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You may register for classes on this page or the class schedule page. Classes are kept to a minimum to insure personal attention and interaction with individual students. It’s important to us that your learning experience has a custom feel and that understanding of basic Laws and Principles are thoroughly understood to the extent that they can be applied at the practical level. Education and Personal Creativity through your ability to apply the knowledge learned at the practical level of your everyday life to produce desired results is our goal, and this governs how I conduct your learning experience.

All classes/Playshops require prepayment and per-registration. If paying with a credit card, you must pay on-line, otherwise we accept cash or checks.

All checks should be made out to Dr. Linda Gadbois.

To register for current classes, Playshops, Adventure Seminars and all other events, follow this link and select the button that is labeled with the title of the class you wish to register for.


Classroom Policies

For most classes and Playshops, you should wear casual professional clothing that is easy to move in and comfortable. Shoes are usually removed, so keep this in mind. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, and essential oils, as some people are sensitive to them and they can cause an ill-feeling or be distracting.

If special clothing is desired (for exercises), you will be informed at the time of registration.

If any special exercises are required to be completed and brought to class, you will be informed as to what they are, and advised on how to create them.

Please refrain from chewing gum or ice, or anything that makes noises.

Bring writing materials for taking notes and drawing.

If you bring something to drink, please make sure it has a screw-on top to prevent spills. Do not bring food or snacks, unless specified.

No recording devices or cell phones allowed. Please leave cell phones in your vehicle, unless you are on-call and have to be available to take emergency calls. If this is the case, please put them on vibrate before class starts.

If anything else is required, you will be given instructions when you register.

If any questions or special requests, please contact me personally for discussion.


Class Registration and Cancellation Policies

These policies and procedures have been put in place to ensure I can keep my classes intimate in nature providing each individual with personal attention and interaction while continuing to offer a variety of topics at reasonable prices.

Class Policies

You should register for all classes through Creative Transformations unless otherwise specified.

All checks should be made out to Dr. Linda Gadbois unless otherwise stipulated.

Prepayment is required to register for any class, Plyashop, or event, except for those courses which are offered free of charge which still require per-registration.

Cancellation must be made at least 14 days prior to a course in order to receive a full refund. If you have to unexpectedly cancel registration for any reason up to 7 days before the course, you may choose to place your full investment toward another course. If you miss any courses without communication with us, you will automatically forfeit the fee of the course.

In the event of an emergency, contact us as soon as possible, and if a refund is not possible due to time restrictions, your investment may applied to future courses.

If there are any courses, Playshops, or events are cancelled by Creative Transformations for any reason, a full refund will be made to you or you may choose to place your full investment toward another course. For classes cancelled by CT, class cancellation calls are made 48 hours prior to a course except for in emergency situations.

Educator and Class Facilitator:  Dr. Linda Gadbois


Class Registration & Payment

Professional Training:

Please select from our menu of current classes and events:


We promise we will NOT share ANY information you give us with anyone. As a Doctor, I am sworn to an ethical oath, and abide by the privacy agreement, and will not even “discuss” your case with anyone else, unless you request a consultation with another doctor or professional.

We do not “sell” lists, or negotiate your private information with anyone, ever. Guaranteed!
We operate according to the highest ethical standards and always act with your best interest in mind.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in future classes!





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