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All content on this page is designed for committed relationships where increased intimacy and loving expression is desired. What makes sexuality “sacred” is the attitude and intentions in which it is expressed.

It’s the quality that we bring to our actions that enhance their expressive abilities.

This is one of the most important areas of our life in terms of fulfillment and personal expression, and yet is often the one we have the least amount of training and guidance in. Because of this we have developed a large array of inhibitions and insecurities that can be readily remedied with simple education and instruction.


Coaching & Consulting for Sexual Development


Evolutionary relationships are ones that we engage in consciously that serve to develop us in very positive ways. Through our interaction, we bring out the best in each other and develop our character to a high level of integrity. They are relationships that nurture and grow us at the eternal level of the soul. They provide us with the means to heal karma and unconscious tendencies.

Enhancing your Sensuality, improving your sex life and ability to become an excellent lover, by discovering your own style of expression.

Help in developing your ability to give and receive love more fully while creating deepened states of intimacy. Deepen the experience of union and bonding that lead to heightened sense of fulfillment.

Help Overcome your fears, inhibitions, negative judgments or religious dogma.

Take action NOW to improve the most important area of your life – For Education, Mentoring, Counseling or advising set up a professional consultation with Dr. Linda.


Articles on Sacred Sexuality


Bringing the Sacred back into Sexuality

with Dr. Linda


Why is the Subject of Sex so Taboo?

Why does the topic of sex make people so uncomfortable? We seem to have more issues, judgments and inhibitions around this area of our life than any other. Most of us have been raised with a repressed sex life. Religious icons have been presented as being pure in nature because they openly deny their sexual nature. Many have been told that sex, and even thoughts of sex, are basically sinful, and something you shouldn’t do or have. This not only creates endless inhibitions motivated by shame and guilt, but also set the premise for feeling ashamed of our bodies which is the vehicle through which we have sex, crave it, and ultimately feel satisfied by it.

Yet at the energetic level, as our primary nature, sex is our life-force energy. Our sexual energy is the energy of life itself. Sexual behavior governs all of life as we know it. Perhaps the real question is what you choose to do with your sexual energy. It is the intention which directs the behavior that defines the nature of the experience. You can certainly use it in sinful ways that breed the taboo aspects, or you can use it for the power it possesses to achieve the highest peaks of consciousness that we know of. Like all energy and natural forces that pervade all of life as the basic tools for self-expression, it all depends on how you use it. It is neutral and void of meaning until we shape and direct it with our emotional thoughts that motivate and imbue behavior with like qualities to create certain types of experiences. Read More


Sacred Sexuality – The Foundation

Sacred sexuality describes the sexual relationship between two people that have established deep feelings of love, trust and creative expression. It should only be considered and taken up in committed long-term relationships. This is an art-form that brings creativity, sensuousness, and eroticism into loving expression through intimate union and the merging of energy fields into one frequency that is shared, established and maintained. It describes and symbolizes intimate sexual union as the union with God or the Universal Life Force.

Basic ideas that you must always keep in mind:

· Should only be undertaken in a committed relationship. The ultimate goal or experience is that of intimacy and spiritual union. This requires a deep level of trust and consciousness by both partners. This is an experience of total presence, heightened awareness and full participation.

· The orgasm is not the ultimate goal in and of itself. The desired goal is the ability to build and then maintain extreme levels of pleasure and absolute presence that is experienced in conscious union with another that creates true wholeness. This is the closest we can come to merging, fusing and melding into another while still inhabiting separate bodies.

· You must understand and take into consideration the nature and powerful effects of energy transmission and integration. The basis of sexual union and energetic sympathy is an energetic transfusion or exchange. Sexual union bonds us at the “moral level”. We acquire the same morality of the other person, and they acquires ours. You want to be very conscious of selecting a lover of high character and elevated, virtuous qualities. The union should heighten, increase and expand the energetic quality of both by forming resonance that moves it to a “higher state” eventually forming coherence.

· Intimacy and emotional connection through sexual union is the greatest desire of all human beings. We have to be aware that it is not something that only takes place in the bedroom, sexual intimacy is on ongoing practice that marks the basic expression of the daily relationship itself, of which the sexual act is but one aspect.

· In the relationship itself we practice higher consciousness by cultivating a loving state-of-mind and focusing on what it is that warrants love, adoration, admiration, respect, honor and reverence in each other. This develops a feeling of devotion. Love and devotion cultivated and maintained for another, creates love and devotion for our self as well as makes “us” the living expression of love and devotion in physical form (a channel for it to flow into the world forming influence).

· Sexual union is a metaphor or symbolic action for the nature of the relationship itself as practiced in an ongoing, moment-by-moment, daily basis.

· This is why it has become traditionally symbolized as marriage through Divine union that was consummated with sexual union that produced an offspring that was born in the image of both people as a single entity. This is the true significance of the trinity – the “One” that exists in polarity as dynamic and magnetic aspects of itself that interact in order to self-actualize. The single mind comprised of heart and brain, right and left hemisphere’s that interact in tandem creating personal experience as subjective reality. Represented by: 1+1=3 You, me, and us.

vesica pisces

The Vesica Piscis or Mandorla

The Vagina, or Yoni, represents the doorway to the center of the Universe – to the “G” spot – the experience of God. Ever notice how the most common thing we all say when having an orgasm is . . . “Oh God!” There is a reason . . . believe it or not. 🙂


Creative Sexuality – “Sensuous Expression”

All experience in the ultimate sense is a form of imagination or personal interpretation of neutral facts that determine what qualities we imbue things with, which create certain types of experiences. We could safely say that sex is 80% imagination, even when we are actually having it. How we use our mind to create the experience, determines the level of pleasure it offers as a result. Like most things, if we have bad, mundane or uninteresting experiences it’s a direct reflection of our own creative ability and mental attitude to a certain extent. If we simply blame it on our lover, we are not only making a fundamental error in our thinking, but we are missing the opportunity to exercise deeper forms of physical expression by how we first imagine it, “get into it”, act to provoke it, or how we go about it.

The basis of Sacred Sexuality is to bring heightened awareness, absolute presence and a kind of meditative quality of sensory pleasure and spontaneous exploration to the sexual act. As with all of life, we are responsible for creating our own experiences. If we know how to do this and learn to practice it masterfully, our sex life and ability to create intimate experiences by feeling at one with our lover, sex becomes enlivening, fresh, and fills us with deep feelings of desire, openness, and vulnerability. It never becomes boring, ritualistic or mundane, even though our sexual life goes through cycles and stages just like every other aspect of our life does. Each experience is perceived as new, immediate and fully open to whatever the moment calls for. Spontaneity and provocative playfulness must be maintained and encouraged. Read More

“Creating Passionate Relationships”

with: Dr. Linda


Awakening Your Inner Lover – “Experiencing Pleasure”

All experience is first created in the imagination as a reflection of our “mood” or state of mind. We create an inner experience that becomes the organizing factor of our outer experience. We create it on the inside, then project out onto our environment and create a corresponding expression through how we “emotionally interpret” things to give them meaning. The meaning forms the basis for the “type” experience we create as a result. This is the fundamental basis of “self-expression”. Our true creative ability lies in our capacity and skill for creating desired experiences. We do this primarily by first recognizing what “feeling” we are longing for, then placing our attention on that feeling, holding it in our mind’s eye, noticing what the sensation is in our body, and allowing a kind of story to emerge out of it as a natural expression that is allowed and uncensored. The story demonstrates what type of experience will give us that feeling. Feelings have whole stories inherent in them as part of their archetypal nature. Read More

“Tantra and Love”

with Humanity Healing


Tantra is the practice of mastering the sexual energy of the body commonly referred to as the “Kundalini” or “serpent energy” because of it’s “arousing” sensation and it’s ability to increase the “life force” energy not only of the body itself, but all the other energy centers that it passes through and activates them to full velocity.

When it is cultivated in sexual union between two people, it allows the experience of true intimacy, union and energetic integration of two people that is the real basis for spiritual freedom and enlightenment. The act of uniting fully and completely with another is symbolic of uniting with our Universal Source.

It requires us to master the primary fears and inhibitors that prevent us from fully expressing in the world. That cause us to close down or reduce the amount of energy we are capable of allowing to flow through our body without overwhelming us, driving us mad, or “burning” us out. We learn how to manage a much greater capacity for life force energy to move through us and into the world.


Karmic Relationships – Finding the Balance Within

Though we can say that all relationships are Karmic (cause & effect), ones that stem from previous lives together are always marked with emotional intensity of some form. Karmic relationships offer our greatest lessons for learning and resolving issues, or bringing an opportunity for forgiveness in areas we have failed to resolve in the past. The lessons that are “karmic” in nature, will be deep, personal and will require us to tap into latent potential and inner strength to resolve.

This does not mean that they are negative in nature, simply intense and activate strong emotional reactions in us of dynamic patterns that are still alive within us, this is why we have carried them forward.


Tantra – Kundalini

Sexual Energy is the “Life Force” that fuels and arouses the entire system. It’s the movement of polarity as the primal flow of life force that seeks self-expression through self-actualization as pure pleasure. Opposites attract, gravitate towards one another in a form of swirling dance, that seeks union with another as the experience of itself. To feel apart of something greater than ourselves is the relentless longing in every human’s heart for the experience of wholeness and ultimate love.


Kundalini – “Primary Life Force”

All of life can be described as a motivating force that is constantly in the state of “becoming” by self-creating.

When two bodies and spirits connect in an erotic embrace – their bodies unite as one – they can literally feel the other inside of them in a rhythmic flow is one of the greatest pleasures we can know, and it is the only thing that will truly satisfy us in a lasting and deeply meaningful way. It responds intimately to the craving in our hearts.

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