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Spiritual Sciences is often referred to as Sacred Sciences, Hermetic Sciences, Ancient Wisdom, Holy Mysteries, Esoteric Sciences, Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanic Arts and Transcendental Magic.

It’s the study of the Arts and Sciences as a unified event where arts (personal expression) are the practical application of the sciences (Laws) within our daily lives as a fundamental means of self-creation.

Soul Science

Shamanism & Magic

Huna – “Polynesian Shamanism”Chakras

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All spiritual sciences involve personal development as the application of Universal Laws and Principles to self-create by demonstrating your ability to “live” the knowledge and create personal experiences of it which is the only way you actually attain it. The Soul’s primary purpose is to evolve itself by learning and growing through its ability to create experiences that form memories. We only truly learn through experience. We only truly “know” what we can actually do and therefore demonstrate. Science takes base knowledge as theoretical, and applies it through experimentation to produce the results it claims by shaping material reality with it, and experiencing the effects of it. Knowledge is only fully integrated into our system, upgrading and modifying our paradigm (soul’s essence) through direct and personal experience.

Our physical, mental, emotional and energetic/spiritual health is a direct reflection of our level of consciousness as our vibratory frequency in terms of how we live our lives accordingly. Each aspect of our “self” ( mind-body-spirit), is a step-down process of different phases of the same thing as energy becoming more dense forming matter as an expression. Its energy as essence becoming substance that shapes the outward appearance of our physical body and how we behave (our actions) as a direct correspondence. Our ability to develop ourselves spiritually is the highest form of development there is because it encompasses all the arts and sciences that are willfully demonstrated by us, as a basic means of self-expression that simultaneously self-actualizes. We “become” the knowledge itself in living form and the expression of pure intelligence by becoming one with it. We become the channel through which intelligence flows into the world forming a sensory / material expression through us, “as” us.

All of our Services are designed for “Practical Application” and to meet your specific needs. They are not theoretical in Nature and can be applied directly to real life circumstances with immediate and measurable results. Our services are not designed for “psychic information or Readings”. They are psychological / Mind Training with a Spiritual and moral implications. In addition, We provide ongoing support, counseling and mentoring. We combine spiritual knowledge with psychology, Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine for a holistic approach and application.

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Our Services Include:

  • Training / Mentoring in Sacred/Spiritual Sciences
  • Private Counseling
  • Soul development: Discovering your souls essence, capacity/potential for actualization, purpose, path and co-creating your destiny with a deep sense of intention and passion
  • Past Life Regression – Tapping into your Eternal Self
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Parts Integration
  • Conscious Dying – preparing for the experience of death
  • Spiritual practices in Business – how to incorporate spiritual technology into a business model that serves to form an alignment with your highest Spiritual Knowledge & Values
  • Marri
  • age Ceremony – and Relationship Counseling
  • Investigation of Psychic Phenomenon with absolute privacy.

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Education – Training – Playshops

  • Education, Classes, Playshops, and One-to-one Training (Mentoring)
  • We provide ongoing general education for Creative and Spiritual Knowledge, practical application and skill development, particularly as they pertain to Mind Development , Energy Medicine, Psychology, Conscious Creation, Healing Arts, Soul Development, Evolution and Self-Actualization.
  • I also provide private sessions and Spiritual counseling for whatever issues you are dealing with.


One-to-One Training and Personal Mentoring

I provide personal training in an educational format. This is similar to Mentoring where you learn to practice and implement Psychological /Spiritual Skills into your daily life to produce desired results.

  • Learning how to manage your “State-of-Mind”
  • Self-control – managing your “Reactions”
  • Transform your Belief systems
  • Master your Emotions – learn to use them with intention
  • Presence – being fully awake in your life
  • Creating an ideal – Aspiring to a higher form
  • Commitment, discipline and devotion
  • Embodying “qualities” – growing your ability to express yourself
  • Mastering the Power of Choice & Will – Creating your Destiny


Counseling Advising:

I provide psychological counseling and advising for spiritual psychology as a practical life skill. This is similar to traditional “positive” psychological counseling except it has a spiritual orientation and application. It involves higher degrees or morality and ethics and skill using your mind consciously to create personal experiences and construct subjective reality. This is about acquiring the skills for conscious living and deliberate creation.

  • Understanding your “Soul’s” Essence – your Nature
  • Awakening to your Life’s purpose
  • Realizing your Destiny & Life Path
  • Past Life Regression – Healing habitual beliefs that form repetitive “themes”
  • Learning to Identify and Transform Karma
  • Finding the opportunity for Transformation in trauma, tragedy and crisis
  • Identifying and working consciously with “unproductive psychological patterns”
  • Understanding & healing the “Pain Body”
  • Conscious Dying – For those facing death, closure, forgiveness and preparation


What is Spiritual Sciences?

Spiritual Sciences is what used to be called the Magical/Miraculous Arts that formed Hermetic Sciences when Spirit and science were still considered the same thing. Before religion and science were separated and set-up as opposing each other. Esoteric Knowledge, thought of as occult (secret or hidden) knowledge that’s only available to a select few, is not entirely accurate. It was only obtainable by certain people, because it required a large knowledge base to comprehend. It is a body of knowledge that stems out of the original foundation of all Arts and Sciences. It is also knowledge of the human spirit that requires years of dedicated practice that gave the initiate super-human powers. Powers of the mind that can direct the forces of nature to manifest reality. Power, that required a purifying of human character in order to be use properly. It is also considered secretive because it communicates via the universal language of images, symbols, numbers, colors and sound. It is carried on communicated through art, story-telling, song as prayer (chanting), music and dancing. It has to be interpreted in order to be understood, this requires an even greater level of intuitive skill. It went underground because the church, desiring to claim all higher levels of spiritual knowledge for itself, set out to murder and exterminate all people who possessed special knowledge, forcing them underground into secret sects.


The spiritual sciences include not only the natural sciences, but also physics, subtle energy, Consciousness, creativity, Art, Numbers, Sacred Geometry, Universal Law and Principles. It teaches Intuitive knowledge that requires an in-depth understanding of the Law of Analogies/Correspondences as a means of developing finely tuned interpretive skills that require masterful use of the imagination for creating personal experience as a way of obtaining higher knowledge. Unlike other spiritual practices, Esoteric sciences rely on practical application as a means of gaining true knowledge. It not only honors the individual experience, but teaches to only except knowledge that can be experienced. Don’t ever except someone else’s experience over your own.

All truth can be known through experience. This prevents deception which requires us to take someone’s word for something and accept it as our own, believe in it, without being able to know it through experience or through discernment of the Law of Analogies.

Spiritual Sciences is the same thing as Esoteric Sciences which are related to spiritual ideas of God as Life Force energy being “all of life” and Nature itself, all is God, including us. It teaches unity, interconnection and synthesis. It goes within, and develops a rich inner life that it uses to interpret outer experience. Exoteric sciences which formed religion, teaches God as a entity that is separate and apart from Its own creation, including us. It teaches external awareness as the primary reality. It creates God as an image that requires worship. Esoteric sciences teaches that we are God, God is within us, as us, and therefore does not require worship, but rather to be loved and honored in all of its forms. Whereas religion creates God as “man-like” and worshiped in the form of Jesus, Esoteric sciences see God as formless and as all form, and man as the potential for higher expression through the deliberate cultivation of virtues by way of Alchemy and by living the Path of Initiation into higher and more perfected states of Being. Jesus is viewed as being one of the greatest initiates of the Spiritual Arts, along with other greats such as Moses, Buddha, Enoch, Hermes, etc., but a man nonetheless.

Spiritual Sciences which formed the basis for Eastern Philosophies and spiritual practices focuses on developing our higher mind, spiritual faculties and supersenses. It teaches Mind development, working with and commanding natural Forces, miraculous healing through a sophisticated understanding of spiritual principles, and the art of performing knowledge through practical application. All knowledge is obtained only through practice. Study of the Minds, Soul, levels of consciousness, energy, transformation and developing psychic abilities to use your mind to control matter and direct natural forces through a form of rapport.

Spiritual Sciences is an in-depth knowledge of the Human Spirit as an energetic, eternal Being and a thorough working knowledge of electromagnetic energy and the natural forces that govern the natural and astral worlds. How to use the 3-minds/selves in an aligned, congruent and powerful way. How to master the use of your mind for experiencing reality. It directly correlates with Shamanic medicine and quantum physics by defining the hierarchy of planes of existence (levels of reality), four elements (Feeling, thought, emotion, actions), Subtle energy as the Astral and Etheric realm, and how all invisible forms correspond to physical forms – the hologram (astral double), chakras, nadis, endocrine glands, 5 major systems, and major organs as corresponding to each other in a stop-down process.


It follows hand-in-hand with modern sciences as natural sciences, biology, chemistry, mathematics, subtle energy, quantum physics, consciousness, mind-over-matter, healing sound, color therapy, art in all forms, applied psychology, herbs & diet, lifestyle and healing arts. It approaches the human Being as having a soul and eternal nature. It also teaches “Lunar knowledge” as well developed intuition that sees all of life as organic and biological. It’s primary principle is “As above, so below. As below, so above.” Like begets like. We can discover the invisible by recognizing its relationship to the visible and known factors.

Prayer is considered Magic. It is the same as meditation, contemplation and hypnosis. Verses and prescribed prayer stemmed from the same idea as “spells” and magical charms. Charms of making were similar to the ideas currently portrayed for “manifesting” reality. Suggestions as affirmations, were stated in present tense, as if and with emotional conviction, that served to focus the mind which imagined the concepts as a living reality which created “thought-forms” in the astral plane. Focused on repeatedly and consistently, produced actual manifestation of the desired experience. Because we can never violate choice and free will of another person, all “wishes” had to pertain only to the self, and could only include others if their will wished for the same thing, or if the manifestation benefited them equally.

Esoteric traditions say that we all have the capacity for perfection. For self-transcendence. Perfection is not only considered our birthright, but our duty to God as the Universal Life. The nagging feeling we all have that ‘something is missing” in an internal urge that compels ever towards something more. A kind of eternal restlessness and relentless longing in our hearts for more. This is intentionally designed to keep us moving into higher and higher forms of ourselves. The problem is, we have forgot how to “know” the deeper, invisible, spiritual realms, and so we fail to connect the dots.


Alchemy and Personal Transformation:

A prime practice for spiritual sciences is Alchemy as the process under taken for Personal Transformation as the Path of Initiation. The purposeful and deliberate undertaking that seeks to purify our character, cleansing our self of our impurities, vices and bad traits, and intentionally choosing our higher virtues and talents to develop fully into a masterful state of self-actualization by becoming the best we can be. This is what’s referred to as the second birth or awakening. Our first birth and initial conditioning is unconscious and without the use of personal choice and the application of willpower. The second birth is a conscious awakening where we access our inner being, discover our souls design as our seeded capacity, and we intentionally develop latent potential into masterful states by fully expressing within our current life conditions. In this we are all ultimately fully responsible for our own development and souls evolution to higher and more perfected forms of self-expression. We strive to become “god-like”.


The Role of a Teacher:

LG light

Spiritual Sciences, because it requires a broad range of knowledge and the ability to “live” the knowledge by applying it to our daily lives, requires a teacher who also serves as mentor. In it’s original form this was the relationship of an apprentice. A student who studied under a master until they gained masterful proficiency themselves. This was a maturing process that often lasts a life-time. Spiritual Sciences does not have “goals” or end-points of achievement that are markers for attainment, but rather takes an attitude of constant and never-ending growth towards the highest possible level of personal development. This is not a path for everyone. Because we only “know” (remember) what is in us inherently, if it is not seeded in us, we will not pursue the path of spiritual mastery. It comes about only from a deep inner desire for it that is relentless in nature. The path requires intense commitment, discipline, and patience. It requires moral courage ad absolute confidence, belief in your ability, and trusting your own experience over all-others.

There are “levels of training” like all things, and which path you pursue depends on your souls design as capacity for expression, what you feel a strong desire and love for, have curiosity around, and how you plan on applying the knowledge as an art-form. Spiritual/Healing Arts are called that because “performing” them is an art-form. It requires high level of intuitive ability, spiritual knowledge of energy anatomy, a holistic understanding of all aspects of the individuals life and the ability to actually “do it”. There are usually “processes” involved that require practice and confidence to perform effectively. Whereas traditional medicine works off of differentials and “symptom tables”, Healing Arts takes the whole person into account and every realization and recommendation is unique based on the person being treated.


What is Metaphysics?

The typical definition for Metaphysics is the subtle, invisible, abstract realms of the physical world. Meta – meaning above or beyond  the physical (physics) as incorporeal or supernatural. It is also a branch of philosophy that is based on first principles, which include ontology (nature of existence or Being) and cosmology (the origin and structure of the Universe), and is intimately connected with epistemology (how we obtain human knowledge). It’s a philosophy that attempts to describe the indescribable, the invisible realms that we can measure and sense, but we can’t see them with physical eyes.

It covers all areas of intuitive, psychic and supernatural development. It includes psychic arts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient and various forms of ESP and psychometry. It can cover “medium-ship”, astral travel and transferring consciousness into other objects and beings. It bridges Sacred sciences in a thorough understanding of the spiritual realms, nature of the soul and the different levels of consciousness that exists in all things in varying degrees and potency’s. It is comparable to Esoteric Sciences in the study of energy, the subtle realms and the spiritual hierarchy of different planes of existence, Archetypal forces as Angels & Daemons, the nature of electromagnetic energy, however it usually doesn’t go into masterful mind-development and Liberal Arts to the extent that Sacred/Spiritual Sciences does, although it may.


What is Energy/Quantum Medicine?

Energy Medicine while taking on many pathways as all new forms of healing tend to do, is basically about the human energy field, how it works, and our conscious ability to influence, direct and transform it through the quality of our emotional thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, our body and how we heal. It focuses on our mind’s ability to not only direct or command energy, but the very nature of how our consciousness influences matter at the subatomic level of fundamental reality. The very term “consciousness” is used in its primary holistic nature as the “state” as a whole organic model for expression, that is comprised of the entire person in terms of mood, intention, beliefs, values, expectations, desires, emotions, attitude, etc. It’s not what we are thinking in this exact moment, per say, but rather our general attitude and over-all thinking/emoting style that we hold and perceive out of most of the time.

Energy/Quantum Healing incorporates the whole person including their energy (mind) field, their daily lifestyles, quality of relationships, and the paradigms they perceive life through. It is a holistic approach to full body/mind/soul healing. It works at the level of cause, because it works at the soul/energetic realm of pure potential that exists as organic patterning that starts as an energetic frequency that forms a signal that then forms a whole series of correspondences that unfold systematically through different realms and levels existence simultaneously and spontaneously. It operates by working with the whole person instead of just the body, or just the mind. It includes the areas of Healing Arts, Allopathic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Psychology, Subtle Energy, Biology, Bio-energetic sciences, Soul Science and Spiritual Evolution. It orientates itself from the energetic level of cause, which when altered, changes the manifestation at the physical level, which is actual healing. Energy works by bringing the whole system back into equilibrium and harmonious balance.

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