry of the body known as emotions that form state-of-mind as our mood. We will review the significance of the Quintessence as the Akasha Principle of Mind over matter in terms of the mind’s ability to direct and command the subconscious mind as the elemental body. In order to create within the material plane, we have to work with the aspect of the Mind-Body system that’s comprised of and operating within the elemental world of Nature as the body-consciousness. In order to manifest at the physical level of experience, we have to learn how to unify all three aspects of the mind to form a single and cohesive whole.

The objective of this class is to recognize the Tetrad or four-elements as the basic creative process that governs all of life. It provides us with the formula for using our mind to direct and shape the astral light of intelligent substance into actual living experiences. It reveals how we create our reality by aligning our three minds to produce a unified experience. This will give you step-by-step instructions on how to self-create and evolve your self intentionally through deliberate action by mastering the creative power of your own mind within the physical realm.

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations, for guidance in the practical application of this knowledge within your everyday life to use it as tools for creating.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through private consultation.

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois


Areas Explored:


• The Nature of the Aura as the emanation of the mind-field

• 4 Bodies – Causal, Mental, Emotional, and Physical

• 4 Elements – Fire, Air, Water, and Earth

• 4 Worlds – Archetypal, Creative, Formative, Material

• 4 Lower Chakras of the Body

• The Tetragrammation – the 4 States of Matter

• Etheric Double – Hologram

• The Creative Process for making Abstract Ideas into Concrete Realities

• The Creative Imagination and the Astral Field of Thought-Forms

• How to use the Self-Conscious Mind to Direct and Program the Subconscious Mind


What you’ll learn:

• The creative process for using your own mind to consciously create reality as Personal Perception.

• How to program your subconscious (body) mind with your self-conscious mind to create yourself and transform your reality.

• How to change any habit and form new behaviors as a means of transforming and growing yourself.

• How to raise your vibration and heal yourself at the soul level.

• How to gain realization around your inner nature and be able to intentionally direct yourself as a means of disciplined action.


Who should attend:

• Anyone who has a desire to learn how to use their own mind to self-create.

• Healthcare Professionals, Healing Arts Professionals, Psychologists, Counselors, Teachers, Spiritual and Religious Practitioners, Consultants, Leaders, Managers, Hypnotherapists who want to perfect their style, Parents, Human Resource Professionals, Law Enforcement, Lawyers, Trainers, those who Facilitate Higher Education, anyone who works to Directly Influence the Behavior and Creative Abilities of Others, anyone who wants to learn how to become a Conscious Creator within their own Lives!

• Anyone who wants to learn how to directly influence people by leading them through natural processes of the mind for creating and becoming.







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