Emotional Mastery – Taming Your Dragons

Class Overview: E-motion is energy in motion that manifests physical reality through actions. All behavior, action and movement stems from emotions of some kind. All behavior is emotionally driven. All emotional states are attached to memories of some sort, and when emotionally triggered, we literally go unconscious, revert to an automated state, where we reference a memory associated with the emotion we’re experiencing and use it as an automated pattern for using a past experience to recreate the same type of experience in the present. Through emotional reactions, we repeat patterns over and over keeping us locked into and creating out of past experiences. Emotions and thoughts are always equivalent. Emotions are such a natural part of our life, they seem to run the show most of the time without our direct awareness.

Very few people have mastered the ability to control their emotional reactions which is necessary to control their own thoughts and behaviors. In motivating our self and others, the key is understanding the power of emotions and how the mind builds out of it’s mood and develops thoughts as a conceptualized internal representations as an expression of how it feels. Here we examine how we form emotional/feeling states, the strategy of creating states intentionally, eliciting states at will, and using emotions as a tool to produce optimal behavior, cultivate attitudes of excellence and directly influence others. With awareness and skill – it is possible to not only direct your own emotions, but select the ones you want to have at any given moment, and elicit the emotional state that is best suited for what you are doing.

The objective of this class is to form an in-depth comprehension and understanding of what emotions are, how they operate within us, how to control them, and how to use them in an intentional manner as a powerful expressive tool. The first step to any form of self-mastery is to “cleanse yourself” of emotions by mastering the ability to control and consciously direct them. Emotions are always attached to memories, and in self-reflecting while in an emotional reaction, we can become aware of our own hidden aspects that keep us unconscious and reactive within our own life, often sabotaging ourselves. All healing requires self-awareness as knowledge of yourself. Emotions tend to run our thoughts and our lives if not brought under the control of our will. Once brought under control, we can remain calm and relaxed in any situation and think with a very clear and objective mind that’s fully present and not consumed with reliving the past in some way. In this session, we’ll not only gain a very clear idea of what emotions are, but also how to use them as a powerful creative tool within every area of our lives!

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations, for guidance in the practical application of this knowledge within your everyday life to use it as tools for creating.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through private consultation.

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois


Key benefits:


A basic understanding of the nature of emotion

Emotions form motivation – determine behavior

Explore Vices, virtues and vehicle

Feelings, emotion & mood

Projection, mirroring & self fulfilling prophecy

Triggers, anchoring & running automatic programs

Understanding the Pain Body

Cultivating attitude – Mood Management

Emotional addictions – chemistry

Influence, resonance and altering vibratory frequencies

Memory – state based

The quest for meaning


What you’ll Learn:


Who should Attend:

• Those studying Spiritual Sciences, The Mysteries, Sacred Geometry, or Ancient Wisdom.

• Psychologists, Health care Practitioners, Scientists, Spiritual Healers and Teachers, Ministers, Teachers, Consultants for Personal Development, Hospice workers, those wanting to gain self-knowledge and become active in facilitating their own soul’s evolution through self-development.

• Anyone with a desire to awaken and become a conscious creator within their own life.

• Anyone who chooses to develop themselves with a sense of awareness and participate in creating the life story as a result.

• Anyone who feels a deep need to heal themselves at the psychological/ spiritual level by becoming self-aware and awakening within their own lives to their soul’s purpose.

Mentoring is available on a personal basis, with couples, groups or organizations.

Additional Education and Training are available on an ongoing basis, and private customized training’s are available upon request and through consultation.

Teacher: Dr. Linda Gadbois







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